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Feb. 5th, 2009 06:12 pm
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Was there a new 30 Rock this week?
Was there a new NCIS this week?
Was there a new The Unit this week?*

*and what happened to The Unit? The CBS website has stopped hosting full episodes and won't tell me anything -- the last ep I saw was the one where Bob and Kim were on surveillance in the hotel and Bob was detoxing and then killed whatshisname. What's happened since? (On the other hand I saw a still adorable and fit Max Martini in a recent episode of Burn Notice; that was unexpected and delightful.)

And then, in news of stuff I have indeed been watching:

top chef )

leverage/hustle )

big love )

house )

usa network fake detective shows )

sitcoms )

oh, right, BSG )

That's what I'm watching this year. And NCIS and The Unit, but I will cover my vaguely Republican CBS shows at a later date when I've caught up on the potentially missing episodes.

And you?
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This week in stuff I know about TV:

1. Courtesy of [ profile] infinitemonkeys I've learned that they're announcing the 11th Doctor tomorrow. Everyone, stay very calm and we'll survive this unscathed! My money is still on James Nesbitt, or some unknown Indian woman.

2. So, Leverage is its own kind of lame fun, but if you want a good con artist team show, why are you not watching Hustle? Which is to say, if you like Leverage, you will love Hustle. If you think Leverage is lame, you will love Hustle. If you've ever liked Adrian Lester or Marc Warren or Robert Glenister, or Jaime Murray (Lila the 12-step support honey slash lover on Dexter), you will love Hustle. She out-Gina Bellmans Gina Bellman. And Gina Bellman is the best part of Leverage. Which is, let me remind you, a poor man's diluted American ripoff of Hustle. So, you know. Watch Hustle. It used to be on AMC somewhere near Mad Men, but it's def available at your friendly neighborhood UK telly community and/or other ahem-ing comms.

3. Fringe IS lame! But somehow entertaining. Mostly I like watching that blonde girl and waiting for her to slip into her natural accent, and I like the old dude and his cheap, yet interesting and entertaining, wordplay and cluelessness. But as [ profile] runpunkrun warned me, Joshua Jackson is totally wasted as a glorified babysitter. Sigh.

4. Scrubs is coming back soon, for its final half-season! When is Scrubs coming back?

5. BSG is coming back for its final half-season! I am more excited about Scrubs.

6. As I asked K. -- would I like Merlin? Criteria to consider include the fact that I hate Sarah Connor Chronicles because that kid is way too emo and annoying, I have not a lot of tolerance for low-budg fantasy shows (see also Xena), and pretty underage boys are not enough to sell me on anything. Then again, I like magic, I like Morgan Le Fay (thank you, Mists of Avalon), I like Merlin and Arthur and Lancelot and the round table, and I like questy quests with problem solving and fantastic obstacles. Also witty dialogue. So... would I like Merlin?

7. Watch Hustle.
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I am also rendered nearly speechless by tonight's HIMYM. How the hell are able to cram THAT MUCH AWESOME into twenty-two minutes?
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Is it just me, or is anyone else having a really hard time paying attention to the plots of these most recent NCIS episodes because we're too distracted by Ziva's new eyebrows?

I can't take it! Where's my curly-haired bushy-browed not-actually-Jewish Officer David???

ETA: The eyebrows seem to be getting better in 5x13! Though they have got to cool it with the makeup. Ziva is way too hot to be hidden behind eyeshadow, FGS.
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Me, I'm busily finishing my Remix, and then preparing to get to work on my Sweet Charity thingy...but in between, lemme share some things:

[ profile] moduktvdramafic, moderated by [ profile] svilleficrecs, is a community for fic based on UK telly that's not about space or monsters. You know, like Spooks or Teachers or whatever. They say Green Wing counts as well! At the moment, if you've got any old fic in fandoms that count, go ahead and post it there so the comm can start getting some stories attached! Also, see it as an excuse to write me some Nina Sosanya (Jenny) - slash - that chick who played Susan - in the first season of Teachers? Alternately I would love some Book Group slash... Lachlan/Rab, anyone?

[ profile] majoritython continues to be brought to us by [ profile] deborah_judge and [ profile] projectjulie, and is already teeming with exciting ideas and prompts for women and people of color as elected officials (fictional or not!) so if nothing else, go read the prompts and add some?

[ profile] amplificathon is an awesome multifandom podfic-making challenge, brought to us by [ profile] raz0r_girl, [ profile] anatsuno and the queen of podfic herself, [ profile] general_jinjur. I've already started recording something...why haven't you?

And the rest of this post is to say OMG x2 re: Torchwood, Exit Wounds, and OMG times a zillion for the Doctor Who premiere, "Partners in Crime." I haven't watched the BSG premiere yet, and it's probably for the best, as that double-header left me reeling and deeply, deeply in love with that whole giant Cardiff production family. Thank the lord of pants I'm writing in that 'verse for [ profile] majoritython!
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Or to quote for the millionth time this review I read, which described Torchwood as "easily the best show about a bisexual time-traveller standing on various rooftops in Wales."

So, I'm re-watching the Torchwood season premiere, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," which is the one with James Marsters.

(It's also important to note that I'm watching Torchwood because I had to stop watching David Tennant hosting the Friday Night Project, because it nearly KILLED me. Clearly it, like the Tennant Video Diaries, is the sort of thing I will only be able to watch in very very small increments, BECAUSE OF THE EXPLODING. His mouth! His hair! His...all wiggly and throwing his head back and laughing! Fanfic! Underpants! Although, to be fair, the actual late-night variety show part of FNP isn't really his milieu. I mean, he can give a monologue and record some sketches and wraparounds and whatever, but you just get the feeling he should be off doing Shakespeare somewhere instead OR NAKED IN MY HOUSE.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right.


*clears throat*

First, if they're trying to make John Barrowman look LESS queeny, setting him against James Marsters isn't really the best way to do that. Mostly you just watch Marsters snarl and cock his guns, and wait for Barrowman to burst into song.

under no circumstances let him kiss you! )


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