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Universary. Universary. Is this a word? This can't be a word, this is like the anniversary of a universe. WHAT is the word I'm looking for, featuring Deans and Headmasters and an overlarge campus that contains both graduate and undergraduate colleges including schools of specialization, from optometry to theatre? Universary. Universary.

The Northern Exposure pilot is just fucking brilliant. Did you know that Maggie was initially "Maggie Casey"? And that Shelly was initially a hot Native chick? Man, she's so much funnier as a white-girl Canadian pageant queen. I'm stealing everything I can from this script, scrubbing the serial numbers off and throwing it into space. Seriously. THIS close to having mooseburgers on Mars.

UNIVERSITY! /dumbfuck. Right?

/she said, writing.
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This chick was a good friend of mine at camp, 1988, came to my bat mitzvah, hooked up with Chris Cayten (lucky bitch), went on to wow critics with her debut novel about the Starkweather homicides: Outside Valentine, Liza Ward.

It would probably be easier to track down the folks who went to camp with me who didn't go on to wow the art world in all its various capacities; it was that kind of camp, with some scary-ass brilliant alum. And, lest we forget, here I am, still.

The famed and art-world-wowing (though not Buck's Rock alum) Published Author who, as wiki might say, owns the LJ with the account [ profile] edonohana, wrote some Logan/Weevil, here: Five Things That Never Happened to Logan Echolls, where the first chapter, "tattoo," is for MEEE because I requested Logan and Weevil in detention. I mean. GO BREAKFAST CLUB PIRATES!

Comedy teaches us the rule of threes, but I've got no big news regarding published authors in particular to share with you beyond the two above, and so, instead, I give you Pandora Radio, originally seen, I think, on [ profile] thete1's LJ. I am so plugged in, yo. I made a Favorite Music list, also linked over here <<<< in the sidebar thingy, and if you were interested in visiting that list, I would LOVE mp3s of any or all of those songs. So far Tom Waits Radio, Pigeon John Radio, and Patty Griffin Radio have proven to yield the best results, but I've been fucking around so much I think I've gotten most of the way through Pandora's 10,000 songography in the space of a handful of days.
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Here's some SGA fic I've been enjoying that's succeeded in making me feel inadequate, lusty, and/or delighted. This'll probably be old news to most of you, but for me:

First, here's Intersections, by Kaneko. I'm sure you've already read it. I actually have not, at least, not all the way, because [ profile] kaneko is so nauseatingly good that I can only read a handful of paragraphs at a time before I go apoplectic with envy and fury and awe and love. I'm about halfway through. Here's John Sheppard, and here's Rodney, and here's their histories and their life stories and where they intersect, hip-deep in the Antarctic snow. HOLY MARVELOUS LITERARY CRAP, Batman.

Then, [ profile] lilysaid wrote Visiting Hours, hurt/comfort of the finest kind. Here John's being held prisoner, and Rodney can visit, and the truth is there's only so long John can go without human touch, but he's an airman, baby, and he'd never ask for it. And Rodney, who shows up weekly with letters and M&M's, can't rescue John no matter how much he might want to. This is -- the first half of this story unfolds like the layout for all the best h/cs we used to read back in the good old days of h/c and UST. But then the second half, just, gracefully, powerfully, elegantly avoids all cliche, solves problems with seamless acumen and has one of the best, most fulfilling endings I've read in fanfic.

Enigma, by melyanna is just rockin'. This is about Ronon and Weir, because, seriously, Ronon loves, loves to bait Weir, and she is just so innocent and serious but behind that even Ronon knows she has an elegance and a wisdom, even if it's totally misplaced on a SPACE MISSION. This is, is it gen? It's probably gen. And it is so very, very smart.

And then, because god forbid I should leave you on a high note, here's the profoundly depressing Edges, by [ profile] rageprufrock. This reminds me, loosely, of the Star Trek: Voyager series finale. Not in the sexy Admiral Janeway sense, but in the back-on-earth-and-super-nostalgic-and-sad sort of way. This is sort of like the SGA version of Punk's Lived and Were [XF] and, don't worry, you'll get a doozy of a lump in your throat from this one, too, before you get to the end.
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I can't go see The Squid and the Whale. I can't even watch that arc on Sex and the City with Ron Livingston in, because I can't handle the anguish of one writer envious of another writer. That pain is JUST TOO GREAT TO BEAR. And I'd do almost anything for Ron Livingston.


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