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Who's betaing my Dark Angel fic? Is it [ profile] pene? Is it [ profile] winter_baby? Is it you?

It's Max/Logan, feline DNA, latex gloves, season 2 heat porn. There is not even a glimmer of Jensen. What we got here is some SHORTIES in LOOOOVE. It's also not done yet. Maybe tomorrow I'd e-mail you something. It's also not very long. And really more of a public service to those of us who need that classic Max/Logan chemistry recreated, so I can't even take the blame.

But who's gonna beta this for me? Is it you?

Sound your barbaric MEOW if you're interested?


Also, some questions:

1. What sector does Logan live in?
2. How many sectors is Seattle divided into?
3. When's curfew (season 2)?
4. What sector is Terminal City in?

Thanks --
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_The Ugly: Eminem divorces Kim again and the world barely stirs as not a single person is surprised. That's just a metaphor, I'm just psycho, I get a little bit crazy, baby, I get a little bit out of control with my rhymes...

_The Bad: There ain't no bad. Tis all good, say Jah, all de time. /Herbal


[ profile] runpunkrun wrote My New Pants for ME, and you can LOOKIT but don't TOUCH 'cause those gay pants are MINE MINE MINE. This be Scrubs, and here be the gayest pants to hit the Internet since Johnny Depp played a pirate. There's JD/Cox and Zombie Elvis and the Janitor, and even the Todd can't resist the wild pull of the gay. JD's rump is firm, like mutton, and I pass his ceremonial rump into Punk's outstretched hands, as she is the reigning Queen of Scrubs on the Internet as of Today, April Five.

Everyone go read My New Pants, and then come back and tell me how lucky I am to have a punk like Punk.

_And Uncle TOM! /Posdnous // breakin' on down the Remix:

For this year's Remix/Redux IV I wrote Off the Rack (Echo Bites Back), a BTVS AU doppelslash featuring Cordy/Cordy. I remixed [ profile] sangerin's Cordy Narcissus tale, The Boy, The Lake and The Flower, and it was absurdly fun and my first foray into Buffyfic.

Karma rewarded me 'cause [ profile] sangerin turned out to be my remixer too, and gifted me with the excellent Kathypov vision of Chakotay and Trinnie in Homesickness. I am a lucky bitch.

_The Shameful:

I'm writing Max in heat in S2. Not even because I want to. But because I am compelled to. Because the show didn't! DUDE. She and Logan can't touch! S2's TPTB have no idea what eroticism is and must be blamed and mocked accordingly, and so I'm taking one for the team, yo, and writing "Meow" in S2 with latex gloves. I do it because I must. I write to live! I have lost all, count 'em, all, of mein marbles.
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Your search - weatherly/alba rpf - did not match any documents.
Your search - alba/weatherly rpf - did not match any documents.

When fannish posterity comes around to judge me, let it be known that this is about where *I* jumped the shark.
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Does anyone know where I can download NCIS? I suddenly and stupidly need to feed my Michael Weatherly jones.

Which is to say that I have more to say about Dark Angel and will need to exorcise my demons with some sort of indulgent and cathartic Max/Logan RST because they spent an entire season not able to touch each other and the show never once made it sexy and that is just stupid and insulting.*

Which is to say that S2 of Dark Angel really, really sucked. (Sorry, people who like Jensen Ackles.)

Which is to say that S ONE of Dark Angel dug its little claws into my soul, and is smart, scary, sexy, dark, twisted, gay, and ridiculously hot. And Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly in the same room -- with barely one TV actor's worth of talent between them -- have so much chemistry my hard drive nearly melted. My head nearly melted. I am become heterosexual! Michael Weatherly, you are TOO SEXY. You put the two of those suckers on the same screen and one requires parental controls and a cigarette after.

Which is to say, the aforementioned post re: Dark Angel will come. Expect big words on Original Cindy and Alimi Ballard, uncomfortable Michael/Jessica squeeing, horny feline DNA eroticism, lesbians, Mr. Multiples, going fast on a motorcycle, makin' toothpaste and influencing people. (Big words on S2 go as follows: any time you cast Jo Jo the Dog-Faced Boy as an ensemble regular you have Jumped the Shark. Any interest I had in watching Supernatural fled after twenty-two episodes of Jensen adding his vapid, pretty-boy presence to the eviscerated and soulless shell of Seattle 2021 that is Dark Angel S2.)

_any good Logan/Max fic recs?*
_or vids?
_or gossip about the Alba-Weatherly relationship and breakup?
_or -- god save me -- RPF?
_or any Michael Weatherly tales
_like for example, how hot is he as a shifty Italian on NCIS?

Seriously, my feelings for this man are new and strange and make me uncomfortable! Dumb sort of hot bourgeoise white guy! Who licks his lip with his tongue and guhhhh not to mention those little crinkles around his eyes and the scruff, the scruff...

I am breathing in short pants, and that, my friends, is trouble.

Now I gotta post my [ profile] femslash06 straggler!

* I'm gonna write the goddamned Max/Logan. I also wanna read the goddamned Max/Logan. Help a sista out, as her Originalness might say?


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