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On the ongoing discussion of race:

I read [ profile] fiercelydreamed's post and firstly want to say that a lot of what's in that post has been on my mind, and that I really agree with where she's coming from.

I mean, in fandom, we're pretty much all queer and Jewish. (ETA: This actually might have been truer when the post was flocked, but still, I have never felt alone on LJ because of my queerness or Jewishness or whatever) We all have mental or physical health issues, and fandom is nothing if not a safe space for people like us. And for a lot of us, even outside fandom we've been in supportive communities for queer or Jewish or disabled people. Even if that's not true, we're still here arguing in an arena that's been nothing but inclusive and full of people like us, and when the subject at hand is about asking the general populus to shut up for a second and listen to somebody else for a change, I am really really on board with listening to somebody else for a change.

On the other hand, it's a little frustrating that the suggestion is now circling that people who haven't engaged in RaceFail '09 are exercising privilege by doing so. Even if it's true, I'm willing to exercise my own privilege not to start talking when I lack the vocabulary to navigate the conversation, or when I don't have anything to add. I'm also not wild about participating in anything dubbed "Fail," because, seriously, diving into a debate that's already been written off as an insulting and vitriolic mess on all sides is not my idea of a wise choice. By which I mean, I'd only bungle it up.

Even now, as I go to post this, I stopped to do a little tally of the people of color on my friends list. There are certainly many of you whose race and background I have no clue about, but I did stop and think about my friends of color specifically reading this. I don't really have any particular thoughts about it beyond the fact that I did the mental census, but I am aware that it's a product of my privileged experience growing up in incredibly inclusive, multiethnic, liberal, supportive communities. Which is to say, everyone's a little bit racist, definitely including me.

ETA: I'm unlocking this post because there have been good challenges to it and discussion in the comments.

And while I'm here, let me just get it out of my system. One of the main reasons it's hard for me to find ways to involve myself in the ongoing conversation is because nobody wants to hear a white girl explain her experiences with racism, even though sometimes, awkwardly, that's an instinctive way to feel included in the conversation. So, here goes: as many know, my sister's girlfriend is black and my family all adore her and we hope they stay together forever (no pressure, Lizzie). When I introduced my 88 year old grandfather to my girlfriend he kissed her and said "welcome to the family." Once in high school I won a game of Monopoly and my friend Andy said: "Isn't it appropriate? The Jew gets all the money!" I made fun of him and explained to him why that was not cool. On the other hand, on the recent episode of House, Taub, the Jewish doctor, got made fun of for his large nose. House himself teased him by calling him "Berkowitz." And while that is broad stereotype and quite indicative of the way TV deals with race, in this case I actually liked it. I felt included and I felt like House was thinking about and speaking to Jewish people like me. I felt happy to be called Berkowitz at any time. And several months ago I kicked a guy out of my house for using the n-word. Similarly, one of my favorite songs, De La Soul's "I Am, I Be," uses the n-word, and even when I'm singing along alone in my house I either close my mouth or sing "people" instead -- it has the same two syllables. And, the kicker; some of my best friends are black.

Honestly, that's what I know how to say in a conversation about race and there are so, so many of you who have written and expressed things that have educated and inspired me. Please continue to link me to the very best stuff you come across; I basically read what [ profile] ciderpress, [ profile] rachelmanija and [ profile] telesilla link to.

Now to have some food and then go to bed, dreading waking up tomorrow to find out who I may have offended. I truly am sorry in advance if I bungled it all up again.
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The bees are, as we all know, disappearing. [link to Reuters]

The wiki entry on CCR, or Colony Collapse Disorder has slightly more speculation/info on the phenomenon.

cell phones sending bees to space? It's GWEN's fault )

Elsewhere on the internets, Haagen-Dazs has started their own "Save the Ice Cream! Save the Bees!" Heroes-style season pitch: Help the Honeybees is totally ice-cream sponsored, but still pretty interesting.

I'm just saying. There are things we can blame on Harriet Jones, and then there's the bees disappearing. *g*
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I mean, for real, isn't Morphine's Buena pretty genius for a Baltar/Six vid? YSI link, listen and report back on the sheer awesomeness, svp!

