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2018-05-04 07:58 pm

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2009-04-28 05:22 pm
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dth and that

1. Don't have a Dreamwidth acct yet but plan on buying one in May, just for namesquatting slash exit strategy. But I ain't leaving LJ. I like it here. Also Dreamwidth is Dth in my head, not DW, which is and will always be Doctor Who. Any chance of starting a trend? So... who's got a Dth invite? *g* Use it learn it love it! Use it three times and it's yours! Woo!

2. Though I do a lot of my brain-spewing over on Twitter... I was suspicious of folks who ship their twitters to LJ until I realized it's for archival purposes, not just noise, and then it made lots of sense. Twitter isn't searchable and doesn't have any useful archive properties. Which is to say I'll probably be shippin' my tweets here but will keep 'em behind a cut once I figure out how. So, people, what's your favorite tweet-shipper?

3. I forgot what 3 was for.

4. In re: mini XF renaissance, and without getting into a whole to-do... canonically it's safest to assume Mulder and Scully started sleeping together somewhere between "Orison" and "all things", yes? I mean, it was pretty blindingly obvious this time through, much as my fannish brain can of course put it anywhere -- around "Anasazi" is good, as is, of course, before "Never Again." But in canon, this time through, I don't even think it was subtext. Or maybe I'm giving them too much credit, or maybe David and Gillian just took over, but I think it's pretty clear there is some commencing-of-sexual-relationship just after Orison and from there through Requiem. My guess is that David and Gillian consciously played it that way. Does anyone ([ profile] frey_at_last) have any interview material, etc, to back this up?

5. Speaking of post-Orison, do what I did, and go back and read Anyone with a Gun, the Orison post-ep [ profile] runpunkrun and I wrote as our combined cool-headed alter ego, V. Salmone (a professional and well-educated woman from Corpus Christi, TX, in case you were wondering; she has a backstory and everything... and a desk). Not to toot our horns, but when Punk and I put our heads together, sometimes good stuff comes out, and in this case, somehow, it was just right. At least in terms of my most current XF rewatch. Felt good, is what. High fives all around.

6. I fell asleep outside in the sun and my retinas have not yet forgiven me.

7. Who watches "Hell's Kitchen"? What a car crash of a show. But yet I can't look away.
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2009-04-26 08:42 am

commodities brokering, or, the best shows you're not watching

Here are some shows I'm watching that you're not (and some I'm watching because, earlier, when I was looking for shows YOU were watching that I was not, certain shows expectedly crossed consciousnesses and are MINE NOW) and maybe want to be, or maybe want to catch up on when all our regular season shows wrap themselves up two or three eps from now.

fig. 1, The Unit )

fig. 2, Better Off Ted )

fig. 3, Breaking Bad )

fig 4. The United States of Tara )

And while I'm at it, the latest flailing from the reality-show sector (spoilers through latest eps as always):

survivor, or, my GOD are you trying to KILL ME? )

the amazing race, or, I TOLD YOU SO )

I'm watching some other things, so, as always, keep your antennas tuned to EHCA... oh, wait. We're digital now. Please to be buying new electronics, America.
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2009-04-25 10:15 am

because Punk won't listen to me whine about it anymore

I'm going through a minor league XF renaissance, which mostly means I'm watching it very quietly for the first time in years, for the first time since I started hating Chris Carter and how he totally fucked us like cheap whores. But recently I watched all of Supernatural by accident, and somehow just enjoyed it as a show about paranormal stuff, without really caring about the boys or the emotional arc or the drama. And I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a show with paranormal stuff, but starring a hot heterosexual couple who fight hard with each other but love each other till the very end?

So you see what happened there. Out of respect for an earlier time, when I loved the X-Files with a fiery passion, and in honor of this current rewatching where I'm not only enjoying the simple pleasures of Mulder and Scully and the show but I'm also remembering a simpler time (there's seriously a line in 1998's "Triangle" where Mulder insists to the WWII era officers that the should come to '98, the world's at peace, the only drama is Monica Lewinsky! and I experienced pre-syncope just remembering what that felt like [yes, now in a more enlightened time I realize we were all managing to ignore atrocities in Africa and elsewhere in the early 90s]).

