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1. Don't have a Dreamwidth acct yet but plan on buying one in May, just for namesquatting slash exit strategy. But I ain't leaving LJ. I like it here. Also Dreamwidth is Dth in my head, not DW, which is and will always be Doctor Who. Any chance of starting a trend? So... who's got a Dth invite? *g* Use it learn it love it! Use it three times and it's yours! Woo!

2. Though I do a lot of my brain-spewing over on Twitter... I was suspicious of folks who ship their twitters to LJ until I realized it's for archival purposes, not just noise, and then it made lots of sense. Twitter isn't searchable and doesn't have any useful archive properties. Which is to say I'll probably be shippin' my tweets here but will keep 'em behind a cut once I figure out how. So, people, what's your favorite tweet-shipper?

3. I forgot what 3 was for.

4. In re: mini XF renaissance, and without getting into a whole to-do... canonically it's safest to assume Mulder and Scully started sleeping together somewhere between "Orison" and "all things", yes? I mean, it was pretty blindingly obvious this time through, much as my fannish brain can of course put it anywhere -- around "Anasazi" is good, as is, of course, before "Never Again." But in canon, this time through, I don't even think it was subtext. Or maybe I'm giving them too much credit, or maybe David and Gillian just took over, but I think it's pretty clear there is some commencing-of-sexual-relationship just after Orison and from there through Requiem. My guess is that David and Gillian consciously played it that way. Does anyone ([ profile] frey_at_last) have any interview material, etc, to back this up?

5. Speaking of post-Orison, do what I did, and go back and read Anyone with a Gun, the Orison post-ep [ profile] runpunkrun and I wrote as our combined cool-headed alter ego, V. Salmone (a professional and well-educated woman from Corpus Christi, TX, in case you were wondering; she has a backstory and everything... and a desk). Not to toot our horns, but when Punk and I put our heads together, sometimes good stuff comes out, and in this case, somehow, it was just right. At least in terms of my most current XF rewatch. Felt good, is what. High fives all around.

6. I fell asleep outside in the sun and my retinas have not yet forgiven me.

7. Who watches "Hell's Kitchen"? What a car crash of a show. But yet I can't look away.
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I stole a meme from [ profile] gamesiplay; her version is longer and has some very interesting questions, but I was too lazy and just adapted the meme for my own me devices. That said:

meme about Broadway - and the occasional off - musicals )
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Most of the fic I produced this year came out of burning my Yuletide at both ends. Which shows to go ya that even in the driest of years, Yuletide season and Remix season will get fic outta me. (And yes, Vic, I'm counting the days...)

That said; here's 2006's flyleaf copyright page, aka, what Sab wrote in ought-six.

my fictional year )
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The queue on [ profile] whatwasthatbook is maxed out, so y'all get first shot. Enclosed please find details on no fewer than two, but possibly as many as five different books! Tell me what they are!

The following details are probably about two different YA novels, that I read in my youth and conflated in my adulthood, which is why they've been impossible for me to find. Can you nice people help me untangle these details and find one or both of the missing books?

Book one:
About a girl (possibly named Jeremy, after her grandfather) who travels somewhere for summer vacation (possibly to Ohio, possibly during the polio outbreak) and meets a set of identical twins. The twins have a secret club and initiate her by hazing (she ends up reciting OH WAH TA GOO SIAM), but more importantly, they have fat white-wall tires on their bikes and our main girl only has an old ten-speed, but the (hot? mail carrier?) neighbor boy teaches her to love her bike. And she and the twins, something. ETA: This book has been found! It is I Would if I Could by Betty Miles.

Book two:
About a girl (possibly named Jeremy, after her grandfather) who travels somewhere for summer vacation (possibly to Ohio, possibly during the polio outbreak) and meets a set of identical twins. One of the twins has kidney failure, and is hooked to a dialysis machine several times a week. They play lots of hide and seek in the twins' house, which has a dumbwaiter. FINALLY! This book has been found, has been out of print since '86, and is Making Half Whole by Terry Wolfe Phelan. Huge, huge thanks to [ profile] hadaverde for helping me end a decade-long search...

