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So I wrote The ACME Judgment Company (Uncloseted Remix) for [ profile] loneraven, which was a frickin' thrill to write. M*A*S*H's S4 "The More I See You" might be my favorite ep of all time and I've seen it enough times to recite it (*sighs,* master complicator) but I shook it up, changing the dialogue to suit my whims and, more importantly, to shape the story [ profile] loneraven told in Closet. The above was made possible by a charitable grant from [ profile] furies, without whom this would be a rambling, nonsensical thing.

Later, I wrote Nothing Exciting Happens Here (The Feels Like Home Remix) which remixed a charmingly smutty little Sarah Jane Smith/Rose Tyler PWP. [ profile] vandonovan provided just the right amount of Classic Who trivia and solved all my canon questions, and [ profile] hils made sure I was actually speaking Britishish. It was a pinch-hit for [ profile] netgirl_y2k, but please allow me to direct your attention to the other remix netgirl received, namely The Boy Who Killed Time. If you're nostalgic for old docs and companions, or, rather, simply want to see how the tapestry of history is woven, and rewoven, go read that story instead. It's by [ profile] rosa_acicularis and made me very glad that netgirl got two remixes, because while my Rose/Sarah Jane totally doesn't suck, this Boy Who Killed Time is a cut above; outstanding in its field.

Aaaaaaand, I'd thank my remixer but s/he hasn't revealed herself!

Thank you, [ profile] eponymous_rose, for the moody, weirdly manipulative and intuitive remix Savile Row (The Glass Menagerie Remix), again, one of the two remixes of my Savile Row ficlet. The other remix was written by [ profile] eve11, entitled Threads (The Backstitch in time Remix.

IJS, if you haven't read all three of these yet you're missing out. Read the original first and then check out both remixes, to see the art of remix in all its splendor and glory. [ profile] eponymous_rose, [ profile] eve11, I can't thank you enough.
sab: (Default) I make my way through the 50 or so I have bookmarked to read:

I Am Become (Death), a B5 remix, answers, among other things, a question I've had for years. What WAS it like for Lyta to awaken the sleeper personality in Talia, this woman she had known back in psy school, with whom she had been "close, for a time." And then it takes me exactly where I wanted to go next, that post-series Lyta and G'Kar off to explore the universe; and of course a lot of that is formed by the loss of Talia, of Bester, of Lyta's links to the Corps. There's a sentence in there that made me gasp, that made me say "of course!" while also being so incredibly impressed that the author managed to pull it off, and that it had never once occurred to me before.

Ouroboros (Points in Time and Space Mix), a gentle XF AU that takes the absolute simplest change and makes it terrifying. Growing up I was obsessed with Richard Bach's "The Bridge Across Forever," a vaguely metaphysical lovestory. Later, Bach wrote a prequel/sequel called "One," describing a path not taken where the lovers never met. That sent an icicle through my heart much in the way this story does (despite that not being what happens in this remix; the mood remains the same). Oh, ow, the love, the. Just.

there was a war (that that don't kill me can only make me stronger mix), Doctor Who, TARDIS-pov. She really is bigger on the inside, and she's risked her life, again and again, to protect the Doctor and the ones he loves -- and the ones he hates.

Elsewhere, and in other news, I just purchased the hottest dress ever made. No, I am pretty confident that no one, anywhere, has a hotter dress than mine. I'm obviously going to use it to woo David Tennant. Once [ profile] projectjulie is here I bet there will even be pictures. OMG HOT DRESS DUDE SO SO HOT.

Read these remixes! And, what, NOBODY's got a guess on which ones I wrote? One of them is so abundantly obvious (to me!)...

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Boy, I wasn't kidding about winning the Awesome lottery. Aside from the three amazing remixes I got out of [ profile] remixthedrabble -- and seriously, go read them, people! They're drabbles; it won't hurt a bit! -- I somehow managed to score a fourth remixed drabble, in a fourth fandom entirely:

The City Never Sleeps (The Geologic Timescale Remix), a remix of my wee Elizabeth Weir flashfic Brevity. The remixer hit at least two of my favorite SGA kinks, and gave the story an entirely new perspective. All this in a hundred words! Go, see.

