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for [ profile] mazily, who asked for Ellen/Barbara and karaoke

title: Feels like home
author: Sabine
category: Slings & Arrows, Ellen/Barbara
size: 389 words
notes: set just before the beginning of S3

I've looked at new york from both sides now )
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Thank you, [ profile] marginaliana for my Yuletide present this year, Open, a hard, sharp story about Eilonwy remembering just what Achren did to her.

Appropriately, my assignment this year, for [ profile] darthfox, was also set in Prydain, my favorite of all the fictional Welsh landscapes! I wrote The Knowledge, The Truth, and The Love, a sorta fairytale about Gwydion and Achren, and the future that's laid out for them because of Taran and Eilonwy's destiny.

I also wrote two stocking stuffers this year. Go team me!

First, (as everyone [ profile] mandysbitch has already deduced), I did in fact write Cross Country, also known as this year's only Love & Rockets fic, for [ profile] glossing. Mmm, Hopey.

And then, I wrote one of the many, many versions of Geoffrey Tennant and Darren Nicholls dueling; for ease of reference, mine was the one with Cats. *g* For [ profile] mazily, I wrote O Lamentable Day! which was more fun to write than a barrel of kittens.

Happy Ought-Seven, all! Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels and so on. Here's to a better year!
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I swear to god if Shatner shows up to play Lear I will LOSE MY SHIT. Geraint Wyn Davies (aka the scary cannibal from Cube 2) as Mackers was, um. Big. Enough. DUDE.

I love this show.

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