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I stole a meme from [ profile] gamesiplay; her version is longer and has some very interesting questions, but I was too lazy and just adapted the meme for my own me devices. That said:

meme about Broadway - and the occasional off - musicals )
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[ profile] winter_baby picked six of my icons for me to talk about, and it seemed like a pretty good thing to do:

The patchwork girl of Oz, Scraps. Used when... I feel patchworky. I made this one.

Cam, quietly kicking the asses of everyone around her, while also somebow incredibly hot.

Dog/Baby! I read somewhere that a lesbian staff writer on "Family Guy" observed the slashiness between Brian and Stewie and decided to go for it. I made this too!

Punk made this for me, useful for talking about politics or people in fancy pants.

Guy Secretan, creator of Guyball and star anesthetist, accidentally fell in love with Caroline.

Because, dude, "macgyver IS a verb." "I didn't have a can opener so I had to macgyver a thing with an awl, a brick, and a magnet to open my soup." I don't even remember wher I found this one.

Comment and I'll pick six of yours I'm interested in. I find this quite soothing and am in the business of needing to be soothed.


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