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still, it was way past its time to go

Would liveblog the ER finale but it would look like:

What? John Stamos is on this show? And oh RIGHT, Malarkey's here! And holy crap Angela Bassett? And OMG Abraham Benrubi got old!

And the intrepid nurses, as in all hospitals, far outlived the doctors. We've got our set of original nurses still! Chuny! Haleh!

I'm having horrible trouble seeing John Stamos as a doctor. On the other hand, Scott Grimes is good on this show! Go Malarkey go!

Okay, I almost want to go back and see what's up with Scott Grimes. He really is so very good!

Meanwhile, John Stamos is totally pastede on yay and he pulls me out of the story every time.

Noah Wyle! The Carter Center? What's this now?

Laura Innes without her cane? Did she get a hip replacement? She has the same congenital hip dysplasia I have.

Rory Gilmore is on this show? Oh, I am so lost already. While I'm at it, who's the Australian dude?

Now we have patients called Jesus and Gandhi. Subtle.

Rachel Greene, that's nice. I stopped watching right around when Mark Greene had a brain tumor and was dating Alex Kingston. I remember Rachel; it's cool to see the same actress older. I mean, after she switched from being Madeleine Zima.

Oh, I saw this external uterus procedure on "Bodies." Now I wish I had more Bodies to watch.

This guy who survived his AIDS diagnosis since 1986 is amazing, in this wonderful And the Band Played On, Angels in America sort of way.

Wow, have I missed so much of this show that Prahtiva Parminder has both come and gone?

WAIT WHAT CARTER WAS MARRIED AND HAD A DEAD SON? Who was this wife? Thandie Newton? Really? Wait, and now they're divorced? What the-

I love this finale for the single reason that they called back Kerry Weaver's time in Africa. "I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong hills..."

OMG that's SAM, my neighbor, my friend, being the guy with the needy bride and mom! Yay Sam! And he just bummed 3 cigarettes from me yesterday.

Did I mention that Abraham Benrubi has aged into a giant furry pyramid?

I forgot to stop to check if anything has happened in this episode. I can't think of anything off the top of my head. Oh, that chick got a Mustang; that was cool.

Still, as finales go, I'd say worth the watching.

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Meanwhile, John Stamos is totally pastede on yay and he pulls me out of the story every time.

Hahaha, you've totally put your finger on how I felt about John Stamos in the, like, two-thirds of this episode that I saw. He's pastede on yay!

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LOLZ! I've been watching since day one pretty much and never stopped; weird but the show stayed consistently excellent through 15 years. Lil hiccup when John Wells came on, then when Chulack took over but it all worked itself out over a couple episodes. The years long arc of "Archie" going from stoner med student to chief resident was really cool to watch! And the Aussie's hot, that's all that matters ;)