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Somebody syndicated me! [ profile] apocalypsevox

So as part of the circle of life, I syndicated MSNBC's Cosmic Log, [ profile] cosmiclog.

Private space ventures, I heart you UTTSAB.
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Over at Apocalypse Weather, I talk about MyNetworkTV and don't mention anyone Scottish at all!

Bones season premiere tonight; TiVos armed and ready.
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A'ight, now I got four Vox invites, anybody want? Now I'm out of invites, but I'll keep checking this thread as I get more and send y'all invites as they come in. Amchau, rossetti, Step (unless J. gotcha), and the rest. Stay tuned! They seem to be giving me invites every other day.

Top Five Reasons to Join Vox

5) name-squatting
4) the potential down-the-line perks of Early Adoption
3) it's FREE
2) it's less tweenybopper than MySpace, while still being a blog address you can share with yer mom!
1) you can leave comments on *my* Vox blog if you've got an account!
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I've removed "anglophilia" from my disinterests list, and by way of explanation, Apocalypse Weather's been updated: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Beeb
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Any chance anyone still needs a Vox invite? I've got two more and can only imagine I'll get two more after that. And while we're at it, I have 100 Gmail invites still taking up space out in the shed...

I will be using my vox blog to talk about television and the apocalypse, whichever comes first. I've already started moving some LJ entries over there whole-cloth, for completists' sake. You can see me at, lurking around your neighborhood.
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I inaugurated my vox blog with the first in what I can only imagine will be a series of posts of this stripe, throughout my career. Some of you've read this one already.

Open Letter To David Tennant, From Emily, Aged 30 and a Half.

It's public and unlocked and there for the world to see. Yes, she said, I am indeed secure in my insecurities.


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