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I very nearly got sucked into a sticky political argument-slash-Hillary-bashing that went by on my flist, but I took a deep breath and decided to do this meme I got from [ profile] furies instead (seen recently on channel [ profile] slodwick). I'm a lover, not a fighter, babe. *breathes*

I haven't changed these things in a coon's age, but in case anyone's always wondered what this mess was over here:

# My username is ______ because ______.

iamsab, because I AM SAB.

# My name is _____ because ______.

"after me, the deluge" for several reasons, most of which have to do with my obsessive and sometimes megalomaniacal conviction that it'll be the apocalypse that kills me. Also I tend to leave destruction in my wake. And there's that great Regina Spektor song, too.

# My journal is titled ____ because ______.

"Eating Hard Candy Alone," because if the apocalypse doesn't kill me, that's what will. It's sort of dangerous and lame at the same time; risk-taking for the hypochondriacs among us. Liz Lemon is terrified of choking to death all alone in her apartment. Guess who's got two thumbs and also has those nightmares? Yeah, that's right.

The subtitle is: "nothing says good morning like a drunken human alarm clock," which is from Scrubs's award-winning "My Screwup," and is mostly just true.

# My friends page is called ____ because ______.

"everybody wants to pass as cats," from Counting Crows "Mr. Jones," because I DO want to be a lion, and what's more, I'm pretty convinced there are times that each and every one of you'd pass as a cat if you could. I mean. EVERYBODY wants to pass as cats!

# My default userpic is ____ because ______.

This frame from the Cheers title sequence. It was such an iconic image from my childhood, this frame in particular -- actually in the later series (with Rebecca, rather than Diane) the card reads "AND George Wendt" with the "We Win!" in the background, but somehow it meant more to me to cap it from the Diane years. Still, that phrase was part of my childhood brain soup (We Win!/and George Wendt!) as pervasively as the text on the sink drain in the bathroom in the house I grew up in (CRANE: To clean, lift and turn. PATENTED.) because I read it so many times it burned itself into my little youthy brain.

During the writer's strike I changed the text in the "We Win" headline to "WGA '07!" but was finally able to return to my default default userpic when we DID win, after all.

George Wendt is Norm on Cheers (Norm!). There's no conclusive consensus on what that headline was referring to; a politician? a baseball team? World War II? but speculation goes on in Cheers communities, such as they are, around the internets and the world.


There! Got that out of my system and barely remember that political...crap. Sigh. Now the right thing to do is get back to work on my [ profile] remix_redux08. Did I mention I love my remixee? And that for the first time I'm actually stymied as to what to remix because her stories are such lovely cohesive wholes? But I'm forging on, 'cause that's the way I roll.
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1. Joseph and Harry's window: <-- click it and click things, you know, about me. I was unable to find six words that aptly described myself, so I fudged on two of 'em. Don't tell.

2-11. as seen at lj user girlcakes' place: a meme about my nonunderlined interests )

12. I went to Boston and found [ profile] moireach, [ profile] annakovsky, [ profile] janet_carter, [ profile] mazily and [ profile] tangleofthorns right where they said they'd be and OH the hell we raised. I found [ profile] gem225 and G and we dissed on the preznit like that chick in Meet Virginia. I had a super sexy girls-gone-wild slumber party with [ profile] projectjulie, [ profile] helenish and the Bandit and mine own [ profile] spycookies. I had the best birthday party EVER. EVER.

This is me giving you all lime-green "I Got Wasted At Sab's Bat Mitzvah" T-Shirts, to remember ALWAYS.

13. Now, I'm depending on the kindness of strangers and [ profile] lizlet to help write my Scrubs spec, which has five plotlines already, and still no plot! But the formatting, OH, the formatting. Mmm!

14. I'm also undergoing MORE changes to my meds, so beware sudden mood swings and please don't be alarmed, should be settled by next week, god willing and the creek, something.
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I sent my script off to my instructor Monday night, such as it was, out of my hands, pip pip, cheerio, expect notes back in a week or so and then it's rewrite time.

