Date: 2009-04-27 01:10 pm (UTC)
she sucked up to save herself. it was the only move she could make, and she made it - she appealed the to coach in coach. i think it was fairly brilliant - even tyson agrees with me. ;) however, coach has hated sierra since day one. i think she desperately wants to hook up with taj and stephen and get the old exile alliance going. erin and sierra hate each other too much to make it far - past voting coach out. they are playing games that are too similar.

and because the exile alliance was never mentioned, i think sierra's much better off not saying ANYTHING about knowing that there were two. as far as timbira knows, there was only one idol. so if she keeps her mouth shut, she can tell the jalapao people that either they keep her, or she outs the idol. which will make them hate her, but keep her around longer.

i am very interested to see how smart she really is. tyson was so absolutely cruel out there, and still saying she's really not bright at all. but she's made it pretty far for someone who was basically voted out the first day.

next week will be interesting for sure!

and TAR is so fascinating!! though man, i would cry if i was cara and jamie too. poor cara, jamie is such a bitch. they had a really good leg though. i want margie and luke gone. they are just really pissing me off. i was SO PROUD of jen and kisha! and tammy and victor have grown too! they were so chill even though they were in china and had the language advantage and just hit bad detours for them.

though i have to admit, why did they all have such a hard time with the sync diving? WHY DID NO ONE COUNT?? like, one, two, three, JUMP - they would have had a least a better chance. it cracked me up that they couldn't get it.

I HEART THEM. i think i might almost want cara and jamie in the final three more than margie and luke. is that so wrong?

I WANT MORE NOW. i hate waiting!! and i'm going to be so sad when the seasons end. ::cries::
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