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Another not gratuitous icon post, showing off the second of my MINE ALL MINE gift icons from the one and only [ profile] ciderpress. KW, Oliver hangs up.

But listen. I haven't seen yesterday's Doctor Who yet (by which I mean "Turn Left") and while I am thrilled to bits to osmos that Rusty knocked it out of the park -- and since as yet "Midnight" is my favorite ep of the season so I've actually got huge faith in Russell T -- please please please please stop spoiling me? I totally don't mind if you say "OMG I LOVED IT" -- or even "man that sucked balls" -- outside a cut tag (I mean, let's be serious here, we can't really expect opinion-squee to count as a spoiler) -- but subject lines, people! Not-actually-vague references!

I have to gear up to watch DW this season, for reasons obvious and not, so I'm, whatever, emotionally prepared and mostly so I can watch in slightly calmer obscurity after the internet post-ep blitz. Anyway. It's not a rule, or a decree, or a law in my LJ or my flist or anything, I mean, they're your journals, do what you want -- but if you'd be so kind and if you don't mind, please try not to spoil me outside yer cut tags for Who this season?

Thankee-sai! (Which I saw on some other post somewhere and suddenly plunged me into enormous nostalgia for the path of the beam, and then I dreamed about Andy the Messenger Robot...)

In other news.

Careful followers of Eating Hard Candy Alone have prob noticed that I'm working on a five-act five-story Slings & Arrows bingo for [ profile] kink_bingo, this summer's hottest challenge eVAR (thank [ profile] thingswithwings for her deliciously kinky brainz!). I've finished the first three and am working on the fourth as we speak. And, um. So far they might be the best things I've written in like five years. *ducks any incoming jinx*

And while we're at it, [ profile] runpunkrun is shooting for a 25-fic blackout, rolling John and Rodney around in every kink on her card with customary brilliant characterization, clever banter and superhot porn. Anyway, so go read those too.

(OH GOD, Starbucks radio playing Bruce's "Highway Patrolman," FUCK I LOVE THIS SONG. Takin' turns dancin' with Maria as the band plays Night of the Johnstown Flood...)

And in conclusion: Los Angeleno fannish people. Here's a quick summer scavenger hunt! Go to the corner of Beverly and Normandie, and look at the billboard ad on Normandie on the south-west corner of the intersection. First person who reports back the name of the person on the billboard gets a fic of her choice, by me, or possibly me and Punk.

This concludes another LJ post on EHCA that doesn't mention Paul Gross at all. Whoops.
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title: And So Are You
author: Sabine // [ profile] iamsab
fandom: Slings & Arrows
pairings: Geoffrey/Darren
rating: pg; language, people!
length: 2628 words
acknowledgements: Punk M. and Bill S. did the hard parts; there were lots of hard parts.
summary: The Taming of the Shrew

Written for [ profile] kink_bingo, row five, column three: costumes

kiss me, kate )

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title: The Quality of Mercy
author: Sabine // [ profile] iamsab
fandom: Slings & Arrows
pairings: Geoffrey/Ellen
rating: nc-17
length: 3761 words
acknowledgements: praise be to Punk, who helped figure the whole damned thing out and even let me get away with hair-pulling.
summary: The Merchant of Venice

Written for [ profile] kink_bingo, row five, column two: biting/bruising

my pound of flesh )

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title: Unreal Mockery
author: Sabine // [ profile] iamsab
fandom: Slings & Arrows
pairings: Geoffrey/Oliver, Geoffrey/Ellen
rating: r
length: 3319 words
acknowledgements: fixed by Punk.
summary: The Scottish King Play

Written for [ profile] kink_bingo, row five, column one: teasing

this must be what being in hell feels like )


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