And of course, while I'm at it, [ profile] xf2orbust, because we're almost at the tipping point where X-Files 2 trailers and rumors will come out in earnest -- the twenty-first century is when everything changes, and you gotta be ready.
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So I have a whole stack of fun things to talk about as far as remixing, [ profile] remixredux08, [ profile] remixthedrabble, and the awesome folks who came by the remixfreakingredux AIM chat for cheering, confusion, venting, puzzling through, betaing, and in general discussing the finer points of remixing as a sport. I'd check you all by name but since the remixes haven't been revealed yet I figure there's always the possibility of letting something confidential leak: though at the moment I can't think what that would be in this case.

But, anyway. I'm going to talk about these things later in April, when the Remix Redux remixes go up.

TODAY, I am going to point out that [ profile] remixthedrabble has gone live, and somehow I won the Awesome lottery and got 3 of my stories remixed.

FIRST, in M*A*S*H fandom, I got His Hands (Returning Remix), a remix of my drabble Hands, that took the snapshot I'd written and set it in heartbreaking context. Because there really is something special about BJ and Peg.

THEN, in my old Star Trek stomping grounds, I got Today Is Yesterday (Future Past Remix), which remixed my longish Kira/Dukat story Dislocation, Condemnation, Revelation, In Temptation into 100 perfect words. If you want to see the magic of drabble-remixing in top form, read these 100 words; they say it all.

And FINALLY, someone wrote Threads (The Backstitch in Time Remix), which took my Doctor Who story Savile Row, a story mostly about a pocket, and brought the Whoverse mythology, time travel and Martha, and made it actually about something real. Nice remixing, person. Brilliant job.

I love this season, I do.
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Me, I'm busily finishing my Remix, and then preparing to get to work on my Sweet Charity thingy...but in between, lemme share some things:

[ profile] moduktvdramafic, moderated by [ profile] svilleficrecs, is a community for fic based on UK telly that's not about space or monsters. You know, like Spooks or Teachers or whatever. They say Green Wing counts as well! At the moment, if you've got any old fic in fandoms that count, go ahead and post it there so the comm can start getting some stories attached! Also, see it as an excuse to write me some Nina Sosanya (Jenny) - slash - that chick who played Susan - in the first season of Teachers? Alternately I would love some Book Group slash... Lachlan/Rab, anyone?

[ profile] majoritython continues to be brought to us by [ profile] deborah_judge and [ profile] projectjulie, and is already teeming with exciting ideas and prompts for women and people of color as elected officials (fictional or not!) so if nothing else, go read the prompts and add some?

[ profile] amplificathon is an awesome multifandom podfic-making challenge, brought to us by [ profile] raz0r_girl, [ profile] anatsuno and the queen of podfic herself, [ profile] general_jinjur. I've already started recording something...why haven't you?

And the rest of this post is to say OMG x2 re: Torchwood, Exit Wounds, and OMG times a zillion for the Doctor Who premiere, "Partners in Crime." I haven't watched the BSG premiere yet, and it's probably for the best, as that double-header left me reeling and deeply, deeply in love with that whole giant Cardiff production family. Thank the lord of pants I'm writing in that 'verse for [ profile] majoritython!
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I'll be out at dinner when Sweet-Charity bidding closes tonight (if I did my math right?) so I'm shoving in my last bids for the fans I'm trying to buy (YAY, awesome vidders, graphic artists, and that one chick who might make me a crocheted Dalek!) and you should TOO, esp if you want to buy ME (buy me! Twist me to your bidding!), y'know, go here and buy people.

Elsewhere, I'm powering through my [ profile] remix_redux08 thingy, and I love, love, love my remixee, so now it's just about doing her proud while also not stepping on any of the awesome she's already created, and bringing my own awesome to the remix. Fingers x'ed.

I've thrown down a whole heap of prompts for both [ profile] boxathon and [ profile] majoritython -- due to the abovementioned Remix and Sweet Charity I will prob only be participating in the latter, but there are SO MANY awesome prompts for the box'thon y'all should definitely go claim something you've never tried before and flex your little fannish muscles.

