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1. Joseph and Harry's window: <-- click it and click things, you know, about me. I was unable to find six words that aptly described myself, so I fudged on two of 'em. Don't tell.

2-11. as seen at lj user girlcakes' place: a meme about my nonunderlined interests )

12. I went to Boston and found [ profile] moireach, [ profile] annakovsky, [ profile] janet_carter, [ profile] mazily and [ profile] tangleofthorns right where they said they'd be and OH the hell we raised. I found [ profile] gem225 and G and we dissed on the preznit like that chick in Meet Virginia. I had a super sexy girls-gone-wild slumber party with [ profile] projectjulie, [ profile] helenish and the Bandit and mine own [ profile] spycookies. I had the best birthday party EVER. EVER.

This is me giving you all lime-green "I Got Wasted At Sab's Bat Mitzvah" T-Shirts, to remember ALWAYS.

13. Now, I'm depending on the kindness of strangers and [ profile] lizlet to help write my Scrubs spec, which has five plotlines already, and still no plot! But the formatting, OH, the formatting. Mmm!

14. I'm also undergoing MORE changes to my meds, so beware sudden mood swings and please don't be alarmed, should be settled by next week, god willing and the creek, something.
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Some old comments showed up, through my e-mailing thingy. I found THIS meme, which apparently made the rounds in August, and which I figured I'd resurrect now.

Playing the home game; my migraine is GONE. My head is blissfully, lustfully quiet. I'll change the kitty litter.

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.

everything you always wanted to know about yourself, free with proof of purchase )
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I'm still chewing on those polls. Stand by.

I'm sitting in a map of index cards, sprawled out in three acts, and I almost know exactly where everything's going to go. We have achieved title, people. We have achieved character names. We have dynamic manipulation and reversion to misbehavior, we have battle!

Remind me, later, when I ask, that the explosion happens FIRST.

Ten Things I Love:

1. Cube
2. Northern Exposure
3. [ profile] runpunkrun
4. soy, and soy-based foods
5. big cats, preferably of the Kalahari
6. things that are gay, especially [ profile] wearemany
7. a nice fork
8. anything still in shrinkwrap
9. [ profile] projectjulie and Julie-based Internet Concerns
10. sitting in a puddle of index cards, almost knowing where everything's going to fall

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Dear Internet:

I have been throwing myself in 110% at work the past several months, if for no other reason than I am desperate to get a raise, and deeply, recklessly in love with the Democratic Party. I know I keep popping and re-popping on the Internet, and I miss you all tremendously, but am so severiously bugging that I just can't keep up.

I'm out here, I promise, I'm alive and all good and eating green vegetables and whatnot, just with a tremendous singleness of purpose at the moment. Anyway, please don't hate me for being so flaky. And don't, like, feel the need to comment or shower me with whatever it is that people shower in these occasions. I'm not casting about for attention at all, just touching in to say I am racing, racing to keep up, and thus irreliable in the Internet department. But you are my friends, my BEST friends, many of you, and I just wantcha to know I love you, and so forth, and I miss you, for reals, and I'll try and come back real soon but I don't wanna promise anything because I don't wanna disappoint.

< / All About MEEE >

Thank you Julie for the teacherphilia links. Empress A., the truth is I'm attending that particular evening on a DATE, and therefore would prefer to be a twosome. *g*

Showering now.
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I started my 2004 Year in Review, more for my own archival purposes than any sort of catharsis or advertising needs, but, bein' cruisy and stupid, I backed out of the browser window without realizing it, forwarded to a different LJ, and started surfing around Livejournal, effectively erasing/eating my post so innocently sitting in an Update Journal window I can't get to. (Note to self: use Semagic)

C'est la way it goes, and in the interest of not going through all 39 questions again, I give you the salient points.

This is me in '04 )


I think the Firefly remix is my favorite, with the H:LotS prison fic and the BoB tank fic sliding in close behind. If I can do at least that well, if I can write at least that much, if I can write at least that well, 2005 will be just fine. And if I get better, if I learn something (understanding it'd be nearly impossible not to), well, it looks like I've got the pieces in place to be a fine damned writer after all.

For posterity:
This was me in '03, baby.
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All of you out there in TV Land, join the talent round-up!

First, some Sab matchmaking:

[ profile] kerqui, [ profile] deborah_judge, you're both just starting DS9 on Spike, and those of us who've been stationed in the Badlands are thrilled to bits. Kerqui, meet Deborah, Deborah, meet Kerqui.

[ profile] tangleofthorns, you'll like this. Mel, meet Luna, Luna, meet Mel.

[ profile] _swallow awakened some childhood memories in me with her post about the calf with the mournful eye, better known as a highly morbid Yiddish folk song my mom used to sing to me and [ profile] spycookies. Lizzie, why do I associate Suzanne Bosches with this song? I can't remember.


But mostly, see Sab poleaxed.