Two different books? The same book?

THEN, in unrelated news, I'm looking for other books, not about twins but rather about a fat girl and a thin girl. These seem more well known, the title's probably on the TIP of my BRAIN, it's someone normal like Judy Blume or Lois Lowry.

Book three:
About a skinny girl who moves to NYC (we never learn her name) and meets a fat girl whose name is probably the title of the book. And their landlord/building manager is a friend of theirs who mops his floors by tying dishtowels to his shoes. And there's some halloween debauchery, iirc? ETA: Found! A Girl Called Al by Constance Greene, thank you everso, [ profile] pearl_o!

(Book four?):
Unless that's a different book where a girl moves to the suburbs and meets a fat friend, and has an annoying brother, and the fat friend gets skinny at the end and moves away? And there's halloween debauchery. Yes, those are two different books, dammit, again. I'll take the title of either or both!

Book five:
All I remember about this one is that the neighbor had cats, lots of cats, including one called tiny orange kitten that got SQUISHED when someone sat on it. Again, probably about two girls who are friends, probably one of 'em's fat. (That seemed to be a theme at the time!) And I believe also a younger brother, possibly the culprit responsible for squishing Tiny Orange Kitten. ETA! FOUND! Thank you, [ profile] virulain, this is It's Like This, Cat by Emily Neville!

ALL of these are circa the sort that might be read by a 8-12 yo girl in the early 1980s.

Details that could belong to any of the above books:
- the girls have a sleepover and do slambooks where they each write secret truths about each other, the main girl learns she's "boy crazy." (prob. one of the books w/the twins?) ETA: this detail belongs to Judy Blume's Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great! Which may or may not be one of the same twin books as above?
- the fat girl and the thin girl decide to make matching dresses, the thin girl comments her mom won't let her wear vertical stripes, the fat girl says her mom won't let her wear horizontal stripes, they settle on, like, fabric with tiny horses on it or something. Also, weejun loafers feature prominently. (prob. one of the books with a fat girl and a thin girl) ETA: This detail belongs to Beverly Cleary's Ellen Tebbits, and not any of the other (still vague) books mentioned herein! Thanks, [ profile] sophia_helix!

I love you ALL.
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First, I wrote an article on "Black. White." for and das kapitan, [ profile] lizlet. Believe The Hype!

[Poll #700637]
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Yes! I'm moving! Come April 1st, I'm saddling up with [ profile] wearemany and [ profile] fmangel and we are moving into just the most adorable little Silverlake-adjacent craftsman house you ever did see. [ profile] filmg33k and MK are interviewing potential Sab-substitutes as we speak, and it turns out I'm gonna miss this place, this Farmington! (Still plenty of room for you, NB -- when do we get you next?)

I'm going to do this TV meme I saw at [ profile] mosca's most recently, and then I'm going to put the screws in to my Remix and finish this bad boy.

Six Favorite TV Shows In No Particular Order:
1. M*A*S*H
2. Northern Exposure
3. Babylon 5
4. Sports Night
5. Scrubs
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(are you as surprised by that last one as I am? But I feel it's true! Also, let's note the heavy sitcom-to-drama ratio. And I'll tell you, Buffy only barely edged out Newsradio...)

what I say I say I say )
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To do:

1. Finish story for Remix IV, nearly done.
2. Finish article for SMRT-TV! I am less done, but I have Important Points to Make! And a promising beginning.
3. Femslash ficathon due Apr. 4th. I almost know what I'm going to write about.

4. Also I am moving March 31st.
5. And packing, unpacking, and painting in there.

6. Mars script: fix Nico's return, move Witt speech to later.
7. Scrubs script: Invent plotline for Cox!
8. House script: study WORMS.
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1. Joseph and Harry's window: <-- click it and click things, you know, about me. I was unable to find six words that aptly described myself, so I fudged on two of 'em. Don't tell.