Enjoy, if you're interested, the newly archived, found via the wayback machine, very first X-Files story I ever wrote. I wasn't even in the fandom, I just sat down and wrote an X-Files story and then went to the internet to find where people were posting those things. As I said, a simpler time.

(Rain, and the Mistaken Messiah [MSR, 10k words, rated R, old-school to the nth degree])

I'm going to stop watching at the beginning of season 7 so as not to harsh my renewed squee. I mean, right?
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2009-04-19 04:21 pm

i sleep with the windows open; it's like Guatemala up in here

Spider vs. Moth, as seen last night on @Sab on Twitter:

1:28 AM the spider that lives on my ceiling is in the process of capturing a horrible five-inch moth. CRAP! It escaped!

1:28 AM cat #1 in hot giant moth pursuit.

1:30 AM the loud vibrato of giant moth wings against the floor, pinned under a cat's paw. And then they're free! Daring escape! Chase! SAB TERRIFIED

1:46 AM plot twist! Moth gets re-entangled in spider web! Flapping madly! Cat atop headboard watching!

1:47 AM OMG the spider's gone! Oh, this is not going to end well. For me.

1:48 AM um, anybody got an extra spider?

1:51 AM I'm sorry but this moth literally has a five-inch wingspan and a body like a roll of quarters. It's hanging cockily from the web, having evicted the spider. What do I do?

2:00 AM ....aaaand, the spider scurries back into the game. GO TEAM SPIDER!

2:02 AMh the spider inches closer to the giant moth, weaving with its wavy front legs. Millimeter by millimeter closer to the moth's loca, creeping.

2:03 AM moth and spider eye to eye now. Bug staredown. No idea how a spider this size is going to take down that giant flying thing but all for it.

2:05 AM spider's backing off. I'm not sure of its strategy. The moth seems undisturbed but maybe the spider's got another plan. C'mon spider, pls!

2:05 AM I'm not going to be able to sleep until I see that moth knitted into a silk straitjacket.

2:09 AM the spider is cleverly reapproaching the moth, weaving as it goes. But one flap of those big awful wings might undo all its hard work.

2:13 AM wings flapping! one wing stuck! spider closer! moth, incidentally, STILL HUGE!


2:15 AM poor spider, licking its wounds up there on the ceiling. I want to give it a medal and hazard pay.

2:17 AM the moth is somewhere, but the brave cat's gone out and Hawkeye and I are hardly one spider's worth of offense between us. SLEEP W EYES OPEN

2:19 AM to all those who, like me, are afeared of and/or hate moths: always keep a spider around.

2:32 AM it caught a tiny fruit fly just now, the spider did. Sort of a consolation prize. Busy day on my ceiling, too.

[to be continued...]
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2009-04-05 12:57 pm

oh god, sparkles, sparkles!

There is only one person I would bust out the sparkly text for (a friendly LJ community gave me the code), and that one person is [ profile] stickykeys633 and with that:
Happy Birthday Stix!
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2009-04-03 07:29 pm

still, it was way past its time to go

Would liveblog the ER finale but it would look like:

the last ever episode of ER )
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2009-04-03 11:52 am
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who will be voted out..... tonight!?

Some flaily reality TV advice and predictions for SURVIVOR )

Hopeful in Hollywood
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2009-04-03 11:43 am

pressing rewind on Scrubs is as easily as finding this folder here called "scrubs s8"

I'm in the process of doing a blog post about Scrubs S8, its wrapup and upcoming series finale, and all the political, personal, and character weirdness that contributed to this weirdest of seasons. Anyone wanna pay me for it? *g*

