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Reality show roundup, short pre-sweeps version, to be expanded upon later. Spoilers up to latest eps of all.

Survivor )

Amazing Race )

Top Chef )
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8:30-9 How I Met Your Mother CBS (9/18)
9-10 Heroes NBC (9/25)
10-11 Studio 60 NBC (9/18)


8-9 House FOX (fall, 9/5)
8-9 NCIS CBS (winter, 9/19)
9-10 House FOX (winter)


8-9 Bones FOX (8/30)
8-8:30 Twenty Good Years NBC (10/4)
8:30-9 30 Rock NBC (10/11)


8-9 Survivor CBS (9/14)


8-9 Bones FOX (winter)

Battlestar Galactica
Stargate: Atlantis




8-9 The Amazing Race CBS (9/17)
9-9:30 Family Guy FOX (9/10)
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2006 rings in sort of darkly wet and ghost-townish, which is fine by me because it fully justifies holing up and getting writing done. I was supposed to go to Long Beach to see the choucroute today, but instead I schlepped around in the rain doing errands and will go down to LB when it stops raining. I went to Rue de [ profile] esorlehcar to feed the cats, only to discover upon breaking and entering that [ profile] whatssnoo is probably already home. I fed the cats anyhow, just in case I'd misinterpreted the signs.

Now I'm home, and returning to my regularly scheduled 3-ships story already in progress. But first!

[ profile] yuletide!

I wrote [La Remuda], All the Pretty Horses, John Grady/Lacey, for [ profile] zarahemla. It turns out that bucking wild Mexican broncos are really very sexy. It seems to be a small and rather obscure fandom, but my recipient also seemed to like her story, which makes me pleased as punch. This really is the year of the gay cowboy, dude.

ETA: archived! La Remuda, by Sabine. Thanks to the intrepid betas [ profile] runpunkrun and [ profile] wearemany, and doubleplus thanks to [ profile] tangleofthorns who taught me everything I know about John Grady Cole of the Texas Coles.

Also! [ profile] sanj wrote [Even Later], Into the Woods, for me as a pinch-hit, and I am just so full of love for her, and [ profile] elynross and everyone else who pitched in and made sure everybody got a present -- a GREAT present -- this holiday season. Sandy, if you're out there -- thank you so much!
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Seriously, I got the best Yuletide present a girl could ask for.

Here's what I didn't ask for, but, after spending three days nose-deep in the Yuletide archive, here is what I crave, oh, crave, with every fiber in my ficklicious being. Look how all the girlslash I like is in fandoms so rare as to not actually be fandoms at all? Sad, sad meeee.

My offerings to the New Year's Resolution pile, except that most of them I forgot to actually request:

  • Family Guy Brian/Stewie. Just, something wonderful and wrong and with roadtripping.
  • thirtysomething, really, ANYTHING. I want TS fic SO BAD. Maybe some Ellyn/Melissa, some good subversive slash.
  • Love & Rockets, Maggie/Hopey with some angst and punk rock? Or, like, Hopey/Penny where Hopey would rather be with Maggie? Mmmm.
  • Northern Exposure, clever, angsty, sexy Fleischman/O'Connell, devoid of schmoop. Well, okay, a little schmoop. But not a lot!
  • Betsy-Tacy. Tell me you don't want to read Betsy/Tacy/Tib 3some as much as I do? However, what I'd really like is some Betsy/Winona. Mmmm!
  • Chronicles of Prydain, Eilonwy/Achren. How hot, seriously, would that be???
  • And, since I can, MOOOOORE Into the Woods? Anything with the Baker and/or his wife.

I'm just sayin', I've got a birthday coming up in just about a month... *g*


Also, quietly? I am BUGGING OUT about my pilot. A draft of the script and the treatment are due January 10th. I have the story outlined to the letter, and I have the treatment nearly complete. What's missing, however, is the actual SCRIPT, with, you know, DIALOGUE in. What I've got exists piecemeal and in patches, because I wrote straight up from the outline and out of order, as is the WBC way. Of course, you don't realize until you're actually writing the scene that it turns out you need to KNOW about dust-collecting orbital panels if you want to craft a scene around them, and at a certain point [Nico fixes the orbital thingy] is INSUFFICIENT. And so, I am rere-rereading Zubrin's "The Case for Mars" as well as the TREMENDOUSLY helpful "Private Space Ventures," thank you, [ profile] projectjulie!

