Date: 2009-04-27 06:16 am (UTC)
you really think sierra's going to go before coach? because i can't IMAGINE what life is like with him at camp after that tribal - i mean, really, the guy actually managed to NOT LIE the entire time, and he trusted jt a LOT and then jt and the wizard stab the dragonslayer?

of course, he's coach, he'll fight back (he did fight off the pygmies and they had him tied to a stake!) but i think he's going to piss a lot of people off and make life miserable and they'll figure they don't have his vote anyway, so why not just get rid of him.

which gives sierra more time to move around - i kind of want stephen blindsided, in the same spirit that i wanted kenny to get hit. it's the hubris, man. probst always says it, and someone always forgets - the minute you feel comfortable in this game, the minute you aren't safe.

i think debbie's on the outs with coach - i can see the two of them trying to do something, possibly pulling in sierra. but that's still only 3, and i see erin playing a very eliza-like game - she'll swing any way as long as it saves her butt. she'll want JT out, and i'm sure coach will too, so i think he'll be the one with the biggest target this week.

(man, i need a probst icon SO BADLY.)
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