Mar. 17th, 2009

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General predictions for the final seven on The Amazing Race:

spoilers up to most recent ep )

Survivor happens also to be a CBS reality show that I follow to the point of total geekitude.

and just some wild Survivor opinions and spec )

So, [ profile] furies? Other watchers? Let's hear your thoughts and favorites and predictions?

Spoilers (through the aired eps, not the kind from oddsmakers and tabloids) are as always to be expected, and welcomed, in comments.

Survivors ready? GO!
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Is there a thing where you can list all the artists and bands whose tour schedules you want to see, or when they are in town?

I don't mean signing up for individual artists' mailings (done that), or for signing up with a ticket service that lists everything in the area from sports events to comedy shows to concerts (got that too) -- I'm wondering if there's something like where you can select a set of artists or locations or whatever, and they e-mail you monthly updates or you check a site or something?

At least one of you, including probably [ profile] filmg33k and [ profile] ropo, knows the answer to this, yes?
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I am glued to the keyboard today, so it's a good thing I got this lovely icon meme from [ profile] calapine:

fewer than ten icon-sized icons under cut )

I told you there were fewer than ten.

I gotta step away from the keyboard machine now for a breather to shower and eat.


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