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Today Studs Terkel died. That's worth remembering.

Studs Terkel, RIP, American hero )


And then in totally unrelated news there's that thing where David Tennant's leaving Doctor Who. I mean, come on. We saw this coming.

Tennant scared the pants off me before, and now I'm REALLY scared )


My tiny baby sister is turning 30 next week. Also in November, [ profile] mischa and [ profile] unwinding, my PEEPS, my PEERS, turn 30. AFTER my sister. World, why you scare me so?

For perspective it's also useful to point out that this November [ profile] rossetti turns a whopping 28, and my dear [ profile] _abulafia turns frickin' 24. Kids today. I swear. With their emo music and their Playstations and their YouTube! When I was yer age computers were green text on black and we all programmed in BASIC and played... what was that programming game with the turtle called?


I wrote House fic a couple weeks ago: HUGE EGO SORRY, like maybe 3200 words, House/Wilson.

I have this deep and absurd love for Greg House; I dream about him at least twice a week...

yeah, so Hugh Laurie went to Cambridge and can play the hell out of the piano; wanna make something of it??? )


Can't even imagine what's next. But wish my Dad a happy 74th on Nov 4 (I feel like there's something else important happening that day... hmmm....) and my sister [ profile] spycookies a happy and insane 30th on Nov 6th. In fact! If you have any good femslash recs (Grey's Anatomy's prob good, House, ANTM, etc) please go over to her LJ and post links in comments to her latest post as part of a birthday present from me? Pictures of hot lesbians also always appreciated. All she wants is Obama for her birthday, but I think eye candy and reading-candy is never a bad way to go. Help a sister out?


(The icon, get it? Get it? It's about House but ALSO about election day! Oh, I R so SMRT.)

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Feb. 5th, 2008 08:03 pm
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I voted this morning, for Hillary Clinton. Don't know the California results yet because of intervening circumstances, namely:

My grandfather absolutely loves Hillary Clinton.

He died about an hour ago.

My mom and my aunt were with him, and as he had stopped eating or drinking three days ago and gone into a coma earlier today it was not unexpected; he was 96 and had been in a nursing home for the last couple years slowly deteriorating. But he was a sweet, adorable, wonderful man, who wrote poetry and flirted with the nurses, and we're gonna miss him.

My sister in SF had planned to vote for Obama, but a few days ago she decided to cast her vote for Clinton because Pop couldn't vote, out there in the nursing home. Lizzie had just finished voting tonight when she got the call from my dad that Poppa had died. Which meant that as she was casting her vote in California, he was slipping away in Massachusetts, and that she gave him, you know, one last chance to have a voice, to have an impact on the future, to express himself one last time. Kind of amazing.

Gonna post this and then check the California results, because in a couple hours or a week or a month or whenever I reread this entry I'll already know who has the Democratic nomination, so for now I just want this to be the post that I made the day we voted for Hillary Clinton, which was the day Poppa died.

ETA: Please don't worry about me, I'm totally fine.
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I'm waiting for le granmere du choucroute to come pick me up, it's 11:50 am and I'm at The Library cafe on Broadway in Long Beach, kissin' dogs and drinkin' iced coffee.

A meme about me, from A-Z, seen most recently gracing [ profile] se_parsons page.

a, alligators all around, b, bursting balloons )


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