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Please allow me to introduce you to some people I love and people you also should adore! I have a very good matchmaking resume iffen you're unconvinced: I introduced [ profile] likethesun2 to [ profile] furies and the rest was a meeting of the squishy brains. I introduced [ profile] tzikeh to [ profile] txvoodoo and they have become the double-headed monster of political links and debates and teaching each other and the rest of us shit, and, hopefully, consider themselves fast friends. And I introduced ALL of you to [ profile] general_jinjur, and am so so sad I didn't purchase her outright before setting her free in fandom; oh, the kickbacks! As [ profile] general_jinjur is a gift to LJ, fandom and the internet and one of my favorite people ever. If you don't know her yet, you're just not paying attention.

And now...

(you and) LJ users like you )

SO. Who would you introduce me to? Who is my life the poorer without?

ALSO, those six kisses I'm writing for you are coming soon.

Also, if you're looking for new friends, post a comment or a personal ad in the comments and I bet people will come find you, and plus I can introduce you you people!

I've had this LJ for 8 years, and as my interests and social circles have changed over the years I've gotten to know literally thousands of LJ users. I can't have a friends list much bigger than 200 with any practicality; you all start blurring together in large numbers and then I have to think, wait, was it [ profile] ciderpress or [ profile] cidercupcakes who posted that thing about the thing? (No offense to either of you; it's just a case of flist flash; you know how it goes.)

And I was only kidding about taking credit for [ profile] general_jinjur, but still, if you've managed to go this far without reading her LJ or visiting her audio archive or any of the infrastructure she's helped provide for fandom, not to mention her own fannish works, um, IJS, you're missing out.

And, plus, [ profile] loneraven and [ profile] fahye, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! You two look adorable together.

General announcement, people: [ profile] magelette and [ profile] argosy are two awesome people. First off, Kara, Shelly, meet each other! I think you might just get along swimmingly.

Then, [ profile] petronelle, meet [ profile] magelette and vice-versa. Seriously, just sit for a minute and talk about Shakespeare's best comic superheroes and see what transpires.

Then, [ profile] argosy, go meet [ profile] tangleofthorns and talk about sports. Also, [ profile] ropo, meet [ profile] argosy, an Angeleno with a fondness for used book shops, crafts, and the Dodgers (that's both of you).

And, uh, spread the word. And tell your friends to swing by the post for a glass of punch.
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Hey, people! Link me to your favorite gay Starbuck vids? Or the gayest Starbuck vids? Or even hastily assembled clips of Starbuck being super queer? Like, where's Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots?
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Yes, okay, again, Q1 because I forgot and because I have some new friends on this here flist; Q2, HALP! No, srsly.

[Poll #1356808]
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As with several others, the infamous [ profile] petronelle hit me with five things she wanted to know about me.

1. BSG Comics *skip if you don't want minor S2 spoilers*
that manga what I wrote )

2. Grokking Darren Nichols
CATS is a play about revenge! )

3. David Tennant
4. The Sunny Part of CA
5. Fandom of Three! (Falsettos, HI PETRA AND LEIGH, have some soup made from chicken that though unexotic is antibiotic!)

... to come in a subsequent post. Tennant is too big for one Sab to handle in one sitting, LA is not fit for human existence, and Falsettos is going to require the tale of a young Jewish girl growing up in NY, starting therapy at age six (= me).
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So, based on your knowledge of Sab and television; sell me on:

Lie to Me
Trust Me
Lark Rise to Candleford
Being Human
United States of Tara

(eta (tuesday): Okay, so thanks to all y'all beautiful people, I will try Sanctuary, Being Human and United States of Tara expecting boatloads of promise, and Primeval expecting boatloads of crack. Will give all the rest a pass and will report back on my findings after executing the experiments. My LORD THANK YOU.)

I haven't seen a single ep of any of these except Skins, of which I've seen a few and actually quite liked, despite my bias against teenager-based shows. Still I haven't seen anything in order and don't remember much; plus I think the cast is all different now?

Anyway; if you're watching, have watched, are loving, have loved, tried and hated, or are ambivalent about any of the above, let me know? And if you ARE loving, or even liking one of the above, pimp it to me, will you? Picspam is always nice but not necessary (eta: because with a handful of very particular exceptions, hot people are not enough to sell me on a show, especially those tiresome young hot people *sigh*). Funny quotes or clever plot references are good! Fic recs too!

ALSO if you're out there and curious about one of these shows, go ahead and comment and second the request and maybe some nice soul will answer us?

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The votes are in, with Lauren beating out Henriette by three to win Cat Name Of The Cat.

