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Absurdly, too-hot-to-wear-pants, video of David Tennant kissing various people and having sex and an oral fetish, by me4AJnD to "OMG":

Oh god. *fans self*

And while I'm on it, the vid [ profile] elishamarie28 made for me for Sweet-Charity, a rollicking triumphant Tenth Doctor story to a techno remix of "Ode to Joy":

And since I'm going to tag this post for my Tennant vids reel, I should also throw in the one I made, namely, Casanova, to "Us:"

*goes back to recording podfic instead*

HEY ALSO, was there new Top Chef last night? I'm afraid I'm already spoiled for it! Despite knowing obviously who the final 4 -- and prob the final 3 -- will be... still! Anyone seen it anywhere?
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Back in the Sweet-Charity auction, I won the mad skillz of vidder [ profile] elishamarie28, who patiently put up with weeks and weeks of me changing my mind and sending her long crazy comments and altogether being obsessive.

I found an awesome techno remix of "Ode to Joy," and decided I wanted a Ten character piece, with him flailing and leaping and running around, set like he's dancing to the music.

Elisha brought in some narrative, made it chronological, told a story about Ten and Rose, and ended with a big beautiful bang. I think we both have something to be proud of.

And there's a HQ .avi that she's put on her personal webspace; I will nab it and share it out.

Until then. YouTube link behind cut!

all mankind shall live as brothers in the shadow of thy wing! )

Seriously, watch this vid and go tell [ profile] elishamarie28 how awesome she is. She put up with months of nitpicking from me and she made some amazing choices and cut it brilliantly and altogether gave me a vid I FUCKING LOVE.
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they made a statue of us )

My very first video! The YouTube window is behind the cut, because it seemed terrifying out there by itself. A higher quality version is available [here] via YSI, 20mb, divx .avi; running time 3:24. But the truth is the YouTube version's perfectly serviceable -- and so handy!

It's the BBC's Casanova, dir. Russell T Davies, starring David Tennant and Laura Fraser. It's a Giac/Henriette vid of the nth degree, and a shameless and earnest love story that [ profile] projectjulie dubbed a David/Emily vid. I confess. *g* Set to Regina Spektor's "Us" and hopefully enjoyable to people who haven't seen Casanova too, because, through no fault of my own, this is an awesome song and even though I've listened to it eighty billion times cutting this vid I'm still not sick of it, which says a lot about Regina Spektor, or something.

Thanks in huge amounts to Julie, to [ profile] wearemany and [ profile] fmangel, to [ profile] fialka and especially [ profile] z_rayne for help above and beyond.

Comments would be most especially excellent; how'd I do my first time out the gate?
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Two noob vidding questions, plus one slightly more complicated vidding question that might be beyond the scope of answering in LJ comments and might require [ profile] fialka or [ profile] z_rayne holding my hand.

I'm vidding! Like I was born to do it! Thanks in huge part to the aforementioned Fi and Zoe who are my pit crew, parts and labor, muse and guru, executive producers par excellence.

So. In Premiere Pro:

1. How do I re-clip a clip that's already in my timeline? As in, it's already been clipped, made into a sequence, wherein I've stripped the audio and then cut and pasted it onto my master timeline, where the song audio track is. But, THEN, say, I decide I want to make it shorter? Can I somehow get in and RE-CLIP that clip and have it apply to the version that's on the timeline? Or do I just have to re-clip that clip again from the master from scratch? (Which is what I've been doing.)

2. In related news, is there any way to ZOOM IN on the timeline toolbar? Some of my clips are so teeny it's hard to get a mousehold on them, and I'd like to be able to get in really close and move clips by the millisecond.

3. And then. I haven't started playing with effects yet, but is there an easy way to crossfade (or set up a TIMED crossfade) between clips? Or an easy way to get a clip to fade to black or fade in from black?
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SWF seeks vidder for hire!

I have all the clips, audio, and even have noted the timecodes, got everything except a working/non-crashing copy of WMM and no other editing software to speak of!

But I have such a TREMENDOUS vid idea I can't stand to not do it.

In-kind exchange to be worked out, as in, I'll write FIC for you? Or...punch up your resume or leave funny messages on your voicemail or stalk your favorite celebrity or...the possibilities are limitless!

If you're a vidder with some time on your hands, this could be awesomely fun. Yes? PLEASE?


(Alternately, I'd gladly accept editing software as long as it's FREE...but I'd rather have a vidder who's better'n me.)


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