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Is it just me, or is anyone else having a really hard time paying attention to the plots of these most recent NCIS episodes because we're too distracted by Ziva's new eyebrows?

I can't take it! Where's my curly-haired bushy-browed not-actually-Jewish Officer David???

ETA: The eyebrows seem to be getting better in 5x13! Though they have got to cool it with the makeup. Ziva is way too hot to be hidden behind eyeshadow, FGS.
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for [ profile] projectjulie

Girls, Girls, Girls of the Navy (And Various Other Maritime Organizations)
[NCIS, Abby/Ziva/Jenny, porn, 717 words]

girls girls girls )

For my girlgirlgirl, on the event of her nativity. xxx

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Most of the fic I produced this year came out of burning my Yuletide at both ends. Which shows to go ya that even in the driest of years, Yuletide season and Remix season will get fic outta me. (And yes, Vic, I'm counting the days...)

That said; here's 2006's flyleaf copyright page, aka, what Sab wrote in ought-six.

my fictional year )
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title: Written By the Victors
author: Sabine
category: NCIS, Tony/Gibbs, Ziva/Jenny (contains less than 10% Gibbs/Jenny, Tony/Ziva, real fruit), everybody else
rating: S for Suggestive Stroking and Some Sex
notes: Set to the tune of [ profile] femslash100's alphabet soup challenge. Each section is exactly 100 words, from A-Z, for a total of 2600 words for your reading pleasure.
disclaimer: NCIS belongs to Bellisario and the Navy and CBS, nemme. Fanfiction is a practice of desire.
summary: Everybody comes to Belgrade.
acknowledgements: hail, hail, [ profile] projectjulie, symbolic mother of femslash everywhere. Beta by [ profile] rossetti, made of awesome and twice as clever! And thanks to my [ profile] runpunkrun, who owns a share of everything I do, even if it’s NCIS.
feedback: why wouldn’t you???? Don’t you love me??!?!

history’s written by the victors )
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title: Fair Winds and Following Seas
author: Sabine
fandom: NCIS, gen
rating: D for Death and Destruction
size: 4083 words
recipient: For [ profile] kirana_44, who requested: It must happens before Kate dies.

notes: [ profile] runpunkrun is my better half and she holds my hand when I'm alone. I was at sea in a brand-new fandom, so special beta thanks take a village: [ profile] rossetti, [ profile] twoweevils, [ profile] cathexys and [ profile] palebluebell were the best village ever. And thanks as always to the intrepid [ profile] trollprincess for wrangling the Apocalyptothon.

This is for [ profile] fmangel, who said, no, you will love this show, Mark Harmon is adorable, watch how he kisses Abby on the head.

warnings: Contains very specious science manufactured on machinery that also processes peanuts and tree nuts. Feedback is superfantastic and I love you, all four people who read this fandom.

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Once more with feeling!

Anybody within hearing distance that can beta an NCIS fic today? Usual suspects will receive mail under usual cover, but I'd love help from people who read/write NCIS fic in particular. Too. Thanks!


For the rest of you, here's two songs one song I can't listen to, ever. I've never heard these songs this song full through without crying. I'd love to hear if the same happens to you. They're brilliant, also.

"I Am Not Going Home Yet," Jenn Lindsay.

"Birches," Bill Morrissey Thanks, [ profile] gem225!
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Hey, also can you pimp this tiny poll anywhere you go? I want a huge sampling, if possible. A girl is curious, yo, and it'll ultimately help me decide which show to spec this summer.

[Poll #733531]

And while you're here, have some songs that begin with B, for as long as the downloads last...

Thank you for contributing to Important Television Science!
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runpunkrun: Tony taking ONE HELL of a shower.
an onion girl: Tony is THAT KIND OF GUY. We should put Tony and Sheppard in a shower together.
runpunkrun: Tony and Sheppard in the shower would be a SHOWER OFF.
an onion girl: It really WOULD. DEATH MATCH.
runpunkrun: That would be awesome.

And Punk doesn't even watch NCIS. SEE how she loves me?

And so, here's a freebie. Tony DiNozzo & John Sheppard SHOWERING TOGETHER. First one to write it wins a GIANT PONY.
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Who makes a grid for Summer TV? Does anyone have a summer cable/network sked anywhere? With the new SFC and HBO shows on it, and the summer series reality shows, and so on? Are we getting a summer Survivor this year? [ profile] laurel has some great grids for Fall, but I can't find a summer sked anywhere. Help.

behind this cut lies a poll about the Navy Criminal Investigative Service )
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NCIS is the SGA of crime procedurals. No, I swear.


Also, who has an mp3 of The Story's "Damn Everything But the Circus"? I feel like Punk might have it on tape? [ profile] gem225?

I discovered quite sadly that I didn't have any sort of version of this song when I went to hunt for it for [ profile] ubil. And really it should be shared with everyone. Little help?
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Nocturnal brain activity upon falling asleep after taking 4 Vanilla Flavoured Tylenols PM and watching Several Episodes of NCIS while waiting for House to Download:

I'm in a waiting room/interrogation room/debriefing room after having just accomplished something marvelous, like capturing a serial killer. Greg House comes in, hands me a Caf-Pow! and kisses me on the head. "Good job," House says. I sip my Caf-Pow. "Is that what you wanted?" House asks, and I lean in to his chest and he wraps his arms around me.

"No, this is what I wanted," I say to House, and proceed to slide my hands up under his shirt.
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Does anyone know where I can download NCIS? I suddenly and stupidly need to feed my Michael Weatherly jones.

Which is to say that I have more to say about Dark Angel and will need to exorcise my demons with some sort of indulgent and cathartic Max/Logan RST because they spent an entire season not able to touch each other and the show never once made it sexy and that is just stupid and insulting.*

Which is to say that S2 of Dark Angel really, really sucked. (Sorry, people who like Jensen Ackles.)

Which is to say that S ONE of Dark Angel dug its little claws into my soul, and is smart, scary, sexy, dark, twisted, gay, and ridiculously hot. And Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly in the same room -- with barely one TV actor's worth of talent between them -- have so much chemistry my hard drive nearly melted. My head nearly melted. I am become heterosexual! Michael Weatherly, you are TOO SEXY. You put the two of those suckers on the same screen and one requires parental controls and a cigarette after.

Which is to say, the aforementioned post re: Dark Angel will come. Expect big words on Original Cindy and Alimi Ballard, uncomfortable Michael/Jessica squeeing, horny feline DNA eroticism, lesbians, Mr. Multiples, going fast on a motorcycle, makin' toothpaste and influencing people. (Big words on S2 go as follows: any time you cast Jo Jo the Dog-Faced Boy as an ensemble regular you have Jumped the Shark. Any interest I had in watching Supernatural fled after twenty-two episodes of Jensen adding his vapid, pretty-boy presence to the eviscerated and soulless shell of Seattle 2021 that is Dark Angel S2.)

_any good Logan/Max fic recs?*
_or vids?
_or gossip about the Alba-Weatherly relationship and breakup?
_or -- god save me -- RPF?
_or any Michael Weatherly tales
_like for example, how hot is he as a shifty Italian on NCIS?

Seriously, my feelings for this man are new and strange and make me uncomfortable! Dumb sort of hot bourgeoise white guy! Who licks his lip with his tongue and guhhhh not to mention those little crinkles around his eyes and the scruff, the scruff...

I am breathing in short pants, and that, my friends, is trouble.

Now I gotta post my [ profile] femslash06 straggler!

* I'm gonna write the goddamned Max/Logan. I also wanna read the goddamned Max/Logan. Help a sista out, as her Originalness might say?


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