Orrrr, get me an interview w/Bill Lawrence? Randall Winston would do, too.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: [ profile] musesfool, I can has remix time nao????
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2009-03-27 08:43 pm

what at night seems oh so scenic may be cynic by and by

I stole a meme from [ profile] gamesiplay; her version is longer and has some very interesting questions, but I was too lazy and just adapted the meme for my own me devices. That said:

meme about Broadway - and the occasional off - musicals )
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2009-03-23 04:01 pm

yes I like my coffee black; hey look we're bombing iraq

For [ profile] cincodemaygirl who asked for it, and [ profile] tzikeh who also and separately asked for it - the official Nellie McKay pimp post. You can check out her wikipedia entry, but the nuts and bolts are: here's a classically trained voice/opera singer/theater brat who at age 19, living as a hippie vegetarian with her mom in Brooklyn, decided to become a hard-core satirical rapper/artist.

She's been described as a cross between Doris Day and Eminem; I'd throw a little Jean Grae and a little Fiona Apple in there too. She's been in movies and starred on Broadway in the Threepenny Opera and her songs tell the story of a geeky, feminist, big-stage performer in her early 20s trying to figure out where the money is and how to make the world a better place.

Her first (and best) two-disc album, Get Away From Me won all sorts of awards, despite its giant PARENTAL GUIDANCE label, and is far and away one of my all-time favorite records. Her third album, Obligatory Villagers is less hip-hop and more big-band, but with Nellie's famed rapidfire lyrics and satire. For reasons unknown, her second album, Pretty Little Head somehow vanished from my computer, but I still have a couple tracks from it I'll throw in.

And so!

your guide to Nellie McKay, with downloads and whatnots )

I tried to provide a range of types, from hip-hop sounds to Broadway sounds to singer-songwriter sounds to 40's pop sounds... sample a few and see how you feel.

I ♥ Nellie hardcore and am happy to answer any questions and provide any info or squeeing that might be needed here. Squee!

(P.S. Feel free to look through my "foods that begin with q" [pimp posts] or "music" [music] tags, and if there's anything you want that's expired I'll be happy to reup. Most of my uploads from the last two years at least are on MU and should still be there, now and forever. THANKS MU!)

(*asterisk) This post is incomplete without the missing tracks "Sari" and "Identity Theft;" two of my favorite Nellie songs. If a kind passerby donates them I'll slap 'em up for completion's sake. If you find them on your own, enjoy!
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2009-03-17 08:12 pm

(no subject)

I am glued to the keyboard today, so it's a good thing I got this lovely icon meme from [ profile] calapine:

fewer than ten icon-sized icons under cut )

I told you there were fewer than ten.

I gotta step away from the keyboard machine now for a breather to shower and eat.
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2009-03-17 07:15 pm
Entry tags:

"if she asks just tell her that we opened for the Stones; her favorite band except for the Ramones"

Is there a thing where you can list all the artists and bands whose tour schedules you want to see, or when they are in town?

I don't mean signing up for individual artists' mailings (done that), or for signing up with a ticket service that lists everything in the area from sports events to comedy shows to concerts (got that too) -- I'm wondering if there's something like where you can select a set of artists or locations or whatever, and they e-mail you monthly updates or you check a site or something?

At least one of you, including probably [ profile] filmg33k and [ profile] ropo, knows the answer to this, yes?
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2009-03-17 03:04 pm

a race around the world, or, YES it's cold in Siberia, you nitwits

General predictions for the final seven on The Amazing Race:

spoilers up to most recent ep )

Survivor happens also to be a CBS reality show that I follow to the point of total geekitude.

and just some wild Survivor opinions and spec )

So, [ profile] furies? Other watchers? Let's hear your thoughts and favorites and predictions?

Spoilers (through the aired eps, not the kind from oddsmakers and tabloids) are as always to be expected, and welcomed, in comments.

Survivors ready? GO!
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2009-03-14 06:29 pm

midsized icon gallery

Hey, can anyone explain why I have 131 userpic slots? My thingy went up to 131 when we got that thingy where they went up, but I've had this LJ since June 2001 and I've seen numerous people with newer LJs than mine having way more slots, up in the 180s and 190s. Are they/you paying more?

I'm paying for the 100 slots or the premium membership or whatever, plus 31 for loyalty I think?

