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While I was digging through old LJ posts finding ones to transfer over to my blog, I learned that EVERY GOOD STORY I've EVER WRITTEN happened in '04. Go read them and love on them? [everything good I've ever written (in 2004)]

Man, how was I so good in '04; I haven't written anything nearly as good since. /getting ollllld

Quite possible that more artifacts from history will follow.
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I started my 2004 Year in Review, more for my own archival purposes than any sort of catharsis or advertising needs, but, bein' cruisy and stupid, I backed out of the browser window without realizing it, forwarded to a different LJ, and started surfing around Livejournal, effectively erasing/eating my post so innocently sitting in an Update Journal window I can't get to. (Note to self: use Semagic)

C'est la way it goes, and in the interest of not going through all 39 questions again, I give you the salient points.

This is me in '04 )


I think the Firefly remix is my favorite, with the H:LotS prison fic and the BoB tank fic sliding in close behind. If I can do at least that well, if I can write at least that much, if I can write at least that well, 2005 will be just fine. And if I get better, if I learn something (understanding it'd be nearly impossible not to), well, it looks like I've got the pieces in place to be a fine damned writer after all.

For posterity:
This was me in '03, baby.
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We're in a world, here, where, thanks to a Fox TV show, John Wayne Airport in Orange County's considering renaming itself "The OC Airport." I ain't kidding.

Still, I keep myself entertained. Here's what I've been up to, spoiler-lite, proceed at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty! More to come as I remember what I've downloaded.

Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake

pigoons! )

Dog Soldiers

Bugger, mate! Werewolves! )

Man on Fire

I still have plans to go to Mexico )

Andromeda, Season 4

Wait wait wait, Trance is the SUN? )

Crusade, through episode four.

Galen and Isabelle )

Norah Jones & Dolly Parton, "Creepin' In" [Creepin' In - .mp3]

This is the most knee-slappin' delightful song I've heard in a good long while. And thanks to [ profile] lizlet for finding the .mp3 for me. Download. Enjoy.
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For Blow it With Feeling, a Wintersnix panicky blowjob.

This production of the musical "War and Blowjobs" is based loosely on the original text "Damian Lewis and Ron Livingston are pretty" and was sponsored by a charitable grant from the [ profile] runpunkrun Foundation for Titles Extracted From German Poetry in Translation. RPR did a C-130's worth of fly-by beta and very chivalrously donated the Brechtian title of the most excellent poem to this project, see: From a German War Primer.

Title: General, dein Tank ist ein starker Wagen
Author: Sabine
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Pairing: Winters/Nixon
Length: 17k
Genre: war and blowjobs, NC-17
Summary: General, your tank is a powerful vehicle. (With due credit to Bertolt
Emotion: panic

General, dein Tank ist ein starker Wagen )


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