Date: 2009-04-03 07:58 pm (UTC)
I get the feeling they were raised in a strict and traditional household where boys were revered. That whole business about Tammy not being able to go to the beach when she was little??

But I swear I think she's showing him he's not such a badass after all. I FEEL like he's listening to her more.

And I have a huge crush on Tammy.

I have also a huge crush on Jen, hence, Jen/Kisha better not leave either. And they're doing GREAT on being each others' biggest fans and leaving their sister dynamics aside. They've come such a long way since the first couple eps.

Kisha and Jen totally DESERVE to win, esp since the beloved Mel and Mike are gone. BUT, for the first time in EVER I find myself backing the overdog! Tammy and Victor are GOOD at this game. They know CHEKOV, fgs! They learn phrases in the foreign languages? They are KIND TO TAXI DRIVERS and communicate with them like people! They chose not to yield!

I have never backed such a winning horse before. Which is why a Kisha/Jen upset of Tammy/Victor would make this an even BETTER SEASON.
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