And then I can fix the orbital thingy.

And then, hopefully, make it funny.

All of it. Twelve days!

[ profile] runpunkrun, this is why I'm hiding from our Bug! World, expect a really awesome Punkensab SGA fic, sometime after January 10th?
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Universary. Universary. Is this a word? This can't be a word, this is like the anniversary of a universe. WHAT is the word I'm looking for, featuring Deans and Headmasters and an overlarge campus that contains both graduate and undergraduate colleges including schools of specialization, from optometry to theatre? Universary. Universary.

The Northern Exposure pilot is just fucking brilliant. Did you know that Maggie was initially "Maggie Casey"? And that Shelly was initially a hot Native chick? Man, she's so much funnier as a white-girl Canadian pageant queen. I'm stealing everything I can from this script, scrubbing the serial numbers off and throwing it into space. Seriously. THIS close to having mooseburgers on Mars.

UNIVERSITY! /dumbfuck. Right?

/she said, writing.
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I couldn't sleep, so I read [ profile] yuletide stories for several hours, and I would just like to thank the goddamned ACADEMY. Dude.

I wasn't expecting this at all; in fact, I'd even forgotten I requested it. But, person, you could not have done better; this story filled a VOID in my SOUL I didn't even know I HAD. And so, first, for MEEEE:

Even Later, Into the Woods. I requested Baker/Baker's Wife, but this is something even BETTER, with all of them, afterward, picking up the pieces. It's short, and sharp, and she just nails the voices, all of 'em. I can hear Chip Zien and Joanna Gleason and the "bloodthirsty little motherling in a cloak of wolfskins," just, holding on to what they've still got and figuring out what they have to finally let go of. THANK YOU, COSMOS, for the best Yuletide ever.

Then I went through and read some more things, and holy CRAP some of y'all really brought it this year. Fuck, you guys are good.

yuletide 2005 early recommendations, the rare TV shows remix )
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Things I'm not working on right now, 19:37, 11/27/05:

1. WBC homework, times four. Functional slacker. (For Richard Linklater's "Slacker," see 'slacker (disambiguation)'). I'm on chapter headings and battle scenes, over here; character misbehaviour and want and need. This is USEFUL homework; if only I were a less disambiguous slacker.

2. The story where Ronon is an 18-year-old lazy-ass wisecracker in military school.
3. The story where Rodney is put on a forced exercise regiment and is super embarassed and doesn't tell anyone until John starts noticing Rodney's getting all cut and svelte, and Rodney's like, "it's probably a tapeworm, don't worry about it!"

Instead, I'm contemplating WORLDWIDE FANNISH REVOLUTION. So here's my question:

fandom (disambiguation) )
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So I've been thinking.

First off, and almost just as an aside except that, yo, it needs to be said, is how much I love this season of television. I mean, seriously, folks. This is the best season we've had in, maybe ever! Man, it's a joyful pre-apocalyptic time to be alive! (though now Scott McClellan is fanwanking the truth, in totally unrelated news, except go read and watch the video because, helloooo? Are there really still people who believe the American public is SO DUMB that it is in our best interest to be lied to? If you believe that, oh god, please defriend me, because it means you think *I'm* dumb, and that's just insulting, yo.)

But I was talking about the GOOD NEWS. Let's list it. This season I am watching, avidly: House, Bones, Survivor (until we lose Stephenie, which will NOT HAPPEN NO NEVER STEPHENIE WILL WIN A MILLION DOLLARS YO), The Amazing Race, Scrubs, Arrested Development (Bob Loblaw!), How I Met Your Mother (suit up!), Surface (my favorite of the proto-XF/Lost ooooooh-paranormal ripoffs this season, LAKE BELL is SO YUMMY), BSG, SGA and Family Guy -- and less avidly (but still with a whoop and a holler for this frabjous season), Lost, Invasion, Threshold, My Name is Earl, Without a Trace, Numb3rs, Medium (hello red-state TV, yes, I fall for you and your compelling family values! And your pudgy Arquette!), and Grey's Anatomy (hell-O, Sandra Oh). I mean. Who's seen a lineup like this? Not ME. Not since 1972! Ish! (Oh, things that suck: Ghost Whisperer. Love, what is UP with your hair?)