If I've promised to write anything else this spring I've forgotten what it is; if YOU remember you can totally tell me, but I might play dumb.

And remind me to tell you about my vivid Trazodone dream about MZ and my powerful dying love.
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Most of the fic I produced this year came out of burning my Yuletide at both ends. Which shows to go ya that even in the driest of years, Yuletide season and Remix season will get fic outta me. (And yes, Vic, I'm counting the days...)

That said; here's 2006's flyleaf copyright page, aka, what Sab wrote in ought-six.

my fictional year )
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Here's how I'm breakin' on down the remix so far!

FIRST, and most important, somebody out there went to the trouble of writing what we ALL wanted to read, namely, giving us Homesickness (Chakotay/OFC, Chakotay/Janeway) in KatherinePOV! Well, if not all of us, certainly ME and [ profile] projectjulie wanted to read this. And my remixer, whoever she might be, did a damned good, yeoman's job. This is exactly the Kathy who belongs in this story. I give you:

Homesickness (Time Measured in Teaspoons), a remix of Homesickness [ST:VOY, Chakotay/Janeway, Chakotay/other]

And then, some other stuff I read and liked, that you should read too:

Light in the Darkness (Samsara Mix), Firefly, Inara/River and awkward and sexy and another example of taking the original story and flipping the POV, a remix of Light in the Darnkess, by [ profile] fox1013. In this case, getting the remix from Inara's point of view is a really great insight -- I recommend reading the remix first and then reading the original. Inara's take on what River thinks, Inara's impressions of River being crazy -- all of a sudden River is somehow much, much saner through Inara's eyes.

A Love Restrained (All The Broken Pieces Remix), House, House/Wilson. This is a remix of [ profile] summerfling's A Love Restrained, and so far we're 3-and-0 for remixes that flip the POV of the original story. In this case, Esse's original, in House POV, is actually the better of the two stories, but this Wilson-POV remix makes a nice, wistful, lustful counterpoint to Esse's original bittersweet story of Wilson being selfish and trying to have it all -- in Wilson POV he is, of course, more sympathetic, his selfishness almost understandable as opposed to his playing both sides against the middle of the original, which is a cool twist.

Finale Canto (Speaker of the Dead Remix) is a remix of an extended drabble, Bel Canto, by [ profile] rinalin. Firefly, Jayne and basically gen, the remix takes a new POV (Jayne's, where the orig is Mal's) but also extends the story, takes glimpses of what happened between Jayne and Book from the drabble and makes them into a full-fledged story, spot-on Jayne pov, unsentimental and really moving at the same time.

And then there's Pick and Roll (The Drink Before the War Remix), BSG2003 and my fave remix I've read so far. This remixer takes the author, SabaceanBabe's original, Bonding Rituals, which is a great and observant Helo fic featuring Anders and the Caprica Buccaneers, and blows it up into a full, world-building story of growing up a Pyramid player in the colonies, through the eyes of Anders' teammate Sue-Shaun. The remix starts before the Cylon invasion and takes us straight up the Pyramid ranks, through the invasion and occupied Caprica and right up through when Anders meets a punk-ass viper pilot named Kara Thrace. This story's long, moody, clever, and a really human tale of trying to just sort of live your life, during wartime.


More to come as I make my way through this fat-ass bookmark file. I saved all the Firefly, BSG, Atlantis, House, Trekverse and Jossverse stories, so I'll let you know what's what.

Also, there is no way you will ever be able to guess which remix I wrote unless I told ya, I bet. I dare you to prove me wrong. Drabble or an icon or a musical number to whoever gets it right, feel free to guess loudly and openly wherever I can hear yo. *g*
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Want polyamory? [ profile] 3_ships went live today: I Saw Three Ships.

Captain [Anonymous] wrote Tactics for me! And this one coulda been jacked straight out of my brain, THIS is just the Ronon I love, so much stronger than the rest of 'em but still entirely vulnerable to 'em, even if he won't admit it. This is Ronon/Sheppard/Weir, with Ronon sizing up his prey. Thank you so much, [Anonymous!].

