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2009-04-03 11:43 am

pressing rewind on Scrubs is as easily as finding this folder here called "scrubs s8"

I'm in the process of doing a blog post about Scrubs S8, its wrapup and upcoming series finale, and all the political, personal, and character weirdness that contributed to this weirdest of seasons. Anyone wanna pay me for it? *g*

Orrrr, get me an interview w/Bill Lawrence? Randall Winston would do, too.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: [livejournal.com profile] musesfool, I can has remix time nao????
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2009-04-03 11:52 am
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who will be voted out..... tonight!?

Some flaily reality TV advice and predictions for SURVIVOR )

Hopeful in Hollywood
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2009-04-03 07:29 pm

still, it was way past its time to go

Would liveblog the ER finale but it would look like:

the last ever episode of ER )