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Here's my collage. Your game is you get to guess! No cheating.

(Crib sheet at bottom, use at own risk.)

dog slash baby, no, SRSLY )
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1. Joseph and Harry's window: <-- click it and click things, you know, about me. I was unable to find six words that aptly described myself, so I fudged on two of 'em. Don't tell.

2-11. as seen at lj user girlcakes' place: a meme about my nonunderlined interests )

12. I went to Boston and found [ profile] moireach, [ profile] annakovsky, [ profile] janet_carter, [ profile] mazily and [ profile] tangleofthorns right where they said they'd be and OH the hell we raised. I found [ profile] gem225 and G and we dissed on the preznit like that chick in Meet Virginia. I had a super sexy girls-gone-wild slumber party with [ profile] projectjulie, [ profile] helenish and the Bandit and mine own [ profile] spycookies. I had the best birthday party EVER. EVER.

This is me giving you all lime-green "I Got Wasted At Sab's Bat Mitzvah" T-Shirts, to remember ALWAYS.

13. Now, I'm depending on the kindness of strangers and [ profile] lizlet to help write my Scrubs spec, which has five plotlines already, and still no plot! But the formatting, OH, the formatting. Mmm!

14. I'm also undergoing MORE changes to my meds, so beware sudden mood swings and please don't be alarmed, should be settled by next week, god willing and the creek, something.
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Wait! ETA: my userpics are overdue tomorrow, this thing tells me! And I don't have a credit card! Someone want to spot me two bucks? EagainTA: Thank you, [ profile] thevaliumsofalj! Thank you, anonymous gift-certificate-giver who might be SNK! is [ profile] likethesun2! Thank you, [ profile] winter_baby, just for being you!

The script continues, the plot thickens, the pace quickens, the writer sickens and flees to LJ for solace!

[ profile] septicemic has agreed to sketch my Mars base, so I can include a map of the landscape along with the script when I shop it around. Otherwise, it turns out, it's really hard to DESCRIBE the layout of various modular landing units and jiffy popper plastic domes.

This fulfills a wish of mine, personalized art from [ profile] septicemic, whose talent and majestry are known far and wide and sprawling forth from the great state of Ohio!


I turn 30 in three weeks, Feb. 1. I wish for fic, like so, and moreso! Consult my shameless wishlist and revel in my shame! Or, you know, write me one of these things!

[But don't let it discourage you from buying me stuff or sending me songs, natch. *g*]

  • Family Guy Brian/Stewie. Just, something wonderful and wrong and with roadtripping.
  • thirtysomething, really, ANYTHING. I want TS fic SO BAD. Maybe some Ellyn/Melissa, some good subversive slash. Or Michael/Gary, or Hope/Susannah!
  • Love & Rockets, Maggie/Hopey with some angst and punk rock? Or, like, Hopey/Penny where Hopey would rather be with Maggie? Mmmm.
  • Northern Exposure, clever, angsty, sexy Fleischman/O'Connell, devoid of schmoop. Well, okay, a little schmoop. But not a lot!
  • Betsy-Tacy. Tell me you don't want to read Betsy/Tacy/Tib 3some as much as I do? However, what I'd really like is some Betsy/Winona. Mmmm!
  • Chronicles of Prydain, Eilonwy/Achren. How hot, seriously, would that be??? Or Taran/Gwydion, or even just some really crowd-pleasing Taran/Eilonwy. I mean. Dude.
  • And, since I can, MOOOOORE Into the Woods? Anything with the Baker and/or his wife. [ETA: [ profile] mazily already totally represented for me, here: Another Witch, Another Moment, because she's Queen of the Sondheim Playground! However, I want MOOOORE, even MOOOOORE!] Or, some Baker's Wife/Cinderella? Hot stuff, kiddo, hot stuff.
  • And how about some Boomer fic for BSG? I would just about kill for a Helo/Boomer/Starbuck threesome.
  • Or some classic B5 Lennier/Marcus?
  • Or some classic Jeremiah Jeremiah/Markus?
  • Or some classic ridiculously hot Janeway/Seven.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled script-writing, already in progress, and leaning suspiciously toward the slashy.
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LOOOK, I tell you, at the set of Forsaken/TMBG icons [ profile] runpunkrun made. I'm wearing one right now, as a matter of fact, and I think it brings out the screaming Argonauts in my eyes. Just you wait, also, I tell ya, till Punk and I let loose with our ITEOTWAWKI(AIFF) icon set, birds, snakes, aeroplanes and all.

The best part of all this comes Tuesday, when, in the great name of [ profile] sorlklewis, Internet once returns to the House of Raging Women. We should be online Tuesday night, and boy howdy, y'all just WAIT and see what sort of virtual ass we kick.

LJ says there are two of us who list "Josephine Humphreys" as an interest, but, as always, both of us are me. Let this be a left-handed rec to anyone interested to read her holy triad of novels, Dreams of Sleep (being the story of a woman, her daughter, and their babysitter, who saddle up in a station wagon and run away), Rich in Love (being the story of the hyperintellectual, hyperindependent Odoms of South Carolina as told by 17-year-old Lucille -- think The Royal Tenenbaums in a spun sugar drawling plantation), and The Fireman's Fair (being the story of a lawyer who dropped everything to go live on an island and play golf until a hurricane blows it all away, leaving Rob [THE finest first-person male narrator written by a female author I have ever read] nothing but his dog and the pirate's wife). She slips under the radar, Humphreys, and I don't think she should, because she just fucking nails it and she writes with the wit and affection of a wry, knowing smile.

LJ says there's only *one* of us who lists "Punk Maneuverability" as an interest, but I'll bet we can change that right here and now. See, I told you I was interested in my interests. )

(*You should also feel free to ask me about any of my Interests, should you be interested.)

Shox is cooking dinner for us, or so he claims, and we're still deciding whether to make the schlep down to Orange County tonight to see the WWS show or to wait here and see if Jason, Chris and Lij make a better offer. Everything, as always, up in the air till the last minute.

But more importantly, I am a good three-fourths of the way done with The Dark Tower VII as read on my iPod by George Guidall, and, holy fuck, in the name of the turtle, DUDE, this book is SO GODDAMNED SAD. [ profile] wax_jism, stand by, and when I'm done I promise to find you so we can dissect appropriately over AIM. I've listened to the whole DT series on tape, but I nearly copped out with this one and bought the book instead -- I was at the airport, about to board the plane to NY, and one thing led to another, you know how it goes. Then, of course, I landed in NY, downloaded the thing, loaded it onto Mom's iPod, and here we are again. Sure, I'm out $35 for the hardback, but it was worth it. I'm nearing track 500 of 796...we're in NY and Roland just left the spoiler building to go meet back up with Irene. More on this story, naturally, as it unfolds.

In the name of the ka-tet of 19 and the ka-tet of the Rose, I remain, as always,


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