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Some flaily reality TV advice and predictions for :

Okay, this whole bringing in JT was done totes bass-akward. First Taj only has herself to blame for giving the idol to Stephen AGAIN. Second, TAJ should have explained the merge w/Timbira to JT to explain that they have a solid final 5.

Of course at this point, EVERYONE on Jalapao thinks they have an immunity idol. Obv I'd love to see Joe try to use his, and obv if Stephen/JT/Taj are smart he'll go next. If Stephen manages to talk them into voting out Taj, I will smack that fucker upside the head.

What MUST happen now is for JT and Brendan to end up at exile together.

Which requires Taj to tell JT. Or at least tell Brendan she told JT. Which requires her either going to exile next wk or simply not getting voted off. TIME TO GO, JOE.

Meanwhile at Timbira, Sierra and Brendan are a strange minority, but everyone and their brother can piggyback on Coach's "Erinn's a cancer" rally and get through another tribal council that way.

What what WHAT is going to happen with Debbie? Does anyone even notice her? When is it her time to go? Or will she coast to the final like whatsherface last season? I think with so many idols around that's unlikely, UNLESS Coach and Tyson and Debbie team up against Brendan and Sierra after voting out Erinn; they could get rid of the idol before the merge and have to go over and deal with Jalapao's stupid idol issues instead.

So Timbira REALLY needs to keep the idol till the merge.

So Joe goes, Erinn goes, either Coach or Debbie goes. And then hopefully at the first merged tribal, Tyson goes. I feel both tribes could get behind that, "strong competitor" combined with "doesn't have one of the zillion idols" combined with Coach being gone.

Unless Timbira wins immunity again in which case TAJ goes an I am not, NOT okay with that. Then Brendan would bring JT in on the cross-tribe alliance and they'd still be four strong w/two idols in the merge. It actually makes sense, but DON'T LOSE TAJ! She spearheaded this whole damn upset! SHE brought Brendan in on the clues at exile, and SHE found the idol (and then gave it to Stephen twice, poor trusting gift-certificate wanting rich lady in the jungle..).

In other words -

Final Four EITHER:
Stephen, JT, Brendan, Sierra and both idols (I am okay with this)
Stephen, Taj, Brendan and Sierra with only Timbira's idol (this is okay too)

Brendan, Taj, Stephen, and some sort of horrible upset with Coach, Brendan doesn't use the idol and Sierra's gone, go to merge w/both idols

Point is that Stephen is now the KING of this game.

And something really must be done to fix that, except that I don't hink Taj or JT would ever blindside Stephen. IOW, we're fucked.

Hopefully they'll be smart enough to lose him before the final three.

Then Brendan, Sierra or Taj, and JT can battle it out for final 3.

In which case my money is on Taj, unless Sierra makes it past Taj, and then my money's on JT.

So they did bring JT in, as I'd been hoping, but, as I said, in the bass-ackwardest way.

This is my message to you-hoo-hoo, Survivors: LOSE STEPHEN BEFORE THE FINAL FOUR

Hopeful in Hollywood

Date: 2009-04-05 03:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
did you not get to see the preview for next week? the merge is on, so everyone is safe - for the moment. i wouldn't put it past them to do something before, but still, the merge is on.

i agree bringing in JT was dne ass-backwards, but that's STEPHEN's fault - he wants everything. that dude is playing HARD.

debbie's good to keep for a while - i don't think she'll have the staying power of susie, in part because gabon was such a bizarre season.

i think the smart thing to do would be trading JT for stephen in the cross-tribal alliance, though JT did just prove how he's really in this, by thinking of by-passing taj and getting the idol for just the two of them. i was pretty shocked that joe didn't go in the last round, actually - syndney was a much better keeper, i think. but.

i don't think they'll have exile anymore! with the merge, everything is a little crazy. i am going to miss it this week! unless i can find a way to somehow watch it in florida, but i don't think i can . . . SO SAD. it will be recording though . . .



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