2-11. as seen at lj user girlcakes' place: a meme about my nonunderlined interests )

12. I went to Boston and found [ profile] moireach, [ profile] annakovsky, [ profile] janet_carter, [ profile] mazily and [ profile] tangleofthorns right where they said they'd be and OH the hell we raised. I found [ profile] gem225 and G and we dissed on the preznit like that chick in Meet Virginia. I had a super sexy girls-gone-wild slumber party with [ profile] projectjulie, [ profile] helenish and the Bandit and mine own [ profile] spycookies. I had the best birthday party EVER. EVER.

This is me giving you all lime-green "I Got Wasted At Sab's Bat Mitzvah" T-Shirts, to remember ALWAYS.

13. Now, I'm depending on the kindness of strangers and [ profile] lizlet to help write my Scrubs spec, which has five plotlines already, and still no plot! But the formatting, OH, the formatting. Mmm!

14. I'm also undergoing MORE changes to my meds, so beware sudden mood swings and please don't be alarmed, should be settled by next week, god willing and the creek, something.
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As it prepares to roll over into my 30th year, here's a toast to some other notable folks who share my illustrious cabbage patch birthday, the day before Groundhog Day, occasionally Super Bowl Sunday, the first day of the shortest month of the year.

Drink up, be healthy and prosper, all of you who are still alive:

Clark Gable, 1901
Langston Hughes, 1902
Muriel "Miss Jean Brodie" Spark, 1918
Boris Yeltsin, 1931
Jessica "Sensasionalist News Correspondant" Savitch, 1947
Rick "Super Freak" James, 1948
Bill "Danger Will Robinson" Mumy, 1951
Princess "I'm not Grace Kelly" Stephanie of Monaco, 1965
Sherilyn "Audrey Cooper" Fenn, 1965
Meg "Chicklit" Cabot, 1967
Lisa Marie "who did I marry, again?" Presley, 1968
Pauly "I am so embarassed to share a birthday with you" Shore, 1968
Sab "I am Sab" is ME, 1976

(For those playing the home game, there's a Makiko who was born on Feb 1, 1973, and a Sabine who was born on Feb 1, 1977.)

Sleeping Giants, Pigeon John
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I'm still chewing on those polls. Stand by.

I'm sitting in a map of index cards, sprawled out in three acts, and I almost know exactly where everything's going to go. We have achieved title, people. We have achieved character names. We have dynamic manipulation and reversion to misbehavior, we have battle!

Remind me, later, when I ask, that the explosion happens FIRST.

Ten Things I Love:

1. Cube
2. Northern Exposure
3. [ profile] runpunkrun
4. soy, and soy-based foods
5. big cats, preferably of the Kalahari
6. things that are gay, especially [ profile] wearemany
7. a nice fork
8. anything still in shrinkwrap
9. [ profile] projectjulie and Julie-based Internet Concerns
10. sitting in a puddle of index cards, almost knowing where everything's going to fall

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I don't have to be at work till 6:00 tonight, which offers me the longest stretch of downtime I've had since the 4th of July and I am trying very hard not to read HBP, because I want to save it for my plane flight on Wednesday. I'm on page 198, because what was supposed to be "just a little taste" turned out to be not so much, but that still leaves me plenty of Rowling for the five and a half hour flight from LA to Boston on Wednesday, provided I don't crack it open now and eat the whole thing before lunch.

I'm going home for a wedding, my cousin's wedding, the first wedding for any of us cousins on that side of the family, and what's more he's knocked up his hot French fiancee, so he's making an honest woman outta her which means that in six or seven months I get a little BABY cousin right here in Long Beach for babysitting purposes and for molding in my image and grooming to be the next Dread Pirate Roberts. I want a girl. The wedding's in the backyard of my parents' new, long-awaited Northampton home, 120 degrees in Massachussetts' Pioneer Valley and mosquitoes as big as yer fist. I'm gone Wednesday to Wednesday. It's practically a vacation except for all the long-lost relatives packed together in the Noho home looking for kisses and caterers and white folding chairs. It will be a welcome alternative to work. Let Bush name Edith Chambers to the bench while I'm gone. I'm looking forward not to standing in the line of fire, for once.