But it's not a democracy, and she's Henriette. I've been trying names on her all weekend and yesterday we almost liked Meredith (the similarity to Edith intentional) but then Rodney McKay kept confusing me and this cat is many things but not a science geek, and, anyway, Henriette.


You can't name a cat Lauren.

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Last night's time trial in sleep medications has proven as follows: Lunesta is indeed the one with the horrible, frightening aftertaste that corrupts any food or drink you try to follow it with and makes water taste like battery acid; I'd tried it years ago and only tried again in case the first experience had had some other tasty cause. Apparently certain folks have an enzyme that interacts with Lunesta and some don't -- I suspect it might be a good sleep aid but someone willing to try it more than once has to do that audition. Still, I think it beats Sonata, where if you don't fall asleep within about two hours it rebounds and you're wide awake. Ambien DOES work for me (though apparently less so when piled on several other meds as last night) but I have to ration because I only have four. *g* The Ativan was just to make me stop freaking out, and is rationed over the course of a sleepless night at about .5mg every two hours. That's the good stuff, baby.

In herbal news, taking 2 or 3 Valerian (also with a stinky aftertaste, but nothing like Lunesta-levels) adds a good punch to anything and tonight I'm going to try a single sleep drug combined with Valerian to see how it plays out. Last night, ultimately, I think it was the melatonin that did it.

And now, to put to bed an issue that was perking in my Ambienated mind last night, a poll:

[Poll #1346042]
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I'm pretty sure my cat's name is Lauren.

Not Hawkeye; he's still Hawkeye and furry and trucking along for 11 years now.

No, this is the kitten that Julie and I adopted a year ago, known as "the kitten" who was christened "Houlihan" to go with Hawkeye but who promptly (courtesy of [ profile] projectjulie and LJ user me) became known as Hula Hoop. Or "The Hoop," to me, and "Hula" to others (I never cared for that nickname). So then there was the Hawk and the Hoop, and that was nice when they were on the stoop, or had to poop, but at other non-rhyming times, it became taxing.

And then today she said, "hi, I'm Lauren."

Anyway, Hawkeye and Lauren and I bid you a good night.

And Lauren has to be one of the most ridiculous names for a cat I have ever heard. But it all of a sudden became CLEAR AS DAY.

ETA Now she's staring at me like *I'm* crazy. Yes! What! Lauren! Get over it! She looks especially like a Lauren when she's sleeping near my ear, which is where she was when she decided to climb down and stare. What! You've got food! Hawkeye loves you! That's it, Lauren. There there now. Purr.

must see TV

Feb. 5th, 2009 06:12 pm
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Was there a new 30 Rock this week?
Was there a new NCIS this week?
Was there a new The Unit this week?*

*and what happened to The Unit? The CBS website has stopped hosting full episodes and won't tell me anything -- the last ep I saw was the one where Bob and Kim were on surveillance in the hotel and Bob was detoxing and then killed whatshisname. What's happened since? (On the other hand I saw a still adorable and fit Max Martini in a recent episode of Burn Notice; that was unexpected and delightful.)

And then, in news of stuff I have indeed been watching:

top chef )

leverage/hustle )

big love )

house )

usa network fake detective shows )

sitcoms )

oh, right, BSG )

That's what I'm watching this year. And NCIS and The Unit, but I will cover my vaguely Republican CBS shows at a later date when I've caught up on the potentially missing episodes.

And you?
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How do I express my desire for an OTW beta login? I wanna decamp!
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Google gave me this headline: Discovery Channel - Canadian Trekkers Claim South Pole Record and I was like, I know tons of Canadian Trekkers! What'd you guys do at the South Pole? *g*
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Cats! Kittens! The new season of Hustle started this week! The thrills, they're multiplyin'!
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"It was interesting to watch him go upstairs," Bush said of Obama's visit. "He wanted to see where his little girls were going to sleep. Clearly, this guy is going to bring a sense of family to the White House, and I hope Laura and I did the same thing. But I believe he will, and I know his girls are on his mind and he wants to make sure that first and foremost, he is a good dad."

Photo Gallery of our President-Elect Obama with his daughters, from the NY Daily News.

While I respect their wishes to keep their kids out of the spotlight, you have got to admit those pictures are awesome.
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Did one of you out there in TV land call me from Chicago this morning? Twice? I don't know anyone in Chicago except youse guys! [ profile] se_parsons? [ profile] tzikeh? [ profile] slodwick??? Never mind - mystery solved. Turns out I totally do know someone non-fannish in Chicago! Color me surprised.

P.S. I love it when my David Tennant Google Alert spits me fanfic. Today I was directed to this story, and the lines Google alerted me to read: The Doctor slid out of her, and trailed his fingers down through the moisture that was gathered between her open thighs. He offered his hand to his double, who greedily lapped at the product of their joining. ...

