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Want polyamory? [ profile] 3_ships went live today: I Saw Three Ships.

Captain [Anonymous] wrote Tactics for me! And this one coulda been jacked straight out of my brain, THIS is just the Ronon I love, so much stronger than the rest of 'em but still entirely vulnerable to 'em, even if he won't admit it. This is Ronon/Sheppard/Weir, with Ronon sizing up his prey. Thank you so much, [Anonymous!].

Now, I'm writing my pilot. I got seventy-two hours and no more excuses.

You, out there in TV land, post some [ profile] 3_ships recs for me to devour when I'm taking a break procrastinating finished (with this scene? at least?).
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I'm still interspersedly watching DS9 season 7, which is really almost more crack-addled than anything Chris Carter ever came up with. I mean, this season gives us "Chimera," the big gay crazy Odo episode, and I don't think I ever even NOTICED how insanely gay it was because when I initially watched the season I can only assume I was distracted and confused by ALL THE CRACK. To wit:

dee ess nine, season seven )
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I have a theory. I think the next stage in fannish participatory progression will be re-cutting episodes themselves to tell fanfiction stories -- probably eventually manipulating the characters and the images themselves and effectively "directing" new episodes of our shows. TV downloading is easy, ubiquitous and free. Editing software is getting powerful and cheap.

Tell me-- what are the copyright issues we're going to run into?

I'm watching DS9 Season 7, episode two. Called...something with Shadows. Sisko and the new Ezri Dax are tromping around the selfsame desert where a young Buffy Summers met the First Slayer, and I had a fantasy that someone in the fannish stratosphere would cut those two episodes together to tell a crossovertastic brand-new story. And then I recalled downloading something recently where a fan had looped together audio clips from a David Hewlett movie and a Joe Flanigan movie into a slashy jubilee, and then, you know, one thing led to another.

Dammit, I have GOT to finish writing this scene. I have accomplished four more pages.
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Things I'm not working on right now, 19:37, 11/27/05:

1. WBC homework, times four. Functional slacker. (For Richard Linklater's "Slacker," see 'slacker (disambiguation)'). I'm on chapter headings and battle scenes, over here; character misbehaviour and want and need. This is USEFUL homework; if only I were a less disambiguous slacker.

2. The story where Ronon is an 18-year-old lazy-ass wisecracker in military school.
3. The story where Rodney is put on a forced exercise regiment and is super embarassed and doesn't tell anyone until John starts noticing Rodney's getting all cut and svelte, and Rodney's like, "it's probably a tapeworm, don't worry about it!"

Instead, I'm contemplating WORLDWIDE FANNISH REVOLUTION. So here's my question:

fandom (disambiguation) )
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TITLE: The Pegasus Society
AUTHOR: Sabine (
CATEGORY: SGA: Sheppard/McKay, NC-17
SPOILERS: Season One, post-"The Brotherhood"
DISCLAIMER: Intellectual property of MGM and Canada. Sex property of fandom!

This is, begging [ profile] samdonne's forgiveness, a fully indulgent adventure in Mensa porn and inapplicable science and sex between boys. In other words, warning: manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts, proceed with caution and beer goggles.

Thank you to [ profile] helenish, purveyor of fine Rodney!lust and equipped with all the tools one needs to fully objectify and squee over David Hewlett, thus saving my ass by offering visual cues when I was writerblocked.

And to [ profile] kormantic, who read this, and helped, and learned about combinatorics and then wrote Clouds, Shy Squares and Diophantus, which is fully delicious and should be read by everyone.

And mostly there are not enough words in English or Ancient that mean [ profile] runpunkrun, who is without question smart enough for Rodney to sleep with.

The Pegasus Society )
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I'm just being a clearinghouse, for a moment, mostly so I only have one LJ link to Memory. Anyway, here's some stuff from the world:

[open-minded Jews in Portland who aren't gay]
[What, no hellfire? I was promised hellfire!]
[Gay mittens]
[B5 ficathon, um, super-gay]
[device of the future! maybe fantastic! In a sort of post-apocalyptic Big Brotheresque way. Or, maybe gay.]

That being said, I have another question. To the righties on my Trusted list, or, rather, the Righties whose opinions I trust:

Do you -- or any conservative-types in fandom you know -- have you, hm. The question is, do you know anyone who's comfortable with slash, writing it/reading it, while not comfortable with homosexuality as a practice in her real life? Someone who could write about Duncan and Methos getting it on, but who'd be squicked if she learned she had a gay friend?

Additionally -- how does this hold over for gay marriage? [ profile] pene enlightened me on the subject once when, in her more Christian days (G, *g*), she commented that she "believed in" homosexuals ('cause, duh, there they are), but she didn't support pre-marital sex, THEREFORE, the option left to her was to support gay marriage.

