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I'm re-reccing the ones from my initial post, so I can link to the community, which I forgot to do the first time around, and, anyway, who knows if I'll be organized enough after this first batch to do another one?


Tin Gods and Golden Goddessess was written for me and you can't have it! I requested the Betsy-Tacy series, high school era, and received this masterpiece of Tacypov, because, you know, Betsy left Hill Street for High Street and got to grow up, and Tacy stayed back on Hill Street. And plus, as MHL herself said in the books, many times, "Tacy wasn't interested in boys."

Spy vs. Spy, Love & Rockets. Framed in a hilarious mystery, this is all our favorite Hoppers folk lost-summering it at the mysterious Costigan manor, which seems like a hotbed of corruption but, as it turns out, is just a great place for Maggie and Hopey to spend their days and nights fucking. Oh and by the way, yuletide person, it's about time you wrote one of these. I was getting tired of being a fandom of one! Anyway, when the reveal comes, yuletide person, I will more fervently pounce upon thee. You know who you are.

The Kindly King of Strummings and Hummings, Chronicles of Prydain. Because Fflewddur is just the most marvelous wandering humbug king that ever was, and Eilonwy's the princess with the red-gold hair who always knows which way the wind is blowing. Plus there are dragons! And their colors are running!

Waiting, HIMYM. Robin/Barney, with laser tag, banter, and Canadian Christmas.

Feud, Jeremiah. Speaking of shows that were woefully underrepresented in fandom... it is so awesome to see Jeremiah and Kurdy and the crew of Thunder Mountain again. This is a satisfyingly plotty story, with the texture and desperation of the show itself, and is also a great tribute to Kurdy and Jeremiah's friendship. Plus Markus is well used, and Erin drives! Oh, show!

Four Views of General Jinjur, Baum's Oz series, done in interview style as described by those who knew Jinjur best, from the Munchkin mother that raised her to Ozma herself. Good, good fleshing-out of the woman who de-throned the Scarecrow and was, whether she wanted to admit it or not, instrumental in returning Ozma to her throne. The references to Oz canon throughout are elegant and perfect.

A Kiss is Still a Kiss, more Oz series. Don't let the typo in the summary line scare you off of this fic. This is pure Baumian wonder, with a fannish twist. The Oz books are unique among fairy tales and children's literature in that they are close to purely innocent. No ambiguous evil, nothing terribly scary, no sex, no romance of any kind. (In fact, aside from Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and a couple of other assorted, like, Munchkin families, no one is even married in Oz. And certainly there's no talk of it.) Here, Ozma, the fairy princess of Oz, finds an artifact from that other life of Dorothy's, and goes on a perfectly Ozma-style mission to figure it out. And, without corrupting one single sentence of the Oz series, the Yuletide author brings romance to Oz in the unlikeliest of couples.

See You in the Night, Band of Brothers. Here's what's up. Nixon's been with the intelligence officers while Dick's been on the line, so he has information Dick doesn't. And over the course of one cold evening, their bodies wrapped around each other, Nixon realizes he can't protect Dick any more and has to tell him the truth about the horrors of war. Ow. Oh. It's heartbreaking. Like -- if you'll forgive my diversion -- remember that NCIS ep when Gibbs was in a coma and when he woke up Franks had to tell him about 9/11 all over again? Yeah, like that. But worse, and much more beautiful.

There is no I or You, Frasier. A satisfying quickie; Niles reads Neruda and Daphne is clueless.

I'll Find You in the Morning Sun, Angels in America. Long, plotty, bang-on characterization from a flawed and neurotic Louis to a loyal and defensive Belize to a Prior who wants -- and gets -- more life. The friendship between Prior and Hannah is bittersweet and perfect, and the whole thing feels lifted right out of New York City at the dying end of the 1980s.

Whoops! ETA one more: Plenty of Paper, Battle Royale. I mean, all those kids could use backstories, but here are Yumiko and Yukiko, who hid out for as long as they could together and then were killed holding hands. Both adorable and chilling.

And, yes, okay, you were all exactly right, Out of the Dark, One Fish Two Fish is, yes, just that creepy and just that good. It's like an Asian horror movie with rhyming.

We shouldn't have been in the park that night. Alone, too young, in the dark.