How could I not click?
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This week in stuff I know about TV:

1. Courtesy of [ profile] infinitemonkeys I've learned that they're announcing the 11th Doctor tomorrow. Everyone, stay very calm and we'll survive this unscathed! My money is still on James Nesbitt, or some unknown Indian woman.

2. So, Leverage is its own kind of lame fun, but if you want a good con artist team show, why are you not watching Hustle? Which is to say, if you like Leverage, you will love Hustle. If you think Leverage is lame, you will love Hustle. If you've ever liked Adrian Lester or Marc Warren or Robert Glenister, or Jaime Murray (Lila the 12-step support honey slash lover on Dexter), you will love Hustle. She out-Gina Bellmans Gina Bellman. And Gina Bellman is the best part of Leverage. Which is, let me remind you, a poor man's diluted American ripoff of Hustle. So, you know. Watch Hustle. It used to be on AMC somewhere near Mad Men, but it's def available at your friendly neighborhood UK telly community and/or other ahem-ing comms.

3. Fringe IS lame! But somehow entertaining. Mostly I like watching that blonde girl and waiting for her to slip into her natural accent, and I like the old dude and his cheap, yet interesting and entertaining, wordplay and cluelessness. But as [ profile] runpunkrun warned me, Joshua Jackson is totally wasted as a glorified babysitter. Sigh.

4. Scrubs is coming back soon, for its final half-season! When is Scrubs coming back?

5. BSG is coming back for its final half-season! I am more excited about Scrubs.

6. As I asked K. -- would I like Merlin? Criteria to consider include the fact that I hate Sarah Connor Chronicles because that kid is way too emo and annoying, I have not a lot of tolerance for low-budg fantasy shows (see also Xena), and pretty underage boys are not enough to sell me on anything. Then again, I like magic, I like Morgan Le Fay (thank you, Mists of Avalon), I like Merlin and Arthur and Lancelot and the round table, and I like questy quests with problem solving and fantastic obstacles. Also witty dialogue. So... would I like Merlin?

7. Watch Hustle.
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First, thank you [ profile] therealjae for the finest Yuletide present in the land. I'm glad it was you! (Largely because it means I might be able to use my sekrit powers of persuasion Luna to convince you to write me more Betsy-Tacy...) Srsly, thank you so much.

* I, Sab, broke from any previously established tradition and wrote And do the other things, 3rd Rock from the Sun futurefic with purple tubes and Tommy, for V., a mysterious fan best known for munning Tommy Solomon at her RP journal, [ profile] anold_soul. V, I'm so glad you liked the story... I know you're a tough Tommy critic and I'm thrilled that I was able to live up to your request.

I also wrote a pinch-hit which I nearly didn't own up to. I was assigned a pinchhit for [ profile] khaoschilde/wickedfox and, despite my best intentions, was unable to write the awesome fic she deserved in the allotted time. Then when the archive opened I saw that she had five other fics for the same prompt -- the benefit and drawback of the Yuletide Treats system -- so I sent a note out to le mod extraordinaire, [ profile] elynross, asking if I could have mine taken down. Elyn tactfully pointed out that I was being selfish and crazy, and that Yuletide is a gift exchange and the story's not mine to yank back from its recipient. I also thought about having it listed as "anonymous" upon reveal, which Elyn encouraged me to think hard about before committing to. And I did think and concluded that having one single fic credited to anonymous in the reveal would be both drama-queeny and attention-grabby.

Then I reread the story a couple more times and decided I didn't hate it quite so much after all.

* Annnnnyhoo. Here's, His Sad, Sorry Story, Scrubs in response to wickedfox's prompt for a fic about Perry Cox. And while it may not live up to my other Scrubsfic, it's ridiculous of me to be so megalomaniacal here in the holiday season.

Thanks to the nice people who commented on my stories, to the gracious recipients, and, again, to Jae, for the best gift ever.
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In the broader, sort of, holistic sense of it all, 2009 doesn't impress me more than 2008 did, mostly because all these years in the Oughts seem fake and imaginary and all blend together into one big post-apocalyptic borrowed Oooooooo in my head. Then again, [ profile] normalcyispasse said This is the last year people will be able to wear those goofy novelty glasses with the "200(number)" to inaugurate the new year, which at least seems like something.

However, we've got the even more important Presidential inauguration coming up in 20 days and we can only hope that the next one's better. So, here's to 2009!

A couple weeks ago I got this LJ comment from a stranger. If you aren't writing professionally then you are wasting time here having fun with your fanfics, she says. Seriously. Consider this a wakeup call. You do not need any more practice. Just write.