Of course, this was before the big gay agenda, perpetuated by the liberal media elite, swept G off her feet with the use of porn and evil temptresses and, um, whiskey, probably, and made G supergay in that insidious way we have of taking otherwise innocent people and gayifying them while they're not looking. Poor unsuspecting [ profile] pene. *g*

Anyway. I'm wondering how that holds over for conservatives not of the religious bent, wondering -- first, if there IS a set of slash writers who are uncomfortable with homosexuality in the "real world" but not in fiction, then -- why that is, exactly. And just, in general, wondering what people think. Responses from all sides welcomed, please and thank you.
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Note: I posted this on Saturday, but here it is again for because it has *more* information in it as I am *less* tired. Look what I did with "more" and "less" there -- that's 'cause I'm a speechwriter, I know how to make a point. (cf. Toby, SGTE,SGTJ) *g*

First, Sab was awake for 30 straight hours. Then [ profile] qowf came to town. Then, in a phenomenal act of ill-advisedness, Sab got in the car and drove to Oxnard.......

Back from Escapade. I love [ profile] killabeez and [ profile] elynross with the flaming passion of a half-century of boylove and hero-worship. And [ profile] elynross is a hero girl, like me. And I love them.

I represented for [ profile] prillalar and [ profile] kormantic in the body of Little Plastic Mulder, who waved his little plastic arm and said hello to the following people: [ profile] killabeez, [ profile] pearl_o, [ profile] katallison, [ profile] liviapenn, in the almighty name of Hal and Dawn.

[ profile] pearl_o was the first person I met, with the exception of some assorted adorable TPM lesbians during my first trip to the Escapade suite, and Pearl was right charming. Then I found Elynross and proceeded to affix myself to her, ramora-style, for the remainder of the day. I saw [ profile] minotaurs out of the corner of a tired eye more than twice, but could do little more than fangirl and grin at him awkwardly, for he is a Great Slashy God and I am but a Mere Mortal and plus he's, like, hot SD queenboy.

At some point I met Ruth Sawtelle Anderson (where any of those words could be wrong and replaced with homophones) and she was wearing a hat and I signed [ profile] amatia's yearbook in the name of Jurassic Park III slashiness and dinosaurs.

Additional hat-tips to the new folk I met, along with apologies for being so fucking tired it was a wonder I could hug straight: [ profile] liviapenn, [ profile] nestra, [ profile] geekturnedvamp, and extra special juicy adulation to [ profile] schuyler, who got a warp-speed hug because I was looking for Helen and also hightailing it to dinner but hot damn would I have loved to talk to her more, so, Sunday maybe.

The Heroes/Sidekicks panel was intriguing and too short and I wanted to keep talking and talking and talking, but also, with the not sleeping and the being incoherent so, you know, don't listen to me. Plus then the entire Jeremiah fandom went to have dinner and pie: [ profile] gwyn_r, [ profile] melina123, [ profile] hafital, [ profile] killabeez, [ profile] elynross, [ profile] morgandawn, LJ user me. I had chicken soup in a bread bowl and was too tired even to eat the bread bowl. Which is my favorite part of the soup/bread bowl experience, and also, when a girl is too tired to chew bread it's really time for that girl to go home.

But yet, I had such fun listening and talking about Jeremiah and Highlander and Hornblower (!) and vidding and JMS and TiVo and pie, and anyway, next year. Next year I'm gonna actually volunteer in the suite, or something. Next year in Jerusalem, yo.

I got kicked out of the Escapade suite the third or fourth time for being illegally *in* the Escapade suite, but fortunately found a merry band of outlaws with whom to join forces, see also [ profile] helenish and her cohorts, none of whose LJ names I know (ETA: [ profile] apetslife, [ profile] rossetti, [ profile] jalfred) but among whom ranked people of the likes of Pet and others whose names I have forgotten, because at that point I was so fucking tired it was a wonder I could still make snarky comments about TV's Worst Haircuts.

Um. More things happened. I can't recall them, see fig. Tired. Had not slept in 30 hours prior to Escapade and all I can say is the 101 was just that much too long, driving home in the dark.

There was a very, very smart woman named Rachel at the panel. Additional information graciously received. [ETA: [ profile] wickedwords, see fig. Heroes panel link]

[ profile] hesychasm, I saw you across the crowded room. I think I winked. How are you?

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For Blow it With Feeling, a Wintersnix panicky blowjob.

This production of the musical "War and Blowjobs" is based loosely on the original text "Damian Lewis and Ron Livingston are pretty" and was sponsored by a charitable grant from the [ profile] runpunkrun Foundation for Titles Extracted From German Poetry in Translation. RPR did a C-130's worth of fly-by beta and very chivalrously donated the Brechtian title of the most excellent poem to this project, see: From a German War Primer.

Title: General, dein Tank ist ein starker Wagen
Author: Sabine
Fandom: Band of Brothers
Pairing: Winters/Nixon
Length: 17k
Genre: war and blowjobs, NC-17
Summary: General, your tank is a powerful vehicle. (With due credit to Bertolt
Emotion: panic

General, dein Tank ist ein starker Wagen )
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A long long time ago, LJ user [ profile] minotaurs asked the following:

What is it about fanfic, and slash in particular that makes it unique as a literary genre, and uniquely satisfying? What need does it fill for us (beside the obvious, smutty one)?

I said this. )


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