Meanwhile please admire my awesome userpics and compliment me profusely on their scope and elegance, yes?

ETA:[ profile] furies made me aware that 26 of these icons are from space shows. I am not ashamed! Nor am I ashamed that 14 of them are from Doctor Who.

While I'm tallying, I have two icons featuring lions, and two icons slashing Brian/Stewie. And since we're on the race question, I have 15 icons featuring PoC, 14 1/2 really because I've only got half of Tuvok's head. I combined Angela Montenegro and Cote de Pablo into one (because I am unclear on either of their races and didn't want to make assumptions; fill me in?) and included Maggie and Hopey, because though in the b&w animation they are white, in the... real world, Maggie is Mexican and Hopey's Colombian. The PoC most frequently represented on my flist are Turk and Martha, followed closely by Cam Saroyan and President Obama (I counted the ones with his face in them, not the one that just said OBAMA on a building. Because while it's nice and blue, I decided that was not the color I meant.) Boomer/Athena/Grace Park also represent in all their sexyositude, and so does Toshiko and Nina Sosanya, doubly awesome as dressed as the eunuch Bellino.

Still, 15 icons of PoC out of 131 total. That's a lot of white people, even if you ignore the landscapes or things or text or lions or dog/baby (incidentally, both white). I say it's either a sorry state of my tendency to seek out people who look like me and a sorry state of television and the way it features characters of color. Probably both.

I also noticed that all of my 14 1/2 icons of PoC are of really smokin' hot people. Is that coincidence, or TV, or offensive and shallow of me? And since lately I've been hyper-aware of my ability to talk about racial issues, I'm afraid it feels like I'm exercising privilege in some way and that concerns me.
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2009-03-12 07:30 pm
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sam and dean fight a giant squid

So, all seasons considered, what are your favorite SPN monster of the week eps? I do like their monsters and standalone eps, but I get tired and fall asleep when we're talking about Dean in hell or Sam doing whatever it is he was doing with his demon powers or anything with that little girl and the angels (and I like Castiel! Just not enough to watch him have plot. Or with Dean.).

Favorite MOTW? Ep titles or numbers are good so I can find them from the place. If there's a little bit of mytharc I need to know to understand the ep, tell it to me in 15 words or less?

I like this show. I do. But when I sat down to try and watch a season in a row I got so painfully bored with all the mytharc, and thus I turn to you, my tech supporters, for help. Help?
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2009-03-11 09:19 pm

some spec, champs and spoilers

First my reality shows:

amazing race! )

survivor! )

Plus of course, Battlestar:

wild or not so wild BSG spec )

That's what I got so far. Feel free to post spoilers in comments. Others: there might be spoilers in comments.
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2009-03-09 12:52 am

kw: "go team foreign policy!"

On the ongoing discussion of race:

I read [ profile] fiercelydreamed's post and firstly want to say that a lot of what's in that post has been on my mind, and that I really agree with where she's coming from.

I mean, in fandom, we're pretty much all queer and Jewish. (ETA: This actually might have been truer when the post was flocked, but still, I have never felt alone on LJ because of my queerness or Jewishness or whatever) We all have mental or physical health issues, and fandom is nothing if not a safe space for people like us. And for a lot of us, even outside fandom we've been in supportive communities for queer or Jewish or disabled people. Even if that's not true, we're still here arguing in an arena that's been nothing but inclusive and full of people like us, and when the subject at hand is about asking the general populus to shut up for a second and listen to somebody else for a change, I am really really on board with listening to somebody else for a change.

On the other hand, it's a little frustrating that the suggestion is now circling that people who haven't engaged in RaceFail '09 are exercising privilege by doing so. Even if it's true, I'm willing to exercise my own privilege not to start talking when I lack the vocabulary to navigate the conversation, or when I don't have anything to add. I'm also not wild about participating in anything dubbed "Fail," because, seriously, diving into a debate that's already been written off as an insulting and vitriolic mess on all sides is not my idea of a wise choice. By which I mean, I'd only bungle it up.