I've got heaps to read (namely [ profile] selenak's Babylon 5/Sandman XO) and heaps to feedback (namely [ profile] andrastewhite's tentacle pr0n for meeee!) and heaps to do, mostly of the catching up with [ profile] theatrical_muse variety, but none of this gets to happen today, because it turns out the Simon Tam ficathon isn't due July 24th but rather June 24th, which could not be any sooner if it TRIED, unless it was the 23rd. You see my predicament.


Quietly, in my spare time, I hustle for jobs and a new tenant for the livingroom. It's between Quincy ME and Trevor, who calls me ma'am, even after I told him not to. Which is just surreal. Yesterday Edith dragged in a pigeon that was bigger than she was. Marcus and I stood over and watched her as she tried to eat the whole thing, but this was a case where her eyes were bigger than her stomach (despite her tiny Edith head). I cleaned up the carcass, but it left behind a little trail of seeds that must have been the bird's last meal.
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Some vague shoutouts to my LJ f'list homies, because I am nothing if not a -- what's the word for what I am? (Hush, [ profile] pene!) Anyway, a roundup.

ETA cut tags, because I am of the Cult of Nice.

You )

Me )

Them )

I think that might be everything I know. That's a lot! I know some things! Now I'm hungry.
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Note: I posted this on Saturday, but here it is again for because it has *more* information in it as I am *less* tired. Look what I did with "more" and "less" there -- that's 'cause I'm a speechwriter, I know how to make a point. (cf. Toby, SGTE,SGTJ) *g*

First, Sab was awake for 30 straight hours. Then [ profile] qowf came to town. Then, in a phenomenal act of ill-advisedness, Sab got in the car and drove to Oxnard.......

Back from Escapade. I love [ profile] killabeez and [ profile] elynross with the flaming passion of a half-century of boylove and hero-worship. And [ profile] elynross is a hero girl, like me. And I love them.

I represented for [ profile] prillalar and [ profile] kormantic in the body of Little Plastic Mulder, who waved his little plastic arm and said hello to the following people: [ profile] killabeez, [ profile] pearl_o, [ profile] katallison, [ profile] liviapenn, in the almighty name of Hal and Dawn.

[ profile] pearl_o was the first person I met, with the exception of some assorted adorable TPM lesbians during my first trip to the Escapade suite, and Pearl was right charming. Then I found Elynross and proceeded to affix myself to her, ramora-style, for the remainder of the day. I saw [ profile] minotaurs out of the corner of a tired eye more than twice, but could do little more than fangirl and grin at him awkwardly, for he is a Great Slashy God and I am but a Mere Mortal and plus he's, like, hot SD queenboy.

At some point I met Ruth Sawtelle Anderson (where any of those words could be wrong and replaced with homophones) and she was wearing a hat and I signed [ profile] amatia's yearbook in the name of Jurassic Park III slashiness and dinosaurs.

Additional hat-tips to the new folk I met, along with apologies for being so fucking tired it was a wonder I could hug straight: [ profile] liviapenn, [ profile] nestra, [ profile] geekturnedvamp, and extra special juicy adulation to [ profile] schuyler, who got a warp-speed hug because I was looking for Helen and also hightailing it to dinner but hot damn would I have loved to talk to her more, so, Sunday maybe.

The Heroes/Sidekicks panel was intriguing and too short and I wanted to keep talking and talking and talking, but also, with the not sleeping and the being incoherent so, you know, don't listen to me. Plus then the entire Jeremiah fandom went to have dinner and pie: [ profile] gwyn_r, [ profile] melina123, [ profile] hafital, [ profile] killabeez, [ profile] elynross, [ profile] morgandawn, LJ user me. I had chicken soup in a bread bowl and was too tired even to eat the bread bowl. Which is my favorite part of the soup/bread bowl experience, and also, when a girl is too tired to chew bread it's really time for that girl to go home.

But yet, I had such fun listening and talking about Jeremiah and Highlander and Hornblower (!) and vidding and JMS and TiVo and pie, and anyway, next year. Next year I'm gonna actually volunteer in the suite, or something. Next year in Jerusalem, yo.

I got kicked out of the Escapade suite the third or fourth time for being illegally *in* the Escapade suite, but fortunately found a merry band of outlaws with whom to join forces, see also [ profile] helenish and her cohorts, none of whose LJ names I know (ETA: [ profile] apetslife, [ profile] rossetti, [ profile] jalfred) but among whom ranked people of the likes of Pet and others whose names I have forgotten, because at that point I was so fucking tired it was a wonder I could still make snarky comments about TV's Worst Haircuts.

Um. More things happened. I can't recall them, see fig. Tired. Had not slept in 30 hours prior to Escapade and all I can say is the 101 was just that much too long, driving home in the dark.

There was a very, very smart woman named Rachel at the panel. Additional information graciously received. [ETA: [ profile] wickedwords, see fig. Heroes panel link]

[ profile] hesychasm, I saw you across the crowded room. I think I winked. How are you?



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