Mar. 14th, 2009

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Hey, can anyone explain why I have 131 userpic slots? My thingy went up to 131 when we got that thingy where they went up, but I've had this LJ since June 2001 and I've seen numerous people with newer LJs than mine having way more slots, up in the 180s and 190s. Are they/you paying more?

I'm paying for the 100 slots or the premium membership or whatever, plus 31 for loyalty I think?

Meanwhile please admire my awesome userpics and compliment me profusely on their scope and elegance, yes?

ETA:[ profile] furies made me aware that 26 of these icons are from space shows. I am not ashamed! Nor am I ashamed that 14 of them are from Doctor Who.

While I'm tallying, I have two icons featuring lions, and two icons slashing Brian/Stewie. And since we're on the race question, I have 15 icons featuring PoC, 14 1/2 really because I've only got half of Tuvok's head. I combined Angela Montenegro and Cote de Pablo into one (because I am unclear on either of their races and didn't want to make assumptions; fill me in?) and included Maggie and Hopey, because though in the b&w animation they are white, in the... real world, Maggie is Mexican and Hopey's Colombian. The PoC most frequently represented on my flist are Turk and Martha, followed closely by Cam Saroyan and President Obama (I counted the ones with his face in them, not the one that just said OBAMA on a building. Because while it's nice and blue, I decided that was not the color I meant.) Boomer/Athena/Grace Park also represent in all their sexyositude, and so does Toshiko and Nina Sosanya, doubly awesome as dressed as the eunuch Bellino.

Still, 15 icons of PoC out of 131 total. That's a lot of white people, even if you ignore the landscapes or things or text or lions or dog/baby (incidentally, both white). I say it's either a sorry state of my tendency to seek out people who look like me and a sorry state of television and the way it features characters of color. Probably both.

I also noticed that all of my 14 1/2 icons of PoC are of really smokin' hot people. Is that coincidence, or TV, or offensive and shallow of me? And since lately I've been hyper-aware of my ability to talk about racial issues, I'm afraid it feels like I'm exercising privilege in some way and that concerns me.


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