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Hi, I broke my rib. My VERY OWN rib. I was, picture this. Shoemoney Haus just moved, right? (Or, in the words of our namesakes, "We live here now.") So I'm in the backseat of my car unloading things, and I reach OVER the passenger's seat into the front seat to lift a metal vat of beer. Which didn't lift, but did drive my ribs into the top of the seatback, cracking my...second from the top on the right hand side...rib.

I can breathe, though it hurts, and can indeed inflate my lungs to capacity, which I am doing every few minutes, as well as coughing, which also hurts, because the website told me to to that to make sure I have lung function. I also taped up the rib, which cuts the pain in HALF lemme tell you, unless I put weight on that side or try to lift up or back with either arm.

Now I'm convalescing, and my girls (though off to see Anderson atm) are taking good care of me. Send porn! Or, Recovery, dammit! Only Tennant angsting nakedly with a beard can lift my gloom!
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Do you hear that playin? (Yes we hear that playin'!)
Do youknow who's playin'? (No who's that playin'?)

Why it's Gabriel! Gabriel playin'!
Gabriel, Gabriel, sayin' --

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] wearemany!! (She's been a sinner, she's been a scamp...)


And, when you see this on your flist, quote Leo McGarry:

"Act as if ye have faith and faith shall be given to you. Put it another way, fake it till you make it."


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Yes! I'm moving! Come April 1st, I'm saddling up with [ profile] wearemany and [ profile] fmangel and we are moving into just the most adorable little Silverlake-adjacent craftsman house you ever did see. [ profile] filmg33k and MK are interviewing potential Sab-substitutes as we speak, and it turns out I'm gonna miss this place, this Farmington! (Still plenty of room for you, NB -- when do we get you next?)

I'm going to do this TV meme I saw at [ profile] mosca's most recently, and then I'm going to put the screws in to my Remix and finish this bad boy.

Six Favorite TV Shows In No Particular Order:
1. M*A*S*H
2. Northern Exposure
3. Babylon 5
4. Sports Night
5. Scrubs
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(are you as surprised by that last one as I am? But I feel it's true! Also, let's note the heavy sitcom-to-drama ratio. And I'll tell you, Buffy only barely edged out Newsradio...)

what I say I say I say )
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To do:

1. Finish story for Remix IV, nearly done.
2. Finish article for SMRT-TV! I am less done, but I have Important Points to Make! And a promising beginning.
3. Femslash ficathon due Apr. 4th. I almost know what I'm going to write about.

4. Also I am moving March 31st.
5. And packing, unpacking, and painting in there.

6. Mars script: fix Nico's return, move Witt speech to later.
7. Scrubs script: Invent plotline for Cox!
8. House script: study WORMS.
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Home from the desert, where [ profile] fmangel, [ profile] wearemany and I watched Veronica Mars, drank tequila, mainlined painkiller and swam in the pool. It's hailing in LA. I'm sending resumes at record clip. Caught a googling meme from a passing [ profile] channe that suggests:

Sab needs to be recomputed.
Sab needs to be more of a support body for sponsors than a regulatory body.
Sab needs YOUR help in conquering bad music and awakening the world from its coma state!

Sab needs to acquire a world brand if it wants to stay up there among the world's biggest brewers.
Sab needs to work on posters and fliers and emailing listserves.
Sab needs to go to see some performance art.

Sab needs several volunteers at each home game.
Sab needs to be more clear for blonde EBS members!
Sab needs to file a request with the lending library.
Sab needs you! SAB needs you! SAB needs you!

Sab needs counseling: (8:3 "His left hand should be under my head,and his right hand should embrace me.")
Sab needs to be placed under control somehow, right now it's just too powerful.
ehmmm, Sab needs to eat her sandwich.


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