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Yeah, you probably already saw this, but, AWESOMENESS:

Watching All Six Star Wars Movies Simultaneously.

ETA: That bookslut Dean Koontz RPF ain't no joke, I love it:

Dean Koontz is finally getting called on his racist bullshit. The Guardian picks up the story of Koontz's anti-Japanese remarks at a recent luncheon, which was initially reported by authors Lee Goldberg and Tod Goldberg. (The Los Angeles Times reported on the story earlier this week.)

Koontz is a regular donor to the Republican National Committee — he donated $1,500 to the RNC on June 27, and has given to President Bush before. You think they'll return the donations? Ha ha! Me neither.

At any rate, I'm happy to announce Bookslut's First Annual Man, Is That Dean Koontz a Prick or What? Contest. In 250 words or less, write an erotic, tender-yet-sexy story about Dean Koontz having some sort of hot, life-changing physical encounter with a Japanese guy. Send your stories as plain text in an email to mschaub at bookslut dot com, with "Man, Is That Dean Koontz a Prick or What?" in the subject line. All entries should be submitted on or before Friday, November 18.
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I can't go see The Squid and the Whale. I can't even watch that arc on Sex and the City with Ron Livingston in, because I can't handle the anguish of one writer envious of another writer. That pain is JUST TOO GREAT TO BEAR. And I'd do almost anything for Ron Livingston.
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We're in a world, here, where, thanks to a Fox TV show, John Wayne Airport in Orange County's considering renaming itself "The OC Airport." I ain't kidding.

Still, I keep myself entertained. Here's what I've been up to, spoiler-lite, proceed at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty! More to come as I remember what I've downloaded.

Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake

pigoons! )

Dog Soldiers

Bugger, mate! Werewolves! )

Man on Fire

I still have plans to go to Mexico )

Andromeda, Season 4

Wait wait wait, Trance is the SUN? )

Crusade, through episode four.

Galen and Isabelle )

Norah Jones & Dolly Parton, "Creepin' In" [Creepin' In - .mp3]

This is the most knee-slappin' delightful song I've heard in a good long while. And thanks to [ profile] lizlet for finding the .mp3 for me. Download. Enjoy.


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