First off, thank you, [ profile] otrame. I hope I can live up to your estimation. I'm going to work on original stuff this year. I'm going to take a page from Betsy Ray and send stories to magazines, and I'm going to forge past rejections and keep writing and submitting and developing my professional canon. I think the short story is a pretty awesome art form and it's been way too long since I've used it for anything other than fannish purposes.

Beyond that, my resolution is simply to be a better person, because I'm surrounded by great people and, as always, have things to learn from them all.

Thanks, [ profile] thassalia and [ profile] lizlet for looking after me this year and being such marvelous friends. Thanks to [ profile] furies for always being just a phone call away even when we couldn't actually get it together to talk. Thanks to [ profile] runpunkrun for a decade of friendship and all the weird and wonderful business that exists in our shared brain. Thanks to the rest of my friends, local and broadband, fandom, England, Hamlet, Tennant, Canada, the Hold Steady, all the stuff we rolled around in this year. I'm honored by the opportunity to spending the new year, and beyond, with you.

Happy New Year, my friends!
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I'm re-reccing the ones from my initial post, so I can link to the community, which I forgot to do the first time around, and, anyway, who knows if I'll be organized enough after this first batch to do another one?


Tin Gods and Golden Goddessess was written for me and you can't have it! I requested the Betsy-Tacy series, high school era, and received this masterpiece of Tacypov, because, you know, Betsy left Hill Street for High Street and got to grow up, and Tacy stayed back on Hill Street. And plus, as MHL herself said in the books, many times, "Tacy wasn't interested in boys."

Spy vs. Spy, Love & Rockets. Framed in a hilarious mystery, this is all our favorite Hoppers folk lost-summering it at the mysterious Costigan manor, which seems like a hotbed of corruption but, as it turns out, is just a great place for Maggie and Hopey to spend their days and nights fucking. Oh and by the way, yuletide person, it's about time you wrote one of these. I was getting tired of being a fandom of one! Anyway, when the reveal comes, yuletide person, I will more fervently pounce upon thee. You know who you are.

The Kindly King of Strummings and Hummings, Chronicles of Prydain. Because Fflewddur is just the most marvelous wandering humbug king that ever was, and Eilonwy's the princess with the red-gold hair who always knows which way the wind is blowing. Plus there are dragons! And their colors are running!

Waiting, HIMYM. Robin/Barney, with laser tag, banter, and Canadian Christmas.

Feud, Jeremiah. Speaking of shows that were woefully underrepresented in fandom... it is so awesome to see Jeremiah and Kurdy and the crew of Thunder Mountain again. This is a satisfyingly plotty story, with the texture and desperation of the show itself, and is also a great tribute to Kurdy and Jeremiah's friendship. Plus Markus is well used, and Erin drives! Oh, show!

Four Views of General Jinjur, Baum's Oz series, done in interview style as described by those who knew Jinjur best, from the Munchkin mother that raised her to Ozma herself. Good, good fleshing-out of the woman who de-throned the Scarecrow and was, whether she wanted to admit it or not, instrumental in returning Ozma to her throne. The references to Oz canon throughout are elegant and perfect.

A Kiss is Still a Kiss, more Oz series. Don't let the typo in the summary line scare you off of this fic. This is pure Baumian wonder, with a fannish twist. The Oz books are unique among fairy tales and children's literature in that they are close to purely innocent. No ambiguous evil, nothing terribly scary, no sex, no romance of any kind. (In fact, aside from Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and a couple of other assorted, like, Munchkin families, no one is even married in Oz. And certainly there's no talk of it.) Here, Ozma, the fairy princess of Oz, finds an artifact from that other life of Dorothy's, and goes on a perfectly Ozma-style mission to figure it out. And, without corrupting one single sentence of the Oz series, the Yuletide author brings romance to Oz in the unlikeliest of couples.

See You in the Night, Band of Brothers. Here's what's up. Nixon's been with the intelligence officers while Dick's been on the line, so he has information Dick doesn't. And over the course of one cold evening, their bodies wrapped around each other, Nixon realizes he can't protect Dick any more and has to tell him the truth about the horrors of war. Ow. Oh. It's heartbreaking. Like -- if you'll forgive my diversion -- remember that NCIS ep when Gibbs was in a coma and when he woke up Franks had to tell him about 9/11 all over again? Yeah, like that. But worse, and much more beautiful.

There is no I or You, Frasier. A satisfying quickie; Niles reads Neruda and Daphne is clueless.