Today, I spent all day either walking TO court, being AT court, or walking home from court.

Tomorrow, I commence to temp(orarily) temp!

Today, this is how we do: iTunes played a mess of stuff while I marched to Praetoria, I jotted 'em down because I am always thinking ofyou people! and now, while I wait for my four Advils to kick in,, I post the lyrics, you guess 'em, I uplo*d them subsequently. Llamas on demand. There's some gimmes in there for a bunch of you, you will know who you are.

can I really talk about slaking with a girl? )
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I'm waiting for le granmere du choucroute to come pick me up, it's 11:50 am and I'm at The Library cafe on Broadway in Long Beach, kissin' dogs and drinkin' iced coffee.

A meme about me, from A-Z, seen most recently gracing [ profile] se_parsons page.

a, alligators all around, b, bursting balloons )
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The Forbes Fictional 15; the best and brightest fictional zillionnaires ever.

Starring such celebrity death matches as Bruce Wayne vs. Lex Luthor and Monty Burns vs. Santa and Cruella de Vil vs. Willy Wonka.

ETA: from [ profile] chr0me_kitten

what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man )
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Some old comments showed up, through my e-mailing thingy. I found THIS meme, which apparently made the rounds in August, and which I figured I'd resurrect now.

Playing the home game; my migraine is GONE. My head is blissfully, lustfully quiet. I'll change the kitty litter.

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.

everything you always wanted to know about yourself, free with proof of purchase )
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Bold the ones you've eaten. Italicize the ones you dislike.
from Alligator to Zork Zero )
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Home from the desert, where [ profile] fmangel, [ profile] wearemany and I watched Veronica Mars, drank tequila, mainlined painkiller and swam in the pool. It's hailing in LA. I'm sending resumes at record clip. Caught a googling meme from a passing [ profile] channe that suggests:

Sab needs to be recomputed.
Sab needs to be more of a support body for sponsors than a regulatory body.
Sab needs YOUR help in conquering bad music and awakening the world from its coma state!

Sab needs to acquire a world brand if it wants to stay up there among the world's biggest brewers.
Sab needs to work on posters and fliers and emailing listserves.
Sab needs to go to see some performance art.

Sab needs several volunteers at each home game.
Sab needs to be more clear for blonde EBS members!
Sab needs to file a request with the lending library.
Sab needs you! SAB needs you! SAB needs you!

Sab needs counseling: (8:3 "His left hand should be under my head,and his right hand should embrace me.")
Sab needs to be placed under control somehow, right now it's just too powerful.
ehmmm, Sab needs to eat her sandwich.
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I'm in beautiful downtown Hadley Mass, waitin' on a wedding that's tomorrow morning. But for now, here's my Top Five X-Files episodes, for [ profile] empressaurelius:

Dreamland I & II
Redux/Gethsemane/Redux II

(I cheated, but fairly!)

Anyone else want a Top Five? I mean, after all Desert Island lists were a big part of the Early Internet, weren't they? At least for me, back in the days of the Prodigy BBS...we were always askin' each other this shit. *g*
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I don't have to be at work till 6:00 tonight, which offers me the longest stretch of downtime I've had since the 4th of July and I am trying very hard not to read HBP, because I want to save it for my plane flight on Wednesday. I'm on page 198, because what was supposed to be "just a little taste" turned out to be not so much, but that still leaves me plenty of Rowling for the five and a half hour flight from LA to Boston on Wednesday, provided I don't crack it open now and eat the whole thing before lunch.

I'm going home for a wedding, my cousin's wedding, the first wedding for any of us cousins on that side of the family, and what's more he's knocked up his hot French fiancee, so he's making an honest woman outta her which means that in six or seven months I get a little BABY cousin right here in Long Beach for babysitting purposes and for molding in my image and grooming to be the next Dread Pirate Roberts. I want a girl. The wedding's in the backyard of my parents' new, long-awaited Northampton home, 120 degrees in Massachussetts' Pioneer Valley and mosquitoes as big as yer fist. I'm gone Wednesday to Wednesday. It's practically a vacation except for all the long-lost relatives packed together in the Noho home looking for kisses and caterers and white folding chairs. It will be a welcome alternative to work. Let Bush name Edith Chambers to the bench while I'm gone. I'm looking forward not to standing in the line of fire, for once.

