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In jPod, Cowboy is talking to Alistair, a video game programmer who was in isolation since a video game he designed in 2001 was based on a flight simulator that had jet planes crashing into buildings. Naturally in 2001 they pulled the game, and brought in Allistair, who's been in detention ever since.

They let him out years later, and he's talking to Cowboy, jPod's current programmer. Allistair asks something like, "what's the world been like, since 9/11?"

Cowboy says, "well, there's a perpetual sense of fear that we never had before, combined with the sudden realization that nobody's really in charge."

And I think there's an interesting part of that that's true. I have this suspicion -- particularly since that attack on the United States came quite close to the beginning of this millennium -- that we all sort of feel like we're living on borrowed time. 2008? 2010? These aren't real years -- we can't possibly be living here, in the future.

It's like we got to the end of Civ III and all our ships went out into space. Scary, no?


This post brought to you by what can only be explained as post-Remix depression.
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