Even now, as I go to post this, I stopped to do a little tally of the people of color on my friends list. There are certainly many of you whose race and background I have no clue about, but I did stop and think about my friends of color specifically reading this. I don't really have any particular thoughts about it beyond the fact that I did the mental census, but I am aware that it's a product of my privileged experience growing up in incredibly inclusive, multiethnic, liberal, supportive communities. Which is to say, everyone's a little bit racist, definitely including me.

ETA: I'm unlocking this post because there have been good challenges to it and discussion in the comments.

And while I'm here, let me just get it out of my system. One of the main reasons it's hard for me to find ways to involve myself in the ongoing conversation is because nobody wants to hear a white girl explain her experiences with racism, even though sometimes, awkwardly, that's an instinctive way to feel included in the conversation. So, here goes: as many know, my sister's girlfriend is black and my family all adore her and we hope they stay together forever (no pressure, Lizzie). When I introduced my 88 year old grandfather to my girlfriend he kissed her and said "welcome to the family." Once in high school I won a game of Monopoly and my friend Andy said: "Isn't it appropriate? The Jew gets all the money!" I made fun of him and explained to him why that was not cool. On the other hand, on the recent episode of House, Taub, the Jewish doctor, got made fun of for his large nose. House himself teased him by calling him "Berkowitz." And while that is broad stereotype and quite indicative of the way TV deals with race, in this case I actually liked it. I felt included and I felt like House was thinking about and speaking to Jewish people like me. I felt happy to be called Berkowitz at any time. And several months ago I kicked a guy out of my house for using the n-word. Similarly, one of my favorite songs, De La Soul's "I Am, I Be," uses the n-word, and even when I'm singing along alone in my house I either close my mouth or sing "people" instead -- it has the same two syllables. And, the kicker; some of my best friends are black.

Honestly, that's what I know how to say in a conversation about race and there are so, so many of you who have written and expressed things that have educated and inspired me. Please continue to link me to the very best stuff you come across; I basically read what [ profile] ciderpress, [ profile] rachelmanija and [ profile] telesilla link to.

Now to have some food and then go to bed, dreading waking up tomorrow to find out who I may have offended. I truly am sorry in advance if I bungled it all up again.
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2009-03-08 08:59 pm

I'm using my Josh icon because I use my House icons far far more frequently (as it's still on).

In the latest Fandom Steel Cage Match round: I'm forced to choose between Josh Lyman and Greg House.

JOSH LYMAN AND GREG HOUSE! Followers of Eating Hard Candy Alone and the career of one Sab will see just how painful and impossible this choice is! They are both alteregos of mine! They are both brilliant men full of angst and self loathing! They are both supported by their young turk buttoned up partners! I wrote a five-story collection character study of Josh Lyman! I am in the middle of a hurt/comfort self-hating suicide-attempt rationalizing embarrassingly emo fic about House because I need to exorcise my complicated feelings and affinity for him!

SO, please help? Please? Fandom Steel Cage Match = SRS BIZNESS.

[Poll #1362230]

ETA: Less abstaining! More helping! ETA 2: ET TU, LUNA? *shakes fist*

ETA 3: There are some VERY good arguments being made in the comments. On both sides. I now want to host a town hall style debate. Oh, wait. I guess I AM hosting a town hall style debate. How about that?

And as I told the cruel and unusual [ profile] winter_baby, I might have to write an XO now, costarring Sam and Wilson who team up to try and protect Josh and House from themselves!

Anyway, I only have till one tomorrow afternoon NY time. Again, SRS BIZNESS, people. And while I'm at it, go continue to vote for the Tenth Doctor over that horrible Alec from DA? And come struggle with the rest of us on Liz Lemon vs. Sheldon Cooper. I voted for Liz but that is ONLY because I know more about Tina Fey than I do about Jim Parsons. I will repeat, though, that if you don't sing along loud to the Big Bang Theory theme and let it fill you with WE BUILT A WALL WE BUILT THE PYRAMIDS! then you are dead inside. Dead. Inside.