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I'm doing Sweet Charity this year and am just sort of marveling in the awesomeness of what fans will do for each other, and for charity.

And then I was thinking I wanted to do something like buy a GIFT for someone, as well. Like, I buy a fic writer and give her an awesome request about Rodney and some chickens, and then I *give* the resulting story to Punk, as a present, because I knew it would be a fic she'd like? Doesn't that seem like a thing we could do with our fannish currency?

And then I thought, what if I buy a Sweet Charity ficcer and have her write my [ profile] remixredux for me? Like, I give the person I auctioned for a couple of stories my remixee put up for remixing, and let HER remix one for me? I figured I'd give my remixee TWO remixes upon the reveal -- I mean, I'd write my own remix and so would the auctionee, more presents for all!

And then I thought, sometimes I have an icon that someone else wants. Let's say I "bought" it, with the common icon currency of comment/credit, over at [ profile] grrliz icon store. Then lets say I thought [ profile] furies would love it. So I remove it from my userpics -- or don't -- and gift it to Step.

Or, for real, what if I find an awesome piece of L Word femslash and I print it out and send it to my sister as a present? I mean, the author's information would be on it...couldn't it be like I'd bought her a book?

This strikes me as an interesting question about the creative commons nature of fanfiction, as well as offers a nice, friendly opportunity for people to use fannish infrastructure to share. I'm not sure if it's going to be universally received to look at fannish output as a product, but, as for me, I gladly put my product out there to be shared, gift-wrapped, farmed out, traded, or to serve any fannish purpose they can.

Yes? No? Oh and as for the LJ boycott, I sort of look at it the way I looked at Victoria's Secret when they discontinued my favorite bra. I mean, I was mad, I was sad, I felt a little abandoned by the people who cared for my breasts all those years, but I wasn't ideologically upset with them, and, at the end of the day, they still had several other bras that excited me, and I was still going to shop there as long as they had good soft pants and 5 bikinis for $25. So, you know, I didn't boycott them.
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Or: Betsy Warrington Ray Willard and Maud Palmer Hart Lovelace, two girls, the same, born 1n 1892 in Deep Valley/Mankato, MN.

Wiki: Maud Hart Lovelace
Wiki: Betsy-Tacy Books

the merry widow waltz )
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I can't sleep, and that usually leads to fantasizing, in this particular case, about Tennant/John Smith's arm, in his white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and the suspenders. I can get lost in the most absurd things about this man. Yesterday I spent forty five minutes on about four frames from "Utopia", just watching over and over again --

spoilers through Utopia )
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First they came for the hackers.
But I never did anything illegal with my computer, so I didn't speak up.

Then they came for the pornographers.
But I thought there was too much smut on the internet anyway, so I didn't speak up.

Then they came for the anonymous remailers.
But a lot of nasty stuff gets sent from, so I didn't speak up.

Then they came for the encryption users.
But I could never figure out how to work PGP anyway, so I didn't speak up.

Finally they came for me.
And by that time there was no one left to speak up.

That's me referencing [ profile] alara_r's classic reappropriation of the Pastor Niemoller poem, which has always been a kind of fannish mantra for me. And the circle of reappropriation goes on, and on...

I want to talk about the debate surrounding the mainstream popularization of [ profile] killabeez and [ profile] tjonesy's K/S vid, because --

[ profile] jadelennox said:

It's been bothering me increasingly in recent months, as fanvids get posted on YouTube (not by the creators), that my non-fannish friends link to them as just another cool internet video. Of course, how would non-fannish folks recognise the incredible violation of fannish etiquette involved in posting a vid to YouTube? They're insider creations, not intended for general consumption, and so why would non-insiders know the etiquette involved?

Well, first what it is is we have to start adjusting to the fact that we're not insiders anymore -- the world got really small really fast, and we are right there in the spotlight, or, as Punk put it, they can see us now. We've been on the cutting edge, "hiding" on the internet with our creations, but here in Web 2.0, the user-created web, we can't hide anymore, we are the internet. And so of course people are going to try and find ways to popularize us -- eventually, they will try and find ways to use us to make money.