Oh, but I'm so off-task. I have so many thigns to say about so many things, but at the moment, what we're here to discuss, Romans, countryfolk, is Stargate: Atlantis.

I never watched SG1, but I grew up on Star Trek, and SG1 watched Star Trek, so, it's like, the SAME THING. )
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And with it, the time of the season when fans do things for other fans and exchange secret and marvelous gifts. Me, I'm doing [ profile] 3_ships and [ profile] yuletide this year -- I've done yuletide the last two years running but never 3 ships, and I am chomping at the bit for some structured fannish behavior to help oversee my re-entree back into the world of fan culture. And so, I extend the invitations to you! because, really. Nothing says Merry Fitzmas like good fic on demand. See menu below; I believe these are all open for signup or approaching said, and Uncle Sab needs YOU.

I Saw Three Ships, threesome challenge!
Serenity Santa, Firefly challenge.
Don We Now Our Gay Apparel, popslash and the one that started it all
Yuletide, rare fandoms challenge, now taking suggestions for fandoms and characters.

Joyeux Noel and Happy Halloween and so forth!
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Caught another gasp of apparent downtime at work; this only happens on weekends, usually Sundays, slow news days, when the bosses are away and the campaigns are par for the course till Monday's news cycle begins.

Let's talk about TV!

I am all over this Lost-itis surge of genre-lite shows hitting mainstream network television. It's positively a FEAST for those of us who hunger for genre television in the post-Star Trek world. I'm watching them all (except, oddly, Lost, which I lost control of somewhere mid last season when the flashbacks started to bore me. If they're done with the backstory flashbacks I might tune in again; how's this season?) except the one on the WB about the teen ghostbusters, but that's more of a WB/teen-show bias than anything else, and I'd probably watch it if someone pointed me the way. Anyway, here's the 2005 shows I'm watching this year. Add to it the old standards of Atlantis and Galactica (go SciFi!), Scrubs and House (go docs!), Survivor and The Amazing Race (go reality!) and this is my Fall '05 lineup. Don't forget that the _underscore's the new bullet point; use it three times and it's yours:

_bones )

_surface )

_threshold )

_invasion )


As for comedies, I'm watching "How I Met Your Mother" and "Kitchen Confidential" and so far they're both very worthy heirs to excellent sitcoms lost and gone. "Kitchen" could be the next Sports Night, if it smarts up a little, and "How I Met" is already the best heir to "Friends," but even better because it's got Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan in. Neil Patrick Harris is the best thing to hit sitcoms since Zach Braff, I tell you whut.

I gotta go back to work now.
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For my birthday, I bought myself a Neighborhoodie. I was feeling bicoastal, and couldn't decide between "Los Feliz" or "Greenpoint," and even, in an embarrassing brush with trendositude considered "Billburg."

Mine is grey, stylecut Skii, and reads: "livejournal." I figure I live here as much as anywhere. It'll be ready for pickup tomorrow.

For my birthday, I also bought myself a rename token. I am Sab. Pleased to meetcha.

Here's some casefile TV, no particular spoilers, or, maybe there are spoilers, but mostly just general reviews. I owe you SG:A, Battlestar Galactica and Kingdom Hospital, aka, At Play in the Land of Nozzola, to come later. I'm working eleven hours tomorrow, same shit, different week, but it's my goddamned birthday and I'm havin' cupcakes, damn it!

We mostly fixed the internet, though AIM still froths and spits like a rabid weasel. I miss you awfully, awfully.

[Of particular note to [ profile] prillalar; I listened to Ringworld Engineers on mp3 a couple weeks back. I'd always pronounced you Hal-Er-Lo Prill-a-Lar. Six syllables. But homeboy readin' the audiobook made it SEVEN syllables, thus playing fast and loose with my brain. He likes Hal-Er-RILL-Lo Prill-a-Lar. What do you think, Hal?]

It's an hour till midnight on this coast and it's already past midnight back in the land where I was born, righto? February First! Happy birthday to meee! Happy birthday to meee!

Go join [ profile] snurch_tv, go enjoy [ profile] saava's recent tumble onto the last of the Babylon stations, and here. Read about TV:

Medical Investigation )

House )

Medium )
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I started my 2004 Year in Review, more for my own archival purposes than any sort of catharsis or advertising needs, but, bein' cruisy and stupid, I backed out of the browser window without realizing it, forwarded to a different LJ, and started surfing around Livejournal, effectively erasing/eating my post so innocently sitting in an Update Journal window I can't get to. (Note to self: use Semagic)

C'est la way it goes, and in the interest of not going through all 39 questions again, I give you the salient points.