Later, B. blamed me for it. He always did. I did alibis; he did rhymes. That's how it worked. Much later, B. blamed himself for it. He did responsibility; I did comfort. That's also how it worked.


I'm one of those people who perpetually makes Santa's naughty list every year, so I rarely get presents, and that makes my Yuletide gift doubly sweet; something just for me, and something that says someone was thinking about me this year, just me, and, for a minute, fulfilling my hopes and wishes. And this year -- as, really, every year, I've lucked out -- I got the best present ever. Person, if you're reading this, thank you. All I wanted for Hanukkah was a little bit of Deep Valley this year, and I got it, my very own trip to the rambling Kelly house on the hill, like a warm night in the Ray family parlor, Julia at the piano and the rest of us doing the Merry Widow Waltz across the floor.

Happy holidays, folks.
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Absurdly, too-hot-to-wear-pants, video of David Tennant kissing various people and having sex and an oral fetish, by me4AJnD to "OMG":

Oh god. *fans self*

And while I'm on it, the vid [ profile] elishamarie28 made for me for Sweet-Charity, a rollicking triumphant Tenth Doctor story to a techno remix of "Ode to Joy":

And since I'm going to tag this post for my Tennant vids reel, I should also throw in the one I made, namely, Casanova, to "Us:"

*goes back to recording podfic instead*

HEY ALSO, was there new Top Chef last night? I'm afraid I'm already spoiled for it! Despite knowing obviously who the final 4 -- and prob the final 3 -- will be... still! Anyone seen it anywhere?
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While I was busy being completely distracted by David Tennant Doctor Who S4, I forgot to rec two very important things!

[ profile] svilleficrecs wrote what everyone needs and wants, namely, 6,200 words of Barney/Robin HIMYM awesomeness. Read 'A' Game. It's spot on Barney pov, all cocky and frustrated and confused and spins off from just where we left them, round about "The Goat." Which leads me to wonder (as I'm in a clues state of mind) if perhaps BARNEY will also be living in Ted's apt come his next birthday when we've learned Robin's living there? Um, regardless, read this fic. It's friggin awesome.

Elsewhere, the gorgeous [ profile] wihluta recorded a [podfic] of my Jack/Hand story, "I really can't stay." She gives great voice to both the Hand and Ianto, and I was really blown away by the beautiful reading of my fic. Go! Listen! Feedback!
sab: (Default) I make my way through the 50 or so I have bookmarked to read:

I Am Become (Death), a B5 remix, answers, among other things, a question I've had for years. What WAS it like for Lyta to awaken the sleeper personality in Talia, this woman she had known back in psy school, with whom she had been "close, for a time." And then it takes me exactly where I wanted to go next, that post-series Lyta and G'Kar off to explore the universe; and of course a lot of that is formed by the loss of Talia, of Bester, of Lyta's links to the Corps. There's a sentence in there that made me gasp, that made me say "of course!" while also being so incredibly impressed that the author managed to pull it off, and that it had never once occurred to me before.

Ouroboros (Points in Time and Space Mix), a gentle XF AU that takes the absolute simplest change and makes it terrifying. Growing up I was obsessed with Richard Bach's "The Bridge Across Forever," a vaguely metaphysical lovestory. Later, Bach wrote a prequel/sequel called "One," describing a path not taken where the lovers never met. That sent an icicle through my heart much in the way this story does (despite that not being what happens in this remix; the mood remains the same). Oh, ow, the love, the. Just.

there was a war (that that don't kill me can only make me stronger mix), Doctor Who, TARDIS-pov. She really is bigger on the inside, and she's risked her life, again and again, to protect the Doctor and the ones he loves -- and the ones he hates.

Elsewhere, and in other news, I just purchased the hottest dress ever made. No, I am pretty confident that no one, anywhere, has a hotter dress than mine. I'm obviously going to use it to woo David Tennant. Once [ profile] projectjulie is here I bet there will even be pictures. OMG HOT DRESS DUDE SO SO HOT.

Read these remixes! And, what, NOBODY's got a guess on which ones I wrote? One of them is so abundantly obvious (to me!)...

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So I have a whole stack of fun things to talk about as far as remixing, [ profile] remixredux08, [ profile] remixthedrabble, and the awesome folks who came by the remixfreakingredux AIM chat for cheering, confusion, venting, puzzling through, betaing, and in general discussing the finer points of remixing as a sport. I'd check you all by name but since the remixes haven't been revealed yet I figure there's always the possibility of letting something confidential leak: though at the moment I can't think what that would be in this case.

