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I'm distracting myself from David Tennant for the duration until I hop the pond at the end of July. Fortunately my fannish yen for obsession has been fed by Paul Gross. I'm obsessing hard, but in a really exciting non-proprietary way where you all totally got to him before me and he's ALL YOURS, except that I briefly want to beat the crap out of him for being such a talented, brilliant, arrogant, ego-centric fuck. Possibly beat the crap out of him and fuck him at the same time. Actually, I did that a couple days ago.

So, I have questions.

First off, what's the deal with PG's political involvement? Does he really represent the conservative party? Or only as far as Canadian nationalism? Did he actually consider running for office? And, more recently but sort of unrelatedly, how's that fight for arts funding going? I take no small amount of humor from the fact that Tennant (comma David) is doing exactly the same thing in Scotland for arts education.

Second, rec me (and link me to?) some interviews with PG? I mean, print mag interviews but also any video. How about reviews of his stage productions?

Third, is there footage of any of his stage performances?

Fourth, what sort of music can I find aside from "Kiss You Till You Weep" (oh, so magnificently cheesy and yet triumphant)?

Those are my questions. And I still want to throttle that arrogant fuck, slam him into the floor and tell him what a gorgeous, obnoxious, absurdly talented fucking bastard he is. Somehow, Paul Gross is just the kind of guy I wanna fight. Hard.

In other news, faced with zombies in a mall I would wield an axe to the tune of "Rhapsody in Blue" (excellent zombie-fighting music!) with Seeley Booth at my side. Does Booth get a gun? I mean, does that count as my weapon if Booth has one? I like the one-two axe-handgun combo. BAM! Bada dada dada DUM DUM DUM DUM, DUM DUM DUM, DUM DUM DUM, DUM DUM doo DOO!

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That sequence in the Slings & Arrows pilot, when Oliver calls Geoffrey from the pay phone and Geoffrey hangs up and Oliver calls again and they fight, and they confess everything, right there, and right before Oliver gets the answer to the question he's afraid to ask, he hangs up on Geoffrey. You know that one? Yeah. Just fucking broke me.

"You were incandescent," Oliver says. "Why did you leave?"

I mean, it's brilliant, it's always been brilliant, all ninety-thousand times I've seen this episode, and yet fucking Christ it just all came together so well. From the moment Oliver stumbles drunkenly into the phone booth to the moment he falls miserably out to his demise, it's perfect. I mean, it's perfect, a perfect piece of television.

"I'm proud of you," Oliver says. And he means it. "Chaining yourself to a building, defending the rights of the insane to put on shows nobody will ever see."
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title: Unreal Mockery
author: Sabine // [ profile] iamsab
fandom: Slings & Arrows
pairings: Geoffrey/Oliver, Geoffrey/Ellen
rating: r
length: 3319 words
acknowledgements: fixed by Punk.
summary: The Scottish King Play

Written for [ profile] kink_bingo, row five, column one: teasing

this must be what being in hell feels like )
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In an altogether expected turn of events my reading of Harold Bloom on Hamlet has turned into, whoops, now Sab's writing Slings & Arrows fic.

Actually, I think we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that it'll be Geoffrey Tennant's Hamlet I'm obsessing about for the foreseeable, and not that other Tennant.


(Oh and I found two S&A ficlets I didn't even remember writing, when I was searching my gmail for "Tennant" and "Hamlet." I posted them to the Sabrary for posterity.)

ETA: Was just stricken with the terrifying thought of David Tennant having a nervous breakdown after three and a half performances. My heart stopped in my chest for a second.

ETA, again: No, seriously, though. Think about it. /palpitates

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I swear to god if Shatner shows up to play Lear I will LOSE MY SHIT. Geraint Wyn Davies (aka the scary cannibal from Cube 2) as Mackers was, um. Big. Enough. DUDE.

I love this show.

Timestamp: 3x01, 16:51.


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