This is me in '04 )


I think the Firefly remix is my favorite, with the H:LotS prison fic and the BoB tank fic sliding in close behind. If I can do at least that well, if I can write at least that much, if I can write at least that well, 2005 will be just fine. And if I get better, if I learn something (understanding it'd be nearly impossible not to), well, it looks like I've got the pieces in place to be a fine damned writer after all.

For posterity:
This was me in '03, baby.
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I ain't here to talk about New Year's, or to squee about how much I'm enjoying Battlestar Galactica or how much I liked the ten episodes of Odyssey 5 we got. I also ain't here to tell you how [ profile] projectjulie and I are going to meta ourselves into oblivion and take over the WORLD, because I don't have time.

I am here to do exactly two things, so pay attention.

1) GIP! And for the academics among us, appreciate the genius, babies.

2) [ profile] runpunkrun and I have been harboring the worst-kept secret in fandom, and it's time to come clean. *I* am Spartacus! *WE* are V. Salmone!

V. is an entirely fictitious fiction writer who lives in the entirely plausible town of Corpus Christi, Texas, who wrote such X-Files hits as The Second-to-Last 7-Eleven (the one with Charlie and the Major Crimes Unit) and How To Fake an Orgasm (the one where Mulder eats yams and his fish have names).

You should visit all our personas here at Punk and Sab's House of Fruit Pies, and you should enjoy this little ditty we wrote in the Bahamas in honor of our coming-out cotillion:



Thanks for payin' attention! I now return you to your regularly scheduled JJ Abrams recapping.
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Hey, LOTRips people? There's this thread over on the [ profile] seekrit_pics community talking about smackin' down some troll or mole or whatnot, and I'm perplexed. Is it me? Looks around...

I'm so confused. I totally friended the community; I'm not a part of LOTRips fandom or even LOTR fandom (while being a fangirl in my own right -- and proud of it! -- off in my own other fandoms), but I was certainly enjoying watching the discussion and the fallout over there. I had no idea that my friending the community would create such draaaaamaa.

I didn't, um, I didn't friend the community to see Jason's pictures -- dude, I am IN the pictures, hell, I *took* some of the pictures; I just friended y'all on a lark when y'all started friending *me.*

Essentially, what happened was this: Jason, who is in no way internet-naive, but who does tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and has general faith in the goodness of humanity, uploaded the pictures to his gallery (which was alive and kicking long before y'all found it) and left it unlocked, figuring he'd give the URL out to his friends and family and let us enjoy his photography.

A good question might be, how did fandom discover his gallery in the first place? A reasonable answer might be: well, it's the internet, things are bound to get out eventually.

So, badda-bing. Some fan found the pictures, and the horse was out of the barn. Jason, still having general faith in the goodness of humanity, opted to password-protect some of the albums, while keeping others open, fully aware that fans were visiting and enjoying them, and figuring, well, as long as the fans didn't overload his bandwidth or steal and repost his pictures elsewhere, what was the harm? So about half the galleries were open for the past few months as we tested the waters, but folks kept nabbing and reposting the pictures and Jason's bandwidth usage skyrocketed.

Then last week we had the gingerbread party and the pix went up, and didn't get locked down quick enough, but there had always been plans in the works to lock down and password-protect the whole site, and so, a couple days ago, Jason did just that.

If you have any questions about this, I will answer them as honestly as I can, but there's no hypocrisy or eeeevil at work there, just the matter of trying to save Jason's site from being overrun by fans bent on conspiracy-theorizing about the content of these (really rather innocent, rather personal, and rather human) photos. Plus -- as far as I can tell, half the fandom was bucking for Jason to lock down the site all along, saying he was naive about the ways of the internet and shouldn't have put them up for public viewing in the first place. So what's the deal?
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Hey world!

The Multiverse Space Show Crossover Ficathon needs some pinch-hitters. If you would like to write a Space Show Crossover Fic (~1000 words, by July 31st), PLEASE respond here (or e-mail me, or [ profile] andrastewhite) and let me/us know which of the fandoms (off of the Master List of Fandoms) you can write in.