But, anyway. I'm going to talk about these things later in April, when the Remix Redux remixes go up.

TODAY, I am going to point out that [ profile] remixthedrabble has gone live, and somehow I won the Awesome lottery and got 3 of my stories remixed.

FIRST, in M*A*S*H fandom, I got His Hands (Returning Remix), a remix of my drabble Hands, that took the snapshot I'd written and set it in heartbreaking context. Because there really is something special about BJ and Peg.

THEN, in my old Star Trek stomping grounds, I got Today Is Yesterday (Future Past Remix), which remixed my longish Kira/Dukat story Dislocation, Condemnation, Revelation, In Temptation into 100 perfect words. If you want to see the magic of drabble-remixing in top form, read these 100 words; they say it all.

And FINALLY, someone wrote Threads (The Backstitch in Time Remix), which took my Doctor Who story Savile Row, a story mostly about a pocket, and brought the Whoverse mythology, time travel and Martha, and made it actually about something real. Nice remixing, person. Brilliant job.

I love this season, I do.
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Want polyamory? [ profile] 3_ships went live today: I Saw Three Ships.

Captain [Anonymous] wrote Tactics for me! And this one coulda been jacked straight out of my brain, THIS is just the Ronon I love, so much stronger than the rest of 'em but still entirely vulnerable to 'em, even if he won't admit it. This is Ronon/Sheppard/Weir, with Ronon sizing up his prey. Thank you so much, [Anonymous!].

Now, I'm writing my pilot. I got seventy-two hours and no more excuses.

You, out there in TV land, post some [ profile] 3_ships recs for me to devour when I'm taking a break procrastinating finished (with this scene? at least?).
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2006 rings in sort of darkly wet and ghost-townish, which is fine by me because it fully justifies holing up and getting writing done. I was supposed to go to Long Beach to see the choucroute today, but instead I schlepped around in the rain doing errands and will go down to LB when it stops raining. I went to Rue de [ profile] esorlehcar to feed the cats, only to discover upon breaking and entering that [ profile] whatssnoo is probably already home. I fed the cats anyhow, just in case I'd misinterpreted the signs.

Now I'm home, and returning to my regularly scheduled 3-ships story already in progress. But first!

[ profile] yuletide!

I wrote [La Remuda], All the Pretty Horses, John Grady/Lacey, for [ profile] zarahemla. It turns out that bucking wild Mexican broncos are really very sexy. It seems to be a small and rather obscure fandom, but my recipient also seemed to like her story, which makes me pleased as punch. This really is the year of the gay cowboy, dude.

ETA: archived! La Remuda, by Sabine. Thanks to the intrepid betas [ profile] runpunkrun and [ profile] wearemany, and doubleplus thanks to [ profile] tangleofthorns who taught me everything I know about John Grady Cole of the Texas Coles.

Also! [ profile] sanj wrote [Even Later], Into the Woods, for me as a pinch-hit, and I am just so full of love for her, and [ profile] elynross and everyone else who pitched in and made sure everybody got a present -- a GREAT present -- this holiday season. Sandy, if you're out there -- thank you so much!
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I'm chomping through more [ profile] yuletide fics, as a tremendously effective procrastinating tool. This scene is not going to write itself, but maybe if I concentrate real hard it'll be kind enough to, I don't know, outline itself and show me exactly where to cut back and forth from this flashback?

Until then, here's more good stuff I found over Yuletide way, including two things I beta'd...but I won't tell you which two.

raise the roof, he yelled, yeah, raise the roof, I yelled back )

And I'm also so thrilled that the fic that was written for me, "Even Later," is getting so well received. It is an awesome, marvelous present.

The link to it is with my previous recs, which are here.
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I couldn't sleep, so I read [ profile] yuletide stories for several hours, and I would just like to thank the goddamned ACADEMY. Dude.

I wasn't expecting this at all; in fact, I'd even forgotten I requested it. But, person, you could not have done better; this story filled a VOID in my SOUL I didn't even know I HAD. And so, first, for MEEEE:

Even Later, Into the Woods. I requested Baker/Baker's Wife, but this is something even BETTER, with all of them, afterward, picking up the pieces. It's short