Take, for instance, which is a YouTube clone with one bonus feature -- you upload homemade vids and get PAID per click, so it behooves you to make a vid that lots of people want to see. (Revver, at this point, is only accepting original material, however, so while you can make bucks off that video of you making a Mentos bottle rocket in your backyard, you can't yet make money off of Kirk and Spock and Nine Inch Nails. But, it's only 2006 and copyright law has a long way to go to catch up with the world we're in...)

Point being, the folks who see the Closer vid on YouTube might not be "fannish" per se, as we have come to understand it, but I defy you to tell me the difference between a fannish person watching a slashy video and enjoying it, and a "non-fannish" person watching a slashy video and enjoying it. At that moment, they're just as fannish as we are -- it's not that they've intruded into fandom, it's that fandom extruded to become big enough to hold the whole world in its hands.

In Doctor Who's The Chrismas Invasion, the Doctor says to Prime Minister Harriet Jones, when she asks if there will be many more alien races invading Earth: The human race is drawing attention to itself. Every day you're sending out probes and messages and signals - this planet's so noisy. You're getting noticed... more and more.

Her response was to shoot down the alien spaceship, kill it dead before it can go out there and warn the rest of the galaxy about us. Like that'll work. Like that'll keep us hidden. The intergalactic equivalent of not signing the Kyoto Treaty because doing so would admit that global warming exists.

And I don't want fandom to be another Harriet Jones, shooting down everyone who finds us, rather than trying to find ways to integrate ourselves with the new and changing world we live in -- because it's not going to go back to how it was. Not ever. The days of hiding out in brown paper zines and usenet are behind us, and we have to move forward or die. And then the new generation will come along, with their fanvids and their YouTubes, and they'll act like they invented the thing, like they own the place, and we'll all be stuck at the old fangirls' home, bitching about Chris Carter and the good old days.

We're all the same, the creators and the poachers and RPSers and the YouTubers and the uploaders and the downloaders. And the world right now is trying to figure out how to regulate us, how to clap down on us, how to make money off us. If we want to be part of that process, we have to stop pretending they can't SEE us just so we feel safer.
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I have a theory. I think the next stage in fannish participatory progression will be re-cutting episodes themselves to tell fanfiction stories -- probably eventually manipulating the characters and the images themselves and effectively "directing" new episodes of our shows. TV downloading is easy, ubiquitous and free. Editing software is getting powerful and cheap.

Tell me-- what are the copyright issues we're going to run into?

I'm watching DS9 Season 7, episode two. Called...something with Shadows. Sisko and the new Ezri Dax are tromping around the selfsame desert where a young Buffy Summers met the First Slayer, and I had a fantasy that someone in the fannish stratosphere would cut those two episodes together to tell a crossovertastic brand-new story. And then I recalled downloading something recently where a fan had looped together audio clips from a David Hewlett movie and a Joe Flanigan movie into a slashy jubilee, and then, you know, one thing led to another.

Dammit, I have GOT to finish writing this scene. I have accomplished four more pages.
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Things I'm not working on right now, 19:37, 11/27/05:

1. WBC homework, times four. Functional slacker. (For Richard Linklater's "Slacker," see 'slacker (disambiguation)'). I'm on chapter headings and battle scenes, over here; character misbehaviour and want and need. This is USEFUL homework; if only I were a less disambiguous slacker.

2. The story where Ronon is an 18-year-old lazy-ass wisecracker in military school.
3. The story where Rodney is put on a forced exercise regiment and is super embarassed and doesn't tell anyone until John starts noticing Rodney's getting all cut and svelte, and Rodney's like, "it's probably a tapeworm, don't worry about it!"

Instead, I'm contemplating WORLDWIDE FANNISH REVOLUTION. So here's my question:

fandom (disambiguation) )
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SGA: The Siege I (spoilers) )

Oh, and another thing. David Hewlett totally knows we're here, and I think that's just marvelous. I mean, he's a geek, and he knows how to vanity google like the rest of us. There's something kind of friendly about that.
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So I've been thinking.