Comments here are screened, saddle up! Please!
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We're in a world, here, where, thanks to a Fox TV show, John Wayne Airport in Orange County's considering renaming itself "The OC Airport." I ain't kidding.

Still, I keep myself entertained. Here's what I've been up to, spoiler-lite, proceed at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty! More to come as I remember what I've downloaded.

Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake

pigoons! )

Dog Soldiers

Bugger, mate! Werewolves! )

Man on Fire

I still have plans to go to Mexico )

Andromeda, Season 4

Wait wait wait, Trance is the SUN? )

Crusade, through episode four.

Galen and Isabelle )

Norah Jones & Dolly Parton, "Creepin' In" [Creepin' In - .mp3]

This is the most knee-slappin' delightful song I've heard in a good long while. And thanks to [ profile] lizlet for finding the .mp3 for me. Download. Enjoy.
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Things I know about yesterday: Donnatella Moss didn't die. I learned that on AIM. Then I learned about denialcorp on AIM as far as SV's concerned, and I share the following: EVERYTHING'S FINE. Then I saw Angel and lots of people died, but since it was the APOCALYPSE and also most of them were demons I'm pretty sure that's not a spoiler. Seriously, it's not a spoiler, I'm just being cavalier about mortality.

And in that spirit, I give you [ profile] raincitygirl's denialcakes LJ entry, full of distracting comedic links and Jon Stewart's commencement address at William & Mary College. The latter is really damned good.


I'm living in a place where I don't really have a participatory fandom; where my diversity is manifest as dilution, or the center cannot hold, something like that. Babylon 5's the deepest of my current wading pools, and, I say again, dude, any fandom where's the go-to fic archive (Enemies & Allies, being specialized, and having under 20 stories, not withstanding, of course) is a sorry state of affairs.

But B5's representing in a big way. There's a loud and energetic group of girls here on LJ, and over at t_m; folks like [ profile] barkley and [ profile] andrastewhite are watching the episodes anew and we're having character discussions and some fearsome debates. Totally not sneezing at the B5 fandom, of whose ranks I am proud to be a member: I love you all.

But I was thinking about the experience of fandom, of *a* fandom (rather than fannishness in general), and I do kinda miss being part of a big meaty one. For the purposes of this argument, "Big Fandom" describes a group of people who largely know one another's names and reputations, where there's BNFs and where people can be identified by writing style, where there's a dozen specialized fic archives and fan sites that people know by name or acronym, where there's flamewars and aggravation and community -- all around one specific show/book/medium.

Maybe LJ and the current tread toward polyfanism has created a dilution of the big-ass fandoms, but they're still around. You can see it in HP, for one thing, in SV, in the Buffy/Angelverse still, even. In the comicverse/Batverse/JL-verse too, at this point. And there's probably still folks participating in the West Wing fandom, though I don't know the state of it at the moment. CSI and Alias both seem to have considerable community followings. What else? Where's the Big Fandom, nowadays?

I had it last in Farscape, before that was WW, and to a degree in SN, though Sports Night never had the same kind of community feel as other Big Fandoms. Before that, of course, was XF, the One Big Fandom To Rule Them All, and before that, I had Trek, the One Big Fandom To Birth Them All.

Now -- I have B5, and we're the fannish equivalent of the kiddie table. We're trying our damndest, but at the end of the day, there's maybe a dozen of us total, t_m and Jeremiah never got off the ground, though the Samwise and Markus fans are representing over on [ profile] valhalla_sector like troopers. Band of Brothers will never be a fannishy fandom, because, oddly, we've got too much respect for it to take it to that loving/mocking place. [ profile] camp_toccoa is an awesome community, and a great crowd, but, you know, not the same thing.

And then there's Firefly, which, as Punk commented when we were discussing this, is a side-dish fandom. Everyone's got a lump of Firefly on the side, next to their main-course Angel or HP or SV or Farscape. Firefly -- there's no there there, despite the fact that it surpasses, in sheer numbers, all three of my other fandoms combined.

