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Six Spideys. Want one? Dr. Perry Cox, hallelujah, however, is a satisfying and indulgent GIP. *g*

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"Nine dollars!" said the girl with 48 rolls of toilet paper in her Target bag, holding up the pan-and-scan DVD of Titanic. We're on the bus heading east on Santa Monica Blvd. "Not bad, right?"

Her friend with the pacifier and the unconscious baby strapped to her chest took the DVD and scrutinized it.

"Not bad! Nine dollars!" squees Toilet Paper.

"You know what my favorite part was?" says Pacifier. "It was so funny. When the ship goes like this." She held up a hand vertically, then pulled straight down, the Titanic sinking into the ocean.

"What's funny about that?" asked Toilet Paper.

it was sad when the great ship went down )

In conclusion: nobody, not even the rain, is as marvelous as Scrubs.
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I love Spidey and his double-jointed feet. I love Peter Parker and his reluctant hero-ness and his double-jointed feet and his snarkiness and geekiness. I love them ever, ever so.

And here are some icons, all from The Amazing Spider-Man, all from John Romita Jr's art.

These four here are just for showing off purposes. THe first two are mine all MINE, and the other two are Punk all PUNK's.

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Want a Spidey that can be yours all yours? Claim in comments. Or lemme know you're willing to share.

With great power comes great responsibility )
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First- who wants a GMail invite? I have exactly one. Never mind. *g*

I'm reading the JMS run of The Amazing Spider-Man. These books kick serious ass, in patented (*cough*) JMS fashion. Do not go to Z'Ha'Dum, Spidey! [Spoilers through Vol. 3] )

That being said, I will take any and all Spidey slash recs, and am eagerly awaiting the entrees in [ profile] liviapenn's Let's-Fuck-Peter-athon. I haven't seen S2 yet but I'm not particularly afraid of spoilers, so bring 'em on.

Meanwhile, the Jetta's stay of execution several months back may have reached its natural end. I was driving up the 101 to Ventura (not by choice), listenin' to KZLA, LA's country music radio station, when the black clouds of smoke shooting from under my hood started spilling in the vents, and causing passing drivers to honk and mock me and attempt to communicate using the international hand signals for "your car is super fucked." The mechanic said $750. I said fat chance. We're working on a compromise. I've got the car for the weekend so I can make it to [ profile] elke_tanzer and [ profile] cortese's day of independence, and then on Monday it's under the knife. Poor the Jetta. Dear, sweet, decrepit, stubborn, ten-year-old Jetta. I took it to the car wash today and washed it with the hoses and the big soapy brush and we sang "All I Wanna Do" hosin' and scrubbin' on Santa Monica Boulevard.


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