Mar. 30th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Mel and Mike noooo! ♥! I will miss these fellows so much, but they were great sports all the way through and I think they genuinely had a really good time on the race.

And despite Margie being a super trooper, at this point, I need Kisha and Jen and Tammy and Victor at the end or I'll be cranky. Go Tammy and Victor! Go Kisha and Jen! Why do we have to wait two weeks? And when is Survivor coming back?

That is all.

Date: 2009-03-31 09:17 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I am happy for Linda that some considerate people are coming. Linda and Steve have such a fascinating relationship. I mean, he does love her. He just thinks she's dumb. And then the twist is that she actually IS dumb. But so so good and kind!

Kris and Amanda are off doing their own thing. They really really thought they'd win this race, and so did I, early on. Never forget it was Maggie and Luke who yielded them...

And I still think Luke is annoying but my GOD he was scared when his mom went down. That was so horrible to watch...

Mostly it's just that if Kisha/Jen and/or Tammy/Victor leave, I will have that much less encouragement to watch. If they both get eliminated before the end I will really prob stop caring entirely.

I think Victor IS listening to Tammy more, he just still thinks she's a GIRL. And she needs to step up and say, "no, dude, I can pull this rickshaw -- think about teams like Cara and Jamie who are sans dude! Stop running and switch places!" Which is as much Tammy's fault as Victor's -- so I am quite invested in watching them try and handle their dynamic and grow closer.

And Kisha and Jen are just each other's biggest fans, and that is always SO satisfying. And I think they're going to step up hard pretty soon and get a first-place win. Also did I mention Jen is SMOKIN' HOT? Did you see that FLOWER in her hair FGS?

YAY new Survivor! Sending vibes to Thursday that read: ALLIANCE, GET JT! DO IT NOW.


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