Four more hours, and HBP is taunting me, all big and purple. Here's a meme I found at [ profile] pearl_o's house:

1. Name your ten favourite titles from stories you've written (or, if you're not a writer, just name your ten favourite titles).

Pissing in No-Man's Land, Bayliss/Kellerman, written for [ profile] yuletide
A new device is being tested
Some Books About Crooks
Fan Interference is a Stand-Up Double written with [ profile] wearemany, about Dan Rydell
Where Have You Gone, Tom Glavine?
Coming Back From the War: "the story was about coming back from the war but there was no mention of the war in it." -- Hemingway
Celebrated Blue Period: "If I'd met you during my celebrated blue period I don't know what I would have done." -- Hawkeye, to Carlie
In bed, I am an astronaut
The Largest Colonial Building in the World
General, dein Tank ist ein starker Wagen (used with permission from [ profile] runpunkrun and Bertolt Brecht)

2: If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence/paragraph/whatever from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favorite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

Remix Redux Resurrection )

Three more hours.

Damn you, big purple book.
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Tagged by [ profile] projectjulie, per therapeutic prescription from [ profile] runpunkrun who is helping me learn to ease back in to LJ society. To wit:

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
Video: Countless. VCD: Countless. DVD: Two. (Starship Troopers, because [ profile] thassalia still has it, and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, because we bought it when J. was here.) The rest I've sold back to Amoeba and/or eBay.

2) The last film I bought:
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, natch.

3) The last film I watched:
National Treasure, thanks to Bron's rental. Satisfying! Surprisingly funny! With this sort of surreal overture toward "ancient American history" which is just so FUNNY in a country that's two hundred years young.

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

A) Starship Troopers -- sexy, funny, farcical, FULL of fabulous bugs and RICH with Paul Verhoeven's anti-war anti-fascism satire.
B) Cube (and Cube 2: Hypercube, and Cube Zero) -- I could spend all day in a dystopian post-industrialized prison full of BOOBY TRAPS and puzzles!
C) The Sound of Music -- best Nazi musical ever. And YES I'm including The Producers and Cabaret, smite me, strike me down, I love the curtain-wearing children and I ain't afraid to admit it. NO one solves a problem like Maria, and NO one has ever been so in love as Georg, who admits it's impossible to marry one woman when you're in love with someone else.
D) Primary Colors -- I don't care if John Travolta *is* a Scientologist; in this movie he's Clinton and I LOVE him. Not to mention Adrien wossname, not to mention Emma Thompson as picture-perfect Hillary, and, in the category of OH MY GOD SHE WAS FUCKING ROBBED AT THE OSCARS, Kathy Bates gives the performance of her career, and soundly sums up what it's like for an idealist who still belives in the Democratic Party despite being REPEATEDLY screwed over and disappointed, time and time again.
E) Until the End of the World -- this isn't out on DVD yet. I'm cheating at this meme. I don't care. Blame Australia.


Tag five people who have to do this meme:
[ profile] runpunkrun, and, then, I miss hearing from [ profile] gamesiplay, [ profile] selenak, [ profile] septicemic, and [ profile] chr0me_kitten.
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I started my 2004 Year in Review, more for my own archival purposes than any sort of catharsis or advertising needs, but, bein' cruisy and stupid, I backed out of the browser window without realizing it, forwarded to a different LJ, and started surfing around Livejournal, effectively erasing/eating my post so innocently sitting in an Update Journal window I can't get to. (Note to self: use Semagic)

C'est la way it goes, and in the interest of not going through all 39 questions again, I give you the salient points.

