Apr. 3rd, 2008

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I very nearly got sucked into a sticky political argument-slash-Hillary-bashing that went by on my flist, but I took a deep breath and decided to do this meme I got from [livejournal.com profile] furies instead (seen recently on channel [livejournal.com profile] slodwick). I'm a lover, not a fighter, babe. *breathes*

I haven't changed these things in a coon's age, but in case anyone's always wondered what this mess was over here:

# My username is ______ because ______.

iamsab, because I AM SAB.

# My name is _____ because ______.

"after me, the deluge" for several reasons, most of which have to do with my obsessive and sometimes megalomaniacal conviction that it'll be the apocalypse that kills me. Also I tend to leave destruction in my wake. And there's that great Regina Spektor song, too.

# My journal is titled ____ because ______.

"Eating Hard Candy Alone," because if the apocalypse doesn't kill me, that's what will. It's sort of dangerous and lame at the same time; risk-taking for the hypochondriacs among us. Liz Lemon is terrified of choking to death all alone in her apartment. Guess who's got two thumbs and also has those nightmares? Yeah, that's right.

The subtitle is: "nothing says good morning like a drunken human alarm clock," which is from Scrubs's award-winning "My Screwup," and is mostly just true.

# My friends page is called ____ because ______.

"everybody wants to pass as cats," from Counting Crows "Mr. Jones," because I DO want to be a lion, and what's more, I'm pretty convinced there are times that each and every one of you'd pass as a cat if you could. I mean. EVERYBODY wants to pass as cats!

# My default userpic is ____ because ______.

This frame from the Cheers title sequence. It was such an iconic image from my childhood, this frame in particular -- actually in the later series (with Rebecca, rather than Diane) the card reads "AND George Wendt" with the "We Win!" in the background, but somehow it meant more to me to cap it from the Diane years. Still, that phrase was part of my childhood brain soup (We Win!/and George Wendt!) as pervasively as the text on the sink drain in the bathroom in the house I grew up in (CRANE: To clean, lift and turn. PATENTED.) because I read it so many times it burned itself into my little youthy brain.

During the writer's strike I changed the text in the "We Win" headline to "WGA '07!" but was finally able to return to my default default userpic when we DID win, after all.

George Wendt is Norm on Cheers (Norm!). There's no conclusive consensus on what that headline was referring to; a politician? a baseball team? World War II? but speculation goes on in Cheers communities, such as they are, around the internets and the world.


There! Got that out of my system and barely remember that political...crap. Sigh. Now the right thing to do is get back to work on my [livejournal.com profile] remix_redux08. Did I mention I love my remixee? And that for the first time I'm actually stymied as to what to remix because her stories are such lovely cohesive wholes? But I'm forging on, 'cause that's the way I roll.
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Yeah, okay, I can't keep my fat mouth shut. But there's so little in the blogosphere that I've seen in defense of Hillary and her candidacy -- I've joked that this must be what being a republican on LJ must feel like. So anyway, I can't complain about that and not do anything about it, but I will try my damndest to keep this brief and as uninflammatory as possible.

This is in response to [livejournal.com profile] txvoodoo's recent post about racism and sexism, and, before I start -- Lisa, I have nothing but the greatest respect for you, and I am all ABOUT people on LJ and everywhere expressing their opinions. What's more I'm glad that people are responding (80 comments and counting) and opening up discussion.

But anyway.

what my father calls the I-don't-know-squared problem -- I don't know what I don't know )

Um, here's some articles:

LA Times Op-Ed on Obama's speech on race
The New Republic on race in this election
Howard Dean, briefly, on the campaigns.


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