First off, and almost just as an aside except that, yo, it needs to be said, is how much I love this season of television. I mean, seriously, folks. This is the best season we've had in, maybe ever! Man, it's a joyful pre-apocalyptic time to be alive! (though now Scott McClellan is fanwanking the truth, in totally unrelated news, except go read and watch the video because, helloooo? Are there really still people who believe the American public is SO DUMB that it is in our best interest to be lied to? If you believe that, oh god, please defriend me, because it means you think *I'm* dumb, and that's just insulting, yo.)

But I was talking about the GOOD NEWS. Let's list it. This season I am watching, avidly: House, Bones, Survivor (until we lose Stephenie, which will NOT HAPPEN NO NEVER STEPHENIE WILL WIN A MILLION DOLLARS YO), The Amazing Race, Scrubs, Arrested Development (Bob Loblaw!), How I Met Your Mother (suit up!), Surface (my favorite of the proto-XF/Lost ooooooh-paranormal ripoffs this season, LAKE BELL is SO YUMMY), BSG, SGA and Family Guy -- and less avidly (but still with a whoop and a holler for this frabjous season), Lost, Invasion, Threshold, My Name is Earl, Without a Trace, Numb3rs, Medium (hello red-state TV, yes, I fall for you and your compelling family values! And your pudgy Arquette!), and Grey's Anatomy (hell-O, Sandra Oh). I mean. Who's seen a lineup like this? Not ME. Not since 1972! Ish! (Oh, things that suck: Ghost Whisperer. Love, what is UP with your hair?)

Oh, but I'm so off-task. I have so many thigns to say about so many things, but at the moment, what we're here to discuss, Romans, countryfolk, is Stargate: Atlantis.

I never watched SG1, but I grew up on Star Trek, and SG1 watched Star Trek, so, it's like, the SAME THING. )
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For my birthday, I bought myself a Neighborhoodie. I was feeling bicoastal, and couldn't decide between "Los Feliz" or "Greenpoint," and even, in an embarrassing brush with trendositude considered "Billburg."

Mine is grey, stylecut Skii, and reads: "livejournal." I figure I live here as much as anywhere. It'll be ready for pickup tomorrow.

For my birthday, I also bought myself a rename token. I am Sab. Pleased to meetcha.

Here's some casefile TV, no particular spoilers, or, maybe there are spoilers, but mostly just general reviews. I owe you SG:A, Battlestar Galactica and Kingdom Hospital, aka, At Play in the Land of Nozzola, to come later. I'm working eleven hours tomorrow, same shit, different week, but it's my goddamned birthday and I'm havin' cupcakes, damn it!

We mostly fixed the internet, though AIM still froths and spits like a rabid weasel. I miss you awfully, awfully.

[Of particular note to [ profile] prillalar; I listened to Ringworld Engineers on mp3 a couple weeks back. I'd always pronounced you Hal-Er-Lo Prill-a-Lar. Six syllables. But homeboy readin' the audiobook made it SEVEN syllables, thus playing fast and loose with my brain. He likes Hal-Er-RILL-Lo Prill-a-Lar. What do you think, Hal?]

It's an hour till midnight on this coast and it's already past midnight back in the land where I was born, righto? February First! Happy birthday to meee! Happy birthday to meee!

Go join [ profile] snurch_tv, go enjoy [ profile] saava's recent tumble onto the last of the Babylon stations, and here. Read about TV:

Medical Investigation )

House )

Medium )
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So, years ago, back before DVD boxed sets and bitorrents and the ability to eat an entire fandom at one sitting, full swallow, one disc after another, I told myself, someday, I'll watch Buffy. And, you know, that's "like" like, like, I'll watch Buffy in a fannish way, because of course, being in the fannish community for going on almost fifteen years now nothing fannish escapes my radar entirely, and being a TV watcher to some degree all of this time -- and fannish TV, at that -- of course I was always sort of peripherally exposed to Buffy, I knew all the major players, I knew to tune in to "Hush" and "The Body" and the musical, I even had a pal on the writing staff for a while (cf. "Lovers Walk" and "The Zeppo"). I knew Willow before Oz, and then before she was a lesbian, I could throw around names like Drusilla and phrases like "Fire bad, tree pretty" and be able to give some immediate context to said.

But none of this, as we know, is anything like watching a show from a fannish bent, devouring it end to end like a big juicy fannish sausage and watching for mytharc, for 'ship, for slash and squick and whatever else it is we do.

