Nov. 25th, 2008


Nov. 25th, 2008 03:08 pm
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Cats, when extremely hungry, will eat fried rice in lieu of cat food.

I mean, I dumped a thing of fried rice in their bowl. It was that or raw macaroni, and I remembered reading, on the sides of higher-end cat food bags, slogans that touted the inclusion of brown rice. Sure enough, they'll eat it.

When taking this test to its conclusion it is found that later, one out of two cats will vomit explosively.

ADJUNCT: The people at Vons who deliver groceries promised they would deliver groceries between 12-2 today, but, of course, it's now 3:11 and no groceries to be seen, and, of course, on the website under "track order" it says, "order delivered." Anyway, I called, and true cat food plus like 100 lbs of groceries are on their way. Apparently. Annnnnddd... they're crediting my card back. It was either that or have a redelivery scheduled for Thanksgiving morning. Me, I'll be in Oakland. HEY, anybody out there want to give me a ride to Burbank tomorrow???????


So, go check and see if exactly one of your icons in your "view all userpics" has been replaced with something else? In my quick and unofficial tour of friends' userpics I'm finding that to be the case. Me, my awesome Doctor/TARDIS otp icon (the one with Ten all splayed out across the consoles with his legs and arms spread, ohhhh, the love, the true love!) has been replaced with and has been for a couple weeks now. Who's ORZ? Is it you? And if so, want your icon back???
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Okay, so, the last three episodes of House have made me very nervous. vague reaction spoilers )

I also remembered how much I like The Unit. Somehow I'd missed this entire season, so I mainlined like six episodes yesterday and, just. Oh. It is still so strangely smart and satisfying for a vaguely republican show which isn't funny. And you folks out there reading EHCA know how little tolerance I have for things that aren't funny. And here's The Unit, almost as un-funny as BSG, and yet! Smart, Mamet-y, twisty, fun Top Secret storylines! Like, what is UP with Molly and her new job? (I am only on ep 6) She knowssss something. I can smell it. And Bridget! She also knows something! And Kim, shut up about your baby and go have an affair with that guy you're nannying for!

This post has been brought to you by the letter T and the word TUESDAY.


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