So, what's the buzz? Am I alone in this? Are other folks noticing a fannish diaspora that's caused a dilution in the concept of Big Fandoms? And for you kids who are still in Big Fandoms -- where are they? HP, SV, Alias? How're they workin' out for you?
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Note: I posted this on Saturday, but here it is again for because it has *more* information in it as I am *less* tired. Look what I did with "more" and "less" there -- that's 'cause I'm a speechwriter, I know how to make a point. (cf. Toby, SGTE,SGTJ) *g*

First, Sab was awake for 30 straight hours. Then [ profile] qowf came to town. Then, in a phenomenal act of ill-advisedness, Sab got in the car and drove to Oxnard.......

Back from Escapade. I love [ profile] killabeez and [ profile] elynross with the flaming passion of a half-century of boylove and hero-worship. And [ profile] elynross is a hero girl, like me. And I love them.

I represented for [ profile] prillalar and [ profile] kormantic in the body of Little Plastic Mulder, who waved his little plastic arm and said hello to the following people: [ profile] killabeez, [ profile] pearl_o, [ profile] katallison, [ profile] liviapenn, in the almighty name of Hal and Dawn.

[ profile] pearl_o was the first person I met, with the exception of some assorted adorable TPM lesbians during my first trip to the Escapade suite, and Pearl was right charming. Then I found Elynross and proceeded to affix myself to her, ramora-style, for the remainder of the day. I saw [ profile] minotaurs out of the corner of a tired eye more than twice, but could do little more than fangirl and grin at him awkwardly, for he is a Great Slashy God and I am but a Mere Mortal and plus he's, like, hot SD queenboy.

At some point I met Ruth Sawtelle Anderson (where any of those words could be wrong and replaced with homophones) and she was wearing a hat and I signed [ profile] amatia's yearbook in the name of Jurassic Park III slashiness and dinosaurs.

Additional hat-tips to the new folk I met, along with apologies for being so fucking tired it was a wonder I could hug straight: [ profile] liviapenn, [ profile] nestra, [ profile] geekturnedvamp, and extra special juicy adulation to [ profile] schuyler, who got a warp-speed hug because I was looking for Helen and also hightailing it to dinner but hot damn would I have loved to talk to her more, so, Sunday maybe.

The Heroes/Sidekicks panel was intriguing and too short and I wanted to keep talking and talking and talking, but also, with the not sleeping and the being incoherent so, you know, don't listen to me. Plus then the entire Jeremiah fandom went to have dinner and pie: [ profile] gwyn_r, [ profile] melina123, [ profile] hafital, [ profile] killabeez, [ profile] elynross, [ profile] morgandawn, LJ user me. I had chicken soup in a bread bowl and was too tired even to eat the bread bowl. Which is my favorite part of the soup/bread bowl experience, and also, when a girl is too tired to chew bread it's really time for that girl to go home.

But yet, I had such fun listening and talking about Jeremiah and Highlander and Hornblower (!) and vidding and JMS and TiVo and pie, and anyway, next year. Next year I'm gonna actually volunteer in the suite, or something. Next year in Jerusalem, yo.

I got kicked out of the Escapade suite the third or fourth time for being illegally *in* the Escapade suite, but fortunately found a merry band of outlaws with whom to join forces, see also [ profile] helenish and her cohorts, none of whose LJ names I know (ETA: [ profile] apetslife, [ profile] rossetti, [ profile] jalfred) but among whom ranked people of the likes of Pet and others whose names I have forgotten, because at that point I was so fucking tired it was a wonder I could still make snarky comments about TV's Worst Haircuts.

Um. More things happened. I can't recall them, see fig. Tired. Had not slept in 30 hours prior to Escapade and all I can say is the 101 was just that much too long, driving home in the dark.

There was a very, very smart woman named Rachel at the panel. Additional information graciously received. [ETA: [ profile] wickedwords, see fig. Heroes panel link]

[ profile] hesychasm, I saw you across the crowded room. I think I winked. How are you?

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A long long time ago, LJ user [ profile] minotaurs asked the following:

What is it about fanfic, and slash in particular that makes it unique as a literary genre, and uniquely satisfying? What need does it fill for us (beside the obvious, smutty one)?

I said this. )
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Mmm. Ahem. Sigh.

Was browsing around, hit this. And actually, I have no idea what's going on, being retired from most of the whatsits and whoosits and Usenets and so forth, but there seems to be a Big Dark Something C's afraid of. people cracking down on fic sites, is that it? Because they've read slash and RPS and they're scared? stop me if I've got this wrong.

and I'm just, sigh.