When I caught up on X-Files -- when I went from proximity-viewer to fannish-viewer (the summer of the movie, for those playing the home game), it was nineteen thousand trips to Blockbuster watching two eps at a time till I caught up to what FX was showing, and then there was lots of taping and waiting and I was only about three seasons in when the new season began the following October.

At that time, I knew about Buffy, I'd sort of stashed Buffy away in a little box figuring if I were ever dry for fandoms I would have this major haul to drag out and feast upon, figured I could give it a whole summer and I would save it till I needed it.

I so emphatically don't need another fandom right now, but, guess what, three days later -- three days -- and I'm halfway through season four. Actually, I cheated, and I skipped season one, figuring I'll go back to it when the rest of four, and all of five get burned to cd, and six gets downloaded. HAIL DVD box sets, I say to you, and YAY bitorrents, and YAY, YAY fandom.

So, first pass through Buffy and here's my initial thoughts.

I am all over the Buffy/Giles ship. I had no idea -- and you'd think, given my notoriously public disdain for all things poncy, that Giles would rankle me (like, say, Wes rankles me) -- but yet, I am so all about it.

Additionally, I like Buffy herself a whole lot more than I expected to. She's just my kind of reluctant hero, and Giles is just my kind of reluctant-hero worshipper, and the Slayer/Watcher bond is about the tastiest thing fandom's come up with for us in a good long while.

I'm still walking the line on the rest of the Scoobies, example, I like Xander with Cordelia, or Xander with Anya, but not Xander/Willow or Xander alone. I like Willow with Oz, or with Buffy, or Buffy, Willow, and Xander together. I like Cordelia anywhere, and she even made Wesley tolerable a while. I like Anya too, but I'm sort of working backwards with her because I watched more Buffy in the later years than I did in the early years, so I have yet to assemble her character fully.

Angel's a big dumb broody stiff, and Riley can bite me, but Buffy makes both of them come alive. I'm undecided on Spike, see above Anya problem.

Despite Eliza Dushku's unimpeachable holy hotness, I thought Faith was a big ol' scenery chewer, though I liked her with the Mayor, because the Mayor rocked my socks.

I'm not convinced by the college years yet. I miss Sunnydale High, and so far, season 4's doing nothing for me except being vaguely shiny and glossy and Willow has better hair. But I miss Cordelia and I feel like I liked the early gang better -- then, that could be the Giles fan in me crying out for more of him.

I make no pretense of ownership in this fandom -- many fans have come before me and many will come after and I am but a passerby -- but boy howdy I'm having a good time.

And I fucking love Buffy/Giles. So. Fic recs, please?
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I'm just being a clearinghouse, for a moment, mostly so I only have one LJ link to Memory. Anyway, here's some stuff from the world:

[open-minded Jews in Portland who aren't gay]
[What, no hellfire? I was promised hellfire!]
[Gay mittens]
[B5 ficathon, um, super-gay]
[device of the future! maybe fantastic! In a sort of post-apocalyptic Big Brotheresque way. Or, maybe gay.]

That being said, I have another question. To the righties on my Trusted list, or, rather, the Righties whose opinions I trust:

Do you -- or any conservative-types in fandom you know -- have you, hm. The question is, do you know anyone who's comfortable with slash, writing it/reading it, while not comfortable with homosexuality as a practice in her real life? Someone who could write about Duncan and Methos getting it on, but who'd be squicked if she learned she had a gay friend?

Additionally -- how does this hold over for gay marriage? [ profile] pene enlightened me on the subject once when, in her more Christian days (G, *g*), she commented that she "believed in" homosexuals ('cause, duh, there they are), but she didn't support pre-marital sex, THEREFORE, the option left to her was to support gay marriage.