This is me in '04 )


I think the Firefly remix is my favorite, with the H:LotS prison fic and the BoB tank fic sliding in close behind. If I can do at least that well, if I can write at least that much, if I can write at least that well, 2005 will be just fine. And if I get better, if I learn something (understanding it'd be nearly impossible not to), well, it looks like I've got the pieces in place to be a fine damned writer after all.

For posterity:
This was me in '03, baby.
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The Man from UNCLE )


I'm plagued with inexplicable waves of guilt, the sort that start in your stomach and make their way to the tips of your fingers and toes. I say "inexplicable" because they idle at a slightly higher level than my usual low-hanging layer of perpetual guilt, but they aren't tied to any particular wrongdoings on my part that I can recall. I've been firing a lot of people, though, my first week as a supervisor, and it doesn't exactly make me a hug waiting to happen.

It's a tough month at work; the Democratic party's out of steam, liberal non-profits are flat out of money, and donors are too beaten to care and too defeatist to make the financial sacrifice in this climate. I can't say I blame them. Social Security's gonna drop again next month, and these folks aren't living high on the hog as it stands, between health care costs and school tuitions and the drop of the dollar with a side dish of skyhigh gasoline prices. "We'll never get it through this Congress," they say. Why should we fight to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or the right to an abortion, or the separation of Church and State? "We're fucked," they say.

My gingerbread medic placed 5th in the all-star tournament this past weekend. Between that and the night at the Cinema Room, my dance card's been full of adventure and bliss, and mostly it's just been a string of good, solid fun with some really marvelous, loving friends. It's the goddamned Christmas spirit. Hi, [ profile] maudelynn.

Heidi and I went to the premiere of The Phantom of the Opera tonight, which played just like a musical, ran for three hours and didn't do anything surprising. Turns out Emmy Rossum can sing. I'm going to bed.
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I'm sitted, as Radar would say, diligently cross-legged on the bed, working on this freelance job and accidentally watching E.R. (oops.). I came across this meme by way of [ profile] prillalar, McSwain!, and [ profile] schuyler consequently, and having just swapped out a new batch of names and titles, I figured I'd adapt it for my purposes.

My journal used to be called Zero Runs Away because of the marvelous icon [ profile] indilime made, and because there ain't one thing wrong with Khleo Thomas, Louis Sachar or Holes.
My journal used to be subtitled "Never eat hard candy alone," because that's what I was taught growing up, and it's just right good advice.
My friends page used to be called "there can always be new beginnings, even for people like us," which is Ivanova's final line in Babylon 5's final episode, and it's about the most hopeful thing I've ever heard.
My username was [ profile] sabine101 for because that is whom I am.
My default userpic was:

made, as I said, by [ profile] indilime // [ profile] teh_indy, because it was.

Now, however, my journal is called "Everybody wants to pass as cats," from Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones," because we do, damn it. That, and Jubal Early, as seen in my new default icon, made by [ profile] azuredflame. And Joss.
Now, my journal is subtitled "a journal by Sab" because I'm still chewing on the appropriate Alanis lyric that doesn't screw with the waffle of the Adam one. Soon it will be something else.
Now, my friends page is called "secrets wanna be famous like everyone else," because my very own Shox writes a hell of a song. Which I'll upload for you all to enjoy as soon as I get around to uploading.
And I'm still me, with this pic now:

made, y'know, by [ profile] azuredflame.


Had a momentary lapse of reason, predominantly brought upon my the recent addition of the Internet to our household, but I'm all squared away now and ready to get back to writing this curriculum thingy.

Forgot to note -- last Sunday we had brunch in Hermosa Beach and then got the opportunity to scope out Chris's penthouse in daylight, and I made Jason teach me things and fucked around with the camera. I give you "Sunset over the Marina", where the pearlescent pool in the channel that so brightly reflects bobbleheaded palm trees is not, in fact, an aquamarine inlet of the Pacific but rather -- an open sewer.

le pain du pays de Maayan, stuffed with boysenberry )

She is bringing home cake! And I'm solidly, diligently, scuttling back to work.
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LOOOK, I tell you, at the set of Forsaken/TMBG icons [ profile] runpunkrun made. I'm wearing one right now, as a matter of fact, and I think it brings out the screaming Argonauts in my eyes. Just you wait, also, I tell ya, till Punk and I let loose with our ITEOTWAWKI(AIFF) icon set, birds, snakes, aeroplanes and all.