Eh, anyway. I'm just, I'm not sitting in a corner denying all knowledge, I guess. I'm, yeah, but we know I'm an idiot anyway snickering, I'm always the one in the meetings with the network reps saying, you know, those fans have some good ideas. I come right out. I say, "yeah, I don't use my real name, but I'm in there, doing it." wrote my thesis on fan participatory culture, for god's sake. Maybe it's different I'm in the TV business. I don't think it is. It's just, it's a great big wide world out there, just small enough to fit in our bedrooms.

Is it, what, it's -- we're afraid of being TOSsed? Is that it? by those alleged small-minds who allegedly toss High Noble fanfic in the stew with slash and that nasty 'Nsync business?

Agh, it's all the same. It's all good. It's all, I mean. It IS all the same. Slash and 'Nsync and, holy of holies, Iolokus, the Talking Stick series, whatever, it IS all the same. We're all getting our ya-yas from Ikea, you have to put 'em together yourself but they cost a little less! [/Chanandler Bong]

I mean. We're the same as the kids with the bootlegs and Napster and Thumb Wars, we're the same, we're the same, it's fandom, we're the same.

So I just figure, strength in numbers, right? Because it's most days I'd rather stand by Helen and Laura Kaye and people like wax and sinead I've never really read, in Nsync which I don't really read, but to each her own, they're damned good writers and I dig 'em and what they do. So I'd rather stand by them, by the likes of torch and Hal and Te and slashers, by weirdos who write Sentinel AUs I don't even understand, all of us in this mess we're in. Right? I mean, I swear, I don't know. But, right?

That there's a hell of a lot of us and we're all doing the same thing and it's the 21st century -- have you seen this miniseries, A&E maybe, this The Future Is Now thing? We're living in the future, talkin' with our minds, wearing turquoise jewelry and standin' in soup lines. (As John Prine says.)

So I'm just -- I don't see the point of being devisive/righteous/separatist/whatever. In this world where everyone listens to PJ Harvey and Radiohead and can agree to disagree about Planet of the Apes. We LIVE here.

Shana and I were talking about this today, over good bread and Chuck Knoblock. (Knobloch?) That this internet's a community like anyone else. and of course, you've always got picket signs, don't want any of those slashers, those RPSers in my neighborhood...

Yeah, and I haven't really picked a cohesive position on RPS either, but then, no one ever accused me of being decisive. But as far as it goes, I know Helen and Laura are good writers, so that's something. I like them, that's something. I think they absolutely have a right to do what they're doing, that's something else. And Justin's a dreamboat. ;-) which doesn't mean I'm -- *sigh*. I'd be creeped out by fic about David Duchovny. I'd get a little righteous and squirmy. And if anyone tried to put pen to paper about Brad Whitford, I'd knock some skulls. In a righteous squirmy way.

But I think when the war comes and the apocalypse comes, I'm still standing over here saying, yeah, dude, we're doing it, tradin' tapes and writin' fic and stealin' stuff all over, and it's the age of communication, find another way. Because we won this round. We did.

except Well, I didn't promise to know everything. But it's worth thinking about. Not all RPS sucks. Not all slash is NC-17. Not all slash sucks. So I guess I just want to keep writing my slash and posting my slash, right up next door to your clean innocent fanfic, the stuff the Powers That Be would surely condone if they could only look past the slash, the RPS, the sucky stuff, right? yeah. So I guess I'll just keep writing, then.

scratching my head. I guess that's it. I guess it's just -- we're all doing the same thing. And I like us that way. Even the people that do suck. because they're brave enough to be here too, in this brave new world.

In other news, jobs, maybe. the Mets won. the Yankees lost, but that's because I wasn't there. George is in Ecuador. Punk is coming. Jo will call me, and knows I miss her, and misses me. Robbie and Liz and Mel are still in LA, and I wonder who's gonna be mayor?

I'm having a Star Trek renaissance, and when we were done reading Macedon's Jake Sisko series we went and read torch's P/K slash, and if I write I'll write K/Du, but it's nice to be back. (and Liz, I still miss DS9, I found it briefly on some sort of Saturday here, early in the morning. Dominion War Arc too. I'll never find it again.)

So I'm not angry, I'm just stupid, as Ani DiFranco would tell me. And I'm listening to DADA now, really, though we're all still listening to PJ Harvey over here in this world, in this mess we're in.


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