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I can't sleep, and that usually leads to fantasizing, in this particular case, about Tennant/John Smith's arm, in his white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and the suspenders. I can get lost in the most absurd things about this man. Yesterday I spent forty five minutes on about four frames from "Utopia", just watching over and over again --

spoilers through Utopia )
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I'm nearly finished watching Moonlighting on DVD (you can watch me watch it at and am taking bids on what to start on next.

Criteria! 1960s, 70s or 80s American comedy (half hour or hour) with a narrative arc or relationship development that makes it something incredibly tasty to consume in one fell swallow.

Sell me!
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Anyone who calls herself an Arrested Development fan and hasn't seen Soap is lying to herself! I know. I was one of you!

Soap is the 70s sitcom that AD borrows absolutely everything from. It's a proto-mock soap opera half hour sitcom, starring Katherine Helmond, Richard Mulligan, Billy Crystal (in his first big gay role -- he's dating the quarterback!) and Robert Guilliaume as Benson. It's a Paul Junger-Witt/Tony Thomas production and was created by Susan Harris, so the aesthetics (from the lighting and mise en scene to the rhythm of punchlines and the repeated musical sting) look just like The Golden Girls or other Witt/Thomas/Harris shows. And it's the story of the wealthy family who get sent to prison, the weird son with the offensive hand puppet, murder, insider trading, inappropriate sexual relationships, and a hilarious narrator opening monologue.

I'm on season 2. Next up on the blog: And then there's Maude!

P.S. If you already knew about Soap, disregard the above. *g*


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