The best part of all this comes Tuesday, when, in the great name of [ profile] sorlklewis, Internet once returns to the House of Raging Women. We should be online Tuesday night, and boy howdy, y'all just WAIT and see what sort of virtual ass we kick.

LJ says there are two of us who list "Josephine Humphreys" as an interest, but, as always, both of us are me. Let this be a left-handed rec to anyone interested to read her holy triad of novels, Dreams of Sleep (being the story of a woman, her daughter, and their babysitter, who saddle up in a station wagon and run away), Rich in Love (being the story of the hyperintellectual, hyperindependent Odoms of South Carolina as told by 17-year-old Lucille -- think The Royal Tenenbaums in a spun sugar drawling plantation), and The Fireman's Fair (being the story of a lawyer who dropped everything to go live on an island and play golf until a hurricane blows it all away, leaving Rob [THE finest first-person male narrator written by a female author I have ever read] nothing but his dog and the pirate's wife). She slips under the radar, Humphreys, and I don't think she should, because she just fucking nails it and she writes with the wit and affection of a wry, knowing smile.

LJ says there's only *one* of us who lists "Punk Maneuverability" as an interest, but I'll bet we can change that right here and now. See, I told you I was interested in my interests. )

(*You should also feel free to ask me about any of my Interests, should you be interested.)

Shox is cooking dinner for us, or so he claims, and we're still deciding whether to make the schlep down to Orange County tonight to see the WWS show or to wait here and see if Jason, Chris and Lij make a better offer. Everything, as always, up in the air till the last minute.

But more importantly, I am a good three-fourths of the way done with The Dark Tower VII as read on my iPod by George Guidall, and, holy fuck, in the name of the turtle, DUDE, this book is SO GODDAMNED SAD. [ profile] wax_jism, stand by, and when I'm done I promise to find you so we can dissect appropriately over AIM. I've listened to the whole DT series on tape, but I nearly copped out with this one and bought the book instead -- I was at the airport, about to board the plane to NY, and one thing led to another, you know how it goes. Then, of course, I landed in NY, downloaded the thing, loaded it onto Mom's iPod, and here we are again. Sure, I'm out $35 for the hardback, but it was worth it. I'm nearing track 500 of 796...we're in NY and Roland just left the spoiler building to go meet back up with Irene. More on this story, naturally, as it unfolds.

In the name of the ka-tet of 19 and the ka-tet of the Rose, I remain, as always,
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1. [ profile] wearemany and [ profile] boxmint, you don't know it yet, but I owe you both the same phone call. So you're getting the same e-mail instead, shortly.

2. [ profile] selenak and [ profile] andrastewhite started stories about Quark and Londo/G'Kar respectively, for your reading purposes.

3. Things nobody told me: Billy Boyd was in Master and Commander. Mal's madam from "Heart of Gold" is in The O.C.. Andrew of the Thunder Mountain Ruling Council was in The Life of David Gale (which, putting aside the not-even-thinly veiled political agenda, was a damned good movie).

4. I give you twenty fifteen lyrics off my current playlist, you give me the world (as seen on the LJ belonging to [ profile] gamesiplay, where I couldn't respond because she foolishly chose, as her first song, "Heaven on Their Minds," which everyone knows is impossible to get out of your head once it's in there, thus rendering all the subsequent lyrics null and void and impossible [see also: "All Beings Dance With Your Arms In The Air, Now."]):

it was beautiful but now it's sour )

5. Sign up or pimp: [ profile] multiverse2004. Over a dozen fandoms including Stargate! How can you go wrong!

6. I'd also recommend a visit to both [ profile] londo_mollari and [ profile] citizengkar's LJs, for a peek at Londo and G'Kar and The Longest Day.


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