Now, I'm writing my pilot. I got seventy-two hours and no more excuses.

You, out there in TV land, post some [ profile] 3_ships recs for me to devour when I'm taking a break procrastinating finished (with this scene? at least?).
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2006 rings in sort of darkly wet and ghost-townish, which is fine by me because it fully justifies holing up and getting writing done. I was supposed to go to Long Beach to see the choucroute today, but instead I schlepped around in the rain doing errands and will go down to LB when it stops raining. I went to Rue de [ profile] esorlehcar to feed the cats, only to discover upon breaking and entering that [ profile] whatssnoo is probably already home. I fed the cats anyhow, just in case I'd misinterpreted the signs.

Now I'm home, and returning to my regularly scheduled 3-ships story already in progress. But first!

[ profile] yuletide!

I wrote [La Remuda], All the Pretty Horses, John Grady/Lacey, for [ profile] zarahemla. It turns out that bucking wild Mexican broncos are really very sexy. It seems to be a small and rather obscure fandom, but my recipient also seemed to like her story, which makes me pleased as punch. This really is the year of the gay cowboy, dude.

ETA: archived! La Remuda, by Sabine. Thanks to the intrepid betas [ profile] runpunkrun and [ profile] wearemany, and doubleplus thanks to [ profile] tangleofthorns who taught me everything I know about John Grady Cole of the Texas Coles.

Also! [ profile] sanj wrote [Even Later], Into the Woods, for me as a pinch-hit, and I am just so full of love for her, and [ profile] elynross and everyone else who pitched in and made sure everybody got a present -- a GREAT present -- this holiday season. Sandy, if you're out there -- thank you so much!
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Seriously, I got the best Yuletide present a girl could ask for.

Here's what I didn't ask for, but, after spending three days nose-deep in the Yuletide archive, here is what I crave, oh, crave, with every fiber in my ficklicious being. Look how all the girlslash I like is in fandoms so rare as to not actually be fandoms at all? Sad, sad meeee.

My offerings to the New Year's Resolution pile, except that most of them I forgot to actually request:

  • Family Guy Brian/Stewie. Just, something wonderful and wrong and with roadtripping.
  • thirtysomething, really, ANYTHING. I want TS fic SO BAD. Maybe some Ellyn/Melissa, some good subversive slash.
  • Love & Rockets, Maggie/Hopey with some angst and punk rock? Or, like, Hopey/Penny where Hopey would rather be with Maggie? Mmmm.
  • Northern Exposure, clever, angsty, sexy Fleischman/O'Connell, devoid of schmoop. Well, okay, a little schmoop. But not a lot!
  • Betsy-Tacy. Tell me you don't want to read Betsy/Tacy/Tib 3some as much as I do? However, what I'd really like is some Betsy/Winona. Mmmm!
  • Chronicles of Prydain, Eilonwy/Achren. How hot, seriously, would that be???
  • And, since I can, MOOOOORE Into the Woods? Anything with the Baker and/or his wife.

I'm just sayin', I've got a birthday coming up in just about a month... *g*


Also, quietly? I am BUGGING OUT about my pilot. A draft of the script and the treatment are due January 10th. I have the story outlined to the letter, and I have the treatment nearly complete. What's missing, however, is the actual SCRIPT, with, you know, DIALOGUE in. What I've got exists piecemeal and in patches, because I wrote straight up from the outline and out of order, as is the WBC way. Of course, you don't realize until you're actually writing the scene that it turns out you need to KNOW about dust-collecting orbital panels if you want to craft a scene around them, and at a certain point [Nico fixes the orbital thingy] is INSUFFICIENT. And so, I am rere-rereading Zubrin's "The Case for Mars" as well as the TREMENDOUSLY helpful "Private Space Ventures," thank you, [ profile] projectjulie!

And then I can fix the orbital thingy.

And then, hopefully, make it funny.

All of it. Twelve days!

[ profile] runpunkrun, this is why I'm hiding from our Bug! World, expect a really awesome Punkensab SGA fic, sometime after January 10th?
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I'm chomping through more [ profile] yuletide fics, as a tremendously effective procrastinating tool. This scene is not going to write itself, but maybe if I concentrate real hard it'll be kind enough to, I don't know, outline itself and show me exactly where to cut back and forth from this flashback?

