Mar. 4th, 2009

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Please allow me to introduce you to some people I love and people you also should adore! I have a very good matchmaking resume iffen you're unconvinced: I introduced [ profile] likethesun2 to [ profile] furies and the rest was a meeting of the squishy brains. I introduced [ profile] tzikeh to [ profile] txvoodoo and they have become the double-headed monster of political links and debates and teaching each other and the rest of us shit, and, hopefully, consider themselves fast friends. And I introduced ALL of you to [ profile] general_jinjur, and am so so sad I didn't purchase her outright before setting her free in fandom; oh, the kickbacks! As [ profile] general_jinjur is a gift to LJ, fandom and the internet and one of my favorite people ever. If you don't know her yet, you're just not paying attention.

And now...

(you and) LJ users like you )

SO. Who would you introduce me to? Who is my life the poorer without?

ALSO, those six kisses I'm writing for you are coming soon.

Also, if you're looking for new friends, post a comment or a personal ad in the comments and I bet people will come find you, and plus I can introduce you you people!

I've had this LJ for 8 years, and as my interests and social circles have changed over the years I've gotten to know literally thousands of LJ users. I can't have a friends list much bigger than 200 with any practicality; you all start blurring together in large numbers and then I have to think, wait, was it [ profile] ciderpress or [ profile] cidercupcakes who posted that thing about the thing? (No offense to either of you; it's just a case of flist flash; you know how it goes.)

And I was only kidding about taking credit for [ profile] general_jinjur, but still, if you've managed to go this far without reading her LJ or visiting her audio archive or any of the infrastructure she's helped provide for fandom, not to mention her own fannish works, um, IJS, you're missing out.

And, plus, [ profile] loneraven and [ profile] fahye, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! You two look adorable together.

General announcement, people: [ profile] magelette and [ profile] argosy are two awesome people. First off, Kara, Shelly, meet each other! I think you might just get along swimmingly.

Then, [ profile] petronelle, meet [ profile] magelette and vice-versa. Seriously, just sit for a minute and talk about Shakespeare's best comic superheroes and see what transpires.

Then, [ profile] argosy, go meet [ profile] tangleofthorns and talk about sports. Also, [ profile] ropo, meet [ profile] argosy, an Angeleno with a fondness for used book shops, crafts, and the Dodgers (that's both of you).

And, uh, spread the word. And tell your friends to swing by the post for a glass of punch.


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