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While I was digging through old LJ posts finding ones to transfer over to my blog, I learned that EVERY GOOD STORY I've EVER WRITTEN happened in '04. Go read them and love on them? [everything good I've ever written (in 2004)]

Man, how was I so good in '04; I haven't written anything nearly as good since. /getting ollllld

Quite possible that more artifacts from history will follow.
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So, because [ profile] ciderpress is the girl so nice we wish we could friend her twice, (no, really! We do!) and because she made me such fantastic icons, I wrote her a HIMYM drabble which bloated all the way up to 350 words. And then I grabbed Punk and commandeered her to write Psych, which I don't watch but which I clearly, upon learning about these characters, should.

In Canada, The Retailers Call Them "Igars" To Get Around The Law
HIMYM, Barney/Robin, 350 words, by Sab

rolled on the warm brown thighs of gorgeous naked women )

And also we've got Desk Job
Psych, Shawn/Gus friendship, 350 words, by Punk

(Desk Job)

Thank you, Anna, for being so very very cool and a pleasure to know! Also thank you Punk! Who served her country above and beyond the call of duty.

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Took a little break from New Burbage to bring you this G-rated story about sex that Punk and I wrote!

Authors: [ profile] runpunkrun and [ profile] iamsab
Fandom: Bones
Pairing: Booth/Bones
Rating: G
Disclaimer: It is unquestionably Bones' fault, except for any errors, which are probably Booth's fault instead. So if you find any, please point them out and we'll fix them.

Size: 2400 words

Summary: A book about sex.

(Bones, Booth, Books!)
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So I recorded a podfic of my own "Comes the Physical," mostly as practice before I embark on recording [ profile] furies epic M*A*S*H story, "the hours between dawn and nothing."

"Comes the Physical" is a shortish (8:36, 7.8 mb) Ten/Martha story about Martha maybe learning more than she should about the Doctor.

Podfic's here [Comes the Physical, MU link] for your listening pleasure, but I've gotta warn you in advance about my terrible attempts at David Tennant's Doctor accent. I had to record him as I heard him in my head, but. Fail. Le sigh.

I mostly sound like Jane Lane from Daria (because as a rule I generally sort of DO sound like Jane Lane from Daria) trying to do a Tennant Scottish-English accent. (In fact, where's my icon of Jane Lane trying to do a Tenth Doctor accent? /needs Daria icons, stat!) Listening to my own voice over and over made me crazy; here's hoping it doesn't make you crazy too.

Feedback, mocking, commentary encouraged.

x-posted at [ profile] amplificathon
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While I was busy being completely distracted by David Tennant Doctor Who S4, I forgot to rec two very important things!

[ profile] svilleficrecs wrote what everyone needs and wants, namely, 6,200 words of Barney/Robin HIMYM awesomeness. Read 'A' Game. It's spot on Barney pov, all cocky and frustrated and confused and spins off from just where we left them, round about "The Goat." Which leads me to wonder (as I'm in a clues state of mind) if perhaps BARNEY will also be living in Ted's apt come his next birthday when we've learned Robin's living there? Um, regardless, read this fic. It's friggin awesome.

Elsewhere, the gorgeous [ profile] wihluta recorded a [podfic] of my Jack/Hand story, "I really can't stay." She gives great voice to both the Hand and Ianto, and I was really blown away by the beautiful reading of my fic. Go! Listen! Feedback!
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for [ profile] mazily, who asked for Ellen/Barbara and karaoke

title: Feels like home
author: Sabine
category: Slings & Arrows, Ellen/Barbara
size: 389 words
notes: set just before the beginning of S3

I've looked at new york from both sides now )
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For Liz, who asked me to invent a cliche about doctors being beautiful, so dammit, I did.

too pretty to be a doctor [post-Lazarus, 306 words] )
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title: Comes the physical
author: Sabine
category: Doctor Who, Ten, Martha, basically gen
size: 1590 words
spoilers: Quick one for “Evolution of the Daleks”

Big thanks to Liz for everything including the winking.

or - the physical cometh! )
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for [ profile] projectjulie

Girls, Girls, Girls of the Navy (And Various Other Maritime Organizations)
[NCIS, Abby/Ziva/Jenny, porn, 717 words]

girls girls girls )

For my girlgirlgirl, on the event of her nativity. xxx

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title: Sometimes you wanna go
author: Sabine
category: Cheers, Sam/Diane
rating: PG
notes: Dedicated in perpetuity throughout the universe to [ profile] wearemany. With big love to all of livejournal, where everybody knows your name.

acknowledgments: Inspired in part, as so many things are, by Josephine Humphreys' The Fireman's Fair; still the gold standard for masculine yearning. Thank you, [ profile] runpunkrun and [ profile] furies for the beta and the deep and abiding love.

making your way in the world today takes everything you've got )
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title: The Secret of Management
author: Sabine
category: Arrested Development/Newsradio, Michael/Lisa, GOB/Beth
rating: F for Friendly
size: 3281 words
notes: For [ profile] autumn_grunge, as part of the [ profile] sitcomathon 2006. These were two separate requests that decided to be in the same story. Prompt: Aztec Tomb.
disclaimer: Not mine, no money changes hands, see how the hand never leaves the wrist!
summary: Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, got most of it back via questionable means, and were advised to liquidate as quickly as possible.
acknowledgements: Big giant ups to all the [ profile] sitcomathon participants, and [ profile] kyrafic the sublime.

a zillion dollars )
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title: Written By the Victors
author: Sabine
category: NCIS, Tony/Gibbs, Ziva/Jenny (contains less than 10% Gibbs/Jenny, Tony/Ziva, real fruit), everybody else
rating: S for Suggestive Stroking and Some Sex
notes: Set to the tune of [ profile] femslash100's alphabet soup challenge. Each section is exactly 100 words, from A-Z, for a total of 2600 words for your reading pleasure.
disclaimer: NCIS belongs to Bellisario and the Navy and CBS, nemme. Fanfiction is a practice of desire.
summary: Everybody comes to Belgrade.
acknowledgements: hail, hail, [ profile] projectjulie, symbolic mother of femslash everywhere. Beta by [ profile] rossetti, made of awesome and twice as clever! And thanks to my [ profile] runpunkrun, who owns a share of everything I do, even if it’s NCIS.
feedback: why wouldn’t you???? Don’t you love me??!?!

history’s written by the victors )


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