Four more hours, and HBP is taunting me, all big and purple. Here's a meme I found at [ profile] pearl_o's house:

1. Name your ten favourite titles from stories you've written (or, if you're not a writer, just name your ten favourite titles).

Pissing in No-Man's Land, Bayliss/Kellerman, written for [ profile] yuletide
A new device is being tested
Some Books About Crooks
Fan Interference is a Stand-Up Double written with [ profile] wearemany, about Dan Rydell
Where Have You Gone, Tom Glavine?
Coming Back From the War: "the story was about coming back from the war but there was no mention of the war in it." -- Hemingway
Celebrated Blue Period: "If I'd met you during my celebrated blue period I don't know what I would have done." -- Hawkeye, to Carlie
In bed, I am an astronaut
The Largest Colonial Building in the World
General, dein Tank ist ein starker Wagen (used with permission from [ profile] runpunkrun and Bertolt Brecht)

2: If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence/paragraph/whatever from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favorite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

Remix Redux Resurrection )

Three more hours.

Damn you, big purple book.
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For my birthday, I bought myself a Neighborhoodie. I was feeling bicoastal, and couldn't decide between "Los Feliz" or "Greenpoint," and even, in an embarrassing brush with trendositude considered "Billburg."

Mine is grey, stylecut Skii, and reads: "livejournal." I figure I live here as much as anywhere. It'll be ready for pickup tomorrow.

For my birthday, I also bought myself a rename token. I am Sab. Pleased to meetcha.

Here's some casefile TV, no particular spoilers, or, maybe there are spoilers, but mostly just general reviews. I owe you SG:A, Battlestar Galactica and Kingdom Hospital, aka, At Play in the Land of Nozzola, to come later. I'm working eleven hours tomorrow, same shit, different week, but it's my goddamned birthday and I'm havin' cupcakes, damn it!

We mostly fixed the internet, though AIM still froths and spits like a rabid weasel. I miss you awfully, awfully.

[Of particular note to [ profile] prillalar; I listened to Ringworld Engineers on mp3 a couple weeks back. I'd always pronounced you Hal-Er-Lo Prill-a-Lar. Six syllables. But homeboy readin' the audiobook made it SEVEN syllables, thus playing fast and loose with my brain. He likes Hal-Er-RILL-Lo Prill-a-Lar. What do you think, Hal?]

It's an hour till midnight on this coast and it's already past midnight back in the land where I was born, righto? February First! Happy birthday to meee! Happy birthday to meee!

Go join [ profile] snurch_tv, go enjoy [ profile] saava's recent tumble onto the last of the Babylon stations, and here. Read about TV:

Medical Investigation )

House )

Medium )
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I started my 2004 Year in Review, more for my own archival purposes than any sort of catharsis or advertising needs, but, bein' cruisy and stupid, I backed out of the browser window without realizing it, forwarded to a different LJ, and started surfing around Livejournal, effectively erasing/eating my post so innocently sitting in an Update Journal window I can't get to. (Note to self: use Semagic)

C'est la way it goes, and in the interest of not going through all 39 questions again, I give you the salient points.

This is me in '04 )


I think the Firefly remix is my favorite, with the H:LotS prison fic and the BoB tank fic sliding in close behind. If I can do at least that well, if I can write at least that much, if I can write at least that well, 2005 will be just fine. And if I get better, if I learn something (understanding it'd be nearly impossible not to), well, it looks like I've got the pieces in place to be a fine damned writer after all.

For posterity:
This was me in '03, baby.


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