Until then, here's more good stuff I found over Yuletide way, including two things I beta'd...but I won't tell you which two.

raise the roof, he yelled, yeah, raise the roof, I yelled back )

And I'm also so thrilled that the fic that was written for me, "Even Later," is getting so well received. It is an awesome, marvelous present.

The link to it is with my previous recs, which are here.
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I couldn't sleep, so I read [ profile] yuletide stories for several hours, and I would just like to thank the goddamned ACADEMY. Dude.

I wasn't expecting this at all; in fact, I'd even forgotten I requested it. But, person, you could not have done better; this story filled a VOID in my SOUL I didn't even know I HAD. And so, first, for MEEEE:

Even Later, Into the Woods. I requested Baker/Baker's Wife, but this is something even BETTER, with all of them, afterward, picking up the pieces. It's short, and sharp, and she just nails the voices, all of 'em. I can hear Chip Zien and Joanna Gleason and the "bloodthirsty little motherling in a cloak of wolfskins," just, holding on to what they've still got and figuring out what they have to finally let go of. THANK YOU, COSMOS, for the best Yuletide ever.

Then I went through and read some more things, and holy CRAP some of y'all really brought it this year. Fuck, you guys are good.

yuletide 2005 early recommendations, the rare TV shows remix )
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What appears to be an as-yet-unseeded SGA 2x14 -- anyone started/finished downloading a torrented version of this ep yet?

SGA 2x14 Torrentspy Page (opens to a page, not a right-click-save link) -- this is the Azureus/eztv XviD-TvD that is also listed on Mininova and says 0 seeders, 0 leechers atm. ETA: it's downloading, with no seeds, but .966 completed out there somewhere. Mine's coming in at about 16kBs and I'm crossing my fingers it'll speed up. Come on in, the torrent's fine!

I'm back from WBC, my second-to-last class. The script's due January 2nd. Apoplexy? Check.

But more importantly, today I received in the mail some fabulous Christmas gifts from two of my favorite brilliant and loveable aristocrats, [ profile] maudelynn and Londo Mollari. Dan'a, I don't have the words to express the perfect awesomeness of this present. I've been jonesing for this book for about six months. Sit tight while I *read* the thing, and then squee even more appropriately and effectively about just how brilliant it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And to the [ profile] fandomcards tiny genius who channeled Londo, dammit, it's PERFECT. In fact, I'm confident Londo's got a stack of cards just like these, and a signature stamp, and a host of underpaid interns addressing and sending and swooning over his MAJESTY. Dude, what an awesome thing to get in the mail. If you're out there, somehow, reading this, and don't mind revealing yourself (is that okay, [ profile] boniblithe?) I'd love to know who to thank even LOUDER... For now, thank you, Centauri Embassy, Office of the Prime Minister, for the greetings on this, the Universe's grandest holiday season.
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Lemme pimp [ profile] kerravonsen's Finish-a-thon, wherein you list all your languishing bunnies, they are voted on by a jury of your peers, and the victor becomes the story you have to finish by the deadline assigned.

THIS seems like a great idea both to play god and puppetmaster and just, BAM, order UP all the fic you want from people out there who do it best, and also force yourself to finish something that, you know, otherwise might just sit there on your harddrive unbeknownst to fandom and never achieiving its day in the sun or its Warholish fifteen minutes of feedback!

If you don't do, at least pimp? This idea deserves to reach its curly fingers out way across fandom beyond simply the folks who are in Kerr's Greater Flist Circle, don't it?
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Dear [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] 3_ships Santas!

How nice of you to volunteer to make me a present! You are ALREADY super awesome just for being here. And seriously, do what you want. I'd much rather have you do something interesting that you're psyched about than something that fits my wossnames, requests.

(Oh, but the part where, And Then They Have Sex? I want that part. Even if it's just a tasteful fadeout. *g*)

Honestly, do your voodoo, Santa!