Of course, this was before the big gay agenda, perpetuated by the liberal media elite, swept G off her feet with the use of porn and evil temptresses and, um, whiskey, probably, and made G supergay in that insidious way we have of taking otherwise innocent people and gayifying them while they're not looking. Poor unsuspecting [ profile] pene. *g*

Anyway. I'm wondering how that holds over for conservatives not of the religious bent, wondering -- first, if there IS a set of slash writers who are uncomfortable with homosexuality in the "real world" but not in fiction, then -- why that is, exactly. And just, in general, wondering what people think. Responses from all sides welcomed, please and thank you.
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At the Melrose Ave. piercing-supply-slash-head-shop where they sell Om and Yin Yang and dragon's head pendants in pewter for eight bucks, I picked me up an amulet of dubious imagined origin -- some sort of fake spiritual symbol, I assume -- which purported to represent The Summoning of Power!

So anyway, I now have the ability to summon power, on a cheap silver chain around my neck. Mostly I bought it because I like saying it aloud in a booming voice while my sister got fitted for a new earring for her tragus pierce (and it all comes 'round again, Run), but, you know. Fear me! I can summon power now. I'll admit, I'm afraid to use it.

But here I go, summoning power that this Macintosh will not foil me while I get out all this business about Londo Mollari.

I've been thinking about Londo for weeks now. The DVDs came so I'm rewatching B5 seasons 3 and 4, and the A stories are so familiar to me I find myself scanning past them, emotionally, looking for things hiding in the fabric I hadn't seen before. And while I've always loved Londo -- as far as individual alien-centric eps go, you know, the requisite seasonal Ep About Narns or Ep About Minbari, the Centauri ones were always my favorite -- this time I took notes because there's something about him I've never been able to put into words. Not sure if I can now either, beyond the fact that he's tragic, heartbreaking, more complex, I think, than any other character in any of my fandoms. But I wanna try. Plus I made an icon for just this purpose.

(And it was a tough icon to make; several drafts preceded this one as anyone who's visited my user pics page can attest. It's such a seminal scene for Londo and such a key scene for the series; it's one of the Great Babylon 5 mental images and I wanted to do it justice, you know, really feel it.

This will probably not be the last icon draft, is all I'm saying. *g*)

The Great Londo Mollari )

How many Centauri does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Just one. But in the great old days of the Republic, hundreds of servants would change thousands of bulbs at our slightest whim.
-- Londo, "Convictions"
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I'm home, anyway. I was in Portland, Oregon, with [ profile] runpunkrun and [ profile] shaye and Shaye's hair. And [ profile] circusgirl though we somehow...and it didn't go, quite. *waving at Jess*

But I've got a little polar bear called Iorek and a big black bear called -- I forgot what the big black bear's called, and a riff on Jenga and pickup sticks with monkeys in and Parcheesi with water buffalos in and a baby rhino, because when [ profile] runpunkrun and I take on a city, apparently a safari-type weather system moves in.

Coming home, I listened to the air tower channel on the airplane headphones, and for the last ten minutes one air traffic controller at LAX wrangled ten flights at differing altitudes and speed with the grace of a prima choreographer and I was so impressed I took notes which say things like: "above traffic" "below traffic" "confirm either aircraft or tower" "non-heavy airbus" "on short final" "follow the airbus" and "taxi charlie to the gate." I took three Ativan for the flight in and not a single one for the flight home, because somehow the all tower control station serves a similarly reassuring purpose. I think I feel okay about the sky again.

Still, dude, I leave LJ and people have, like, birthdays (HAPPY HAL, Hal!) and so forth. And the Gangs of New York ([ profile] quasiradiant, [ profile] furies, [ profile] rfkfortheusa and the International Princess [ profile] intl_princess) tried to call and I missed 'em, everybody say HOWDY, say PARTY, lovingkindness winging its way east to you.

My throat hurts and Francis says it's laryngitis because we did, truly, talk nonstop except when eating eggrolls.

Thursday's my last day of work. This is a lot of information for one LJ entry, especially for one so cold and tired as I am.

I leave you with this thought: I bought three different interpretations of The Epic of Gilgamesh at Powell's and after I read them all I have some things to say about them, as well as the updated Kurt Cobain high school set Gilgamesh play I saw last week.

Lost in the desert, too cold to think, you gotta know about the milk truck if you wanna drink.
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A long long time ago, LJ user [ profile] minotaurs asked the following:

What is it about fanfic, and slash in particular that makes it unique as a literary genre, and uniquely satisfying? What need does it fill for us (beside the obvious, smutty one)?

I said this. )


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