I'll Find You in the Morning Sun, Angels in America. Long, plotty, bang-on characterization from a flawed and neurotic Louis to a loyal and defensive Belize to a Prior who wants -- and gets -- more life. The friendship between Prior and Hannah is bittersweet and perfect, and the whole thing feels lifted right out of New York City at the dying end of the 1980s.

Whoops! ETA one more: Plenty of Paper, Battle Royale. I mean, all those kids could use backstories, but here are Yumiko and Yukiko, who hid out for as long as they could together and then were killed holding hands. Both adorable and chilling.

And, yes, okay, you were all exactly right, Out of the Dark, One Fish Two Fish is, yes, just that creepy and just that good. It's like an Asian horror movie with rhyming.

We shouldn't have been in the park that night. Alone, too young, in the dark.

Later, B. blamed me for it. He always did. I did alibis; he did rhymes. That's how it worked. Much later, B. blamed himself for it. He did responsibility; I did comfort. That's also how it worked.


I'm one of those people who perpetually makes Santa's naughty list every year, so I rarely get presents, and that makes my Yuletide gift doubly sweet; something just for me, and something that says someone was thinking about me this year, just me, and, for a minute, fulfilling my hopes and wishes. And this year -- as, really, every year, I've lucked out -- I got the best present ever. Person, if you're reading this, thank you. All I wanted for Hanukkah was a little bit of Deep Valley this year, and I got it, my very own trip to the rambling Kelly house on the hill, like a warm night in the Ray family parlor, Julia at the piano and the rest of us doing the Merry Widow Waltz across the floor.

Happy holidays, folks.
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I watched the remake of Flight of the Phoenix again last night -- a movie which, like The Poseidon Adventure and Oceans 11, is inferior to the original if for no other reason than the puzzles in the original are better. I love a movie about a bunch of people stuck in a situation they have to solve with a series of quote-unquote puzzles (Shelley Winters needs to swim a long distance under water! The electrical guy needs to shut off the power to all of Las Vegas! The engineer needs to make sense of ancient schematics! &c &c) and all of these remakes have weak-ass puzzles in exchange for shiny-faced celebs and mood music.

So I watched Flight of the Phoenix last night, mostly because I was having a Hugh Laurie jag, and I totally forgot -- if I ever put it together to begin with -- that Jared Padalecki dies an awesomely gruesome death early on.

But the thing about the remake of FOTP, among others, is that only the plane designer (Giovanni Ribisi, art-directed as what can only be described as a Nazi) gets puzzles, and we don't see him grapple with them; nothing goes wrong with the design of the plane (as it does in the original), no other individuals have to help him design/troubleshoot the plane (as they do in the original) and in fact the only time another individual is singled out is for the very, very, very specious "only the crew's chef can affix this wing to the fuselage! We need you, chef!"

Thus, where the punchline of the original FOTP is "look what we made!" and is about hope in hopelessness and a bunch of people who escaped death by building a crazy sled-plane, the remake is about a bunch of people who, under the orders of a pseudo-Nazi, build a large-scale model of a model plane and fly it away. The punchline therefore being something like, "listen to the Nazi with control issues and you'll be just fine."

Now I need to go watch another 70s disaster movie with good puzzles to cleanse my palate before I can watch any lame-ass remakes again.

What's your favorite 70s teamwork puzzle-solving disaster movie?
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I'm still at skip=a zillion because of being away for Thanksgiving and then having a computer virus, but as seen at Punk's house, here's 21 songs my Zune spat, at random, first lines of each for to make a poem.

My Zune was in a mood, so there's a threepeat in there. I kept it in because I didn't want to spite the Zune, and also because it's a good line.

If they ask about Charlemagne, be polite and say something vague.

Once, in the spring of my 24th year;
There are nights when I think Sal Paradise was right.
Hazard lights at rush hour -
Saturday night in the men's ensemble dressing room -
Seventeen was an underfunded comedy about love and trust and girls and immortality.

The picture I took of you in your cowboy hat made you look like you were one of the boys out on a Saturday.
Me and my friends are like the drums on "Lust for Life"
because I'm tired of maturity.
I will write you letters that explain the way I'm thinking,
And when the dawn breaks through, the drums start.

If they ask about Charlemagne, be polite and say something vague.
Another day begins, and there you are.

If they ask about Charlemagne, be polite and say something vague.
Small ground owls arrange themselves on posts along the road.

Now my work is done; I feel I'm owed some joy.

They made a statue of us,
Some say the local lake had been enchanted,
All the other girls here are stars; you are the northern lights.

She was waiting at the station -
When there weren't any parties, she'd park by the quarry.


BTW, if you see a line that interests you from a song you don't know, speak up and I'll give you the mp3. Mmm, sharing.


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