Love and other indoor sports,


Monday's ambitions. )
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And with it, the time of the season when fans do things for other fans and exchange secret and marvelous gifts. Me, I'm doing [ profile] 3_ships and [ profile] yuletide this year -- I've done yuletide the last two years running but never 3 ships, and I am chomping at the bit for some structured fannish behavior to help oversee my re-entree back into the world of fan culture. And so, I extend the invitations to you! because, really. Nothing says Merry Fitzmas like good fic on demand. See menu below; I believe these are all open for signup or approaching said, and Uncle Sab needs YOU.

I Saw Three Ships, threesome challenge!
Serenity Santa, Firefly challenge.
Don We Now Our Gay Apparel, popslash and the one that started it all
Yuletide, rare fandoms challenge, now taking suggestions for fandoms and characters.

Joyeux Noel and Happy Halloween and so forth!
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I don't have to be at work till 6:00 tonight, which offers me the longest stretch of downtime I've had since the 4th of July and I am trying very hard not to read HBP, because I want to save it for my plane flight on Wednesday. I'm on page 198, because what was supposed to be "just a little taste" turned out to be not so much, but that still leaves me plenty of Rowling for the five and a half hour flight from LA to Boston on Wednesday, provided I don't crack it open now and eat the whole thing before lunch.

I'm going home for a wedding, my cousin's wedding, the first wedding for any of us cousins on that side of the family, and what's more he's knocked up his hot French fiancee, so he's making an honest woman outta her which means that in six or seven months I get a little BABY cousin right here in Long Beach for babysitting purposes and for molding in my image and grooming to be the next Dread Pirate Roberts. I want a girl. The wedding's in the backyard of my parents' new, long-awaited Northampton home, 120 degrees in Massachussetts' Pioneer Valley and mosquitoes as big as yer fist. I'm gone Wednesday to Wednesday. It's practically a vacation except for all the long-lost relatives packed together in the Noho home looking for kisses and caterers and white folding chairs. It will be a welcome alternative to work. Let Bush name Edith Chambers to the bench while I'm gone. I'm looking forward not to standing in the line of fire, for once.

Four more hours, and HBP is taunting me, all big and purple. Here's a meme I found at [ profile] pearl_o's house:

1. Name your ten favourite titles from stories you've written (or, if you're not a writer, just name your ten favourite titles).

Pissing in No-Man's Land, Bayliss/Kellerman, written for [ profile] yuletide
A new device is being tested
Some Books About Crooks
Fan Interference is a Stand-Up Double written with [ profile] wearemany, about Dan Rydell
Where Have You Gone, Tom Glavine?
Coming Back From the War: "the story was about coming back from the war but there was no mention of the war in it." -- Hemingway
Celebrated Blue Period: "If I'd met you during my celebrated blue period I don't know what I would have done." -- Hawkeye, to Carlie
In bed, I am an astronaut
The Largest Colonial Building in the World
General, dein Tank ist ein starker Wagen (used with permission from [ profile] runpunkrun and Bertolt Brecht)

2: If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence/paragraph/whatever from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favorite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

Remix Redux Resurrection )

Three more hours.

Damn you, big purple book.
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Hey world!

The Multiverse Space Show Crossover Ficathon needs some pinch-hitters. If you would like to write a Space Show Crossover Fic (~1000 words, by July 31st), PLEASE respond here (or e-mail me, or [ profile] andrastewhite) and let me/us know which of the fandoms (off of the Master List of Fandoms) you can write in.

Comments here are screened, saddle up! Please!
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TITLE: Dislocation, Condemnation, Revelation, In Temptation
AUTHOR: Sabine (
ARCHIVE/FORWARD/CROSSPOST: Anywhere, as long as this header and my name remain attached.
PAIRINGS: Kira/Dukat
SPOILERS: Through "Rocks and Shoals."
SUMMARY: Let it go.
DISCLAIMER: DS9 belongs to P*r*mount, purveyors of fine t*rbolifts and t*rboshafts everywhere.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: For [ profile] mazily, not jenny, for the DS9 Ficathon, 2004. Title and summary courtesy of U2's "Bad," paraphrased to save on commas. Thanks to Punk, who remembered almost everything about a show she's never seen.



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