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Have seen through "Turn Left" and am about to watch "The Stolen Earth." Spoilers for the first and pre-spoilers for the second below.

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Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.


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Feb. 5th, 2008 08:03 pm
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I voted this morning, for Hillary Clinton. Don't know the California results yet because of intervening circumstances, namely:

My grandfather absolutely loves Hillary Clinton.

He died about an hour ago.

My mom and my aunt were with him, and as he had stopped eating or drinking three days ago and gone into a coma earlier today it was not unexpected; he was 96 and had been in a nursing home for the last couple years slowly deteriorating. But he was a sweet, adorable, wonderful man, who wrote poetry and flirted with the nurses, and we're gonna miss him.

My sister in SF had planned to vote for Obama, but a few days ago she decided to cast her vote for Clinton because Pop couldn't vote, out there in the nursing home. Lizzie had just finished voting tonight when she got the call from my dad that Poppa had died. Which meant that as she was casting her vote in California, he was slipping away in Massachusetts, and that she gave him, you know, one last chance to have a voice, to have an impact on the future, to express himself one last time. Kind of amazing.

Gonna post this and then check the California results, because in a couple hours or a week or a month or whenever I reread this entry I'll already know who has the Democratic nomination, so for now I just want this to be the post that I made the day we voted for Hillary Clinton, which was the day Poppa died.

ETA: Please don't worry about me, I'm totally fine.
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Here's a youtube link to the last three minutes of Diane's last episode of Cheers, the famed "have a good life" and then the fantasy flashforward and I am, you will, many of you, be astonished to observe, am so well medicated that I didn't cry, neither when I went through the first five seasons this summer nor when I watched 'em again last month. But I can't watch this youtube clip, nonetheless.

God DAMN that's good TV, people.

Now. Can someone tell me what the music is that plays under that last dance? Doo do do doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo. Doo doo, doo do do doo, doo do do dooo. I've been singing it in my head, in my house and in the shower, to [ profile] wearemany and my webcam, over and over for half a year now and I'm ready to put a name to it if I can. Yes?

Thanks to [ profile] jood and [ profile] txvoodoo I can report it's Irving Berlin's "What'll I Do," and here's an absolutely knockout version by Rufus, Martha and Loudon Wainwright: What'll I Do?.
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Hi, I broke my rib. My VERY OWN rib. I was, picture this. Shoemoney Haus just moved, right? (Or, in the words of our namesakes, "We live here now.") So I'm in the backseat of my car unloading things, and I reach OVER the passenger's seat into the front seat to lift a metal vat of beer. Which didn't lift, but did drive my ribs into the top of the seatback, cracking my...second from the top on the right hand side...rib.

I can breathe, though it hurts, and can indeed inflate my lungs to capacity, which I am doing every few minutes, as well as coughing, which also hurts, because the website told me to to that to make sure I have lung function. I also taped up the rib, which cuts the pain in HALF lemme tell you, unless I put weight on that side or try to lift up or back with either arm.

Now I'm convalescing, and my girls (though off to see Anderson atm) are taking good care of me. Send porn! Or, Recovery, dammit! Only Tennant angsting nakedly with a beard can lift my gloom!


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