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So, because [ profile] ciderpress is the girl so nice we wish we could friend her twice, (no, really! We do!) and because she made me such fantastic icons, I wrote her a HIMYM drabble which bloated all the way up to 350 words. And then I grabbed Punk and commandeered her to write Psych, which I don't watch but which I clearly, upon learning about these characters, should.

In Canada, The Retailers Call Them "Igars" To Get Around The Law
HIMYM, Barney/Robin, 350 words, by Sab

rolled on the warm brown thighs of gorgeous naked women )

And also we've got Desk Job
Psych, Shawn/Gus friendship, 350 words, by Punk

(Desk Job)

Thank you, Anna, for being so very very cool and a pleasure to know! Also thank you Punk! Who served her country above and beyond the call of duty.

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It's the parenthetical in that last sentence that does it, natch.


DOCTOR WHO actor DAVID TENNANT was almost exterminated in real life - after a deadly bout of appendicitis.
The British actor needed emergency surgery on a burst appendix - and almost died after the operation.
Tennant's friend tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "It was touch and go and it was feared he might not make it." The 36-year-old - who was nine at the time of the operation - was hospitalised for two weeks.
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"I don't know a lot about rich people. I do know that for some reason they carry mustard around in their cars."

"If I'm rich, does this mean I have to start carrying mustard around in my car? Do we know what they use it for?"

"I'm not sure. They trade it sometimes, I think. Through their car windows."

"For goods and services?"

"It would stand to reason."
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title: Sometimes you wanna go
author: Sabine
category: Cheers, Sam/Diane
rating: PG
notes: Dedicated in perpetuity throughout the universe to [ profile] wearemany. With big love to all of livejournal, where everybody knows your name.

acknowledgments: Inspired in part, as so many things are, by Josephine Humphreys' The Fireman's Fair; still the gold standard for masculine yearning. Thank you, [ profile] runpunkrun and [ profile] furies for the beta and the deep and abiding love.

making your way in the world today takes everything you've got )
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_The Ugly: Eminem divorces Kim again and the world barely stirs as not a single person is surprised. That's just a metaphor, I'm just psycho, I get a little bit crazy, baby, I get a little bit out of control with my rhymes...

_The Bad: There ain't no bad. Tis all good, say Jah, all de time. /Herbal


[ profile] runpunkrun wrote My New Pants for ME, and you can LOOKIT but don't TOUCH 'cause those gay pants are MINE MINE MINE. This be Scrubs, and here be the gayest pants to hit the Internet since Johnny Depp played a pirate. There's JD/Cox and Zombie Elvis and the Janitor, and even the Todd can't resist the wild pull of the gay. JD's rump is firm, like mutton, and I pass his ceremonial rump into Punk's outstretched hands, as she is the reigning Queen of Scrubs on the Internet as of Today, April Five.

Everyone go read My New Pants, and then come back and tell me how lucky I am to have a punk like Punk.

_And Uncle TOM! /Posdnous // breakin' on down the Remix:

For this year's Remix/Redux IV I wrote Off the Rack (Echo Bites Back), a BTVS AU doppelslash featuring Cordy/Cordy. I remixed [ profile] sangerin's Cordy Narcissus tale, The Boy, The Lake and The Flower, and it was absurdly fun and my first foray into Buffyfic.

Karma rewarded me 'cause [ profile] sangerin turned out to be my remixer too, and gifted me with the excellent Kathypov vision of Chakotay and Trinnie in Homesickness. I am a lucky bitch.

_The Shameful:

I'm writing Max in heat in S2. Not even because I want to. But because I am compelled to. Because the show didn't! DUDE. She and Logan can't touch! S2's TPTB have no idea what eroticism is and must be blamed and mocked accordingly, and so I'm taking one for the team, yo, and writing "Meow" in S2 with latex gloves. I do it because I must. I write to live! I have lost all, count 'em, all, of mein marbles.
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1. Joseph and Harry's window: <-- click it and click things, you know, about me. I was unable to find six words that aptly described myself, so I fudged on two of 'em. Don't tell.

2-11. as seen at lj user girlcakes' place: a meme about my nonunderlined interests )

12. I went to Boston and found [ profile] moireach, [ profile] annakovsky, [ profile] janet_carter, [ profile] mazily and [ profile] tangleofthorns right where they said they'd be and OH the hell we raised. I found [ profile] gem225 and G and we dissed on the preznit like that chick in Meet Virginia. I had a super sexy girls-gone-wild slumber party with [ profile] projectjulie, [ profile] helenish and the Bandit and mine own [ profile] spycookies. I had the best birthday party EVER. EVER.

This is me giving you all lime-green "I Got Wasted At Sab's Bat Mitzvah" T-Shirts, to remember ALWAYS.

13. Now, I'm depending on the kindness of strangers and [ profile] lizlet to help write my Scrubs spec, which has five plotlines already, and still no plot! But the formatting, OH, the formatting. Mmm!

14. I'm also undergoing MORE changes to my meds, so beware sudden mood swings and please don't be alarmed, should be settled by next week, god willing and the creek, something.
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Oh, oh god. I asked for Brian/Stewie and [ profile] ubil wrote me Brian/Stewie, and it's perfect. By which I mean: perfect, without flaw, wire to wire, stem to stern, the voices, the sarcasm, the dog and his boy. Lemme show you, and then you'll see.

[Untitled in Luxembourg], by [ profile] ubil, Family Guy, Brian/Stewie.

Remember, it's the baby who wears the pants in that family.

ETA: I just keep going back and reading and rereading and rerereading this. Something about the cathouse drapes, something about the silky hair, dammit, Professor Ubil, I frickin' love you.
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When you set something up visually and it comes time to describe it, say what's unexpected.

Loud, thunderous bass-heavy rock music coming from the neighbor's apartment. Balding, middle-aged man is lying in bed, looks at his clock, which says 3:56. He throws off the covers, grunts, gets up heavily and goes to the window. Shouts, "Shut the fuck up, it's four a.m.!"

See, not funny. But watch this.

"Shut the fuck up, it's Wednesday!"

See! Funnier! And then, because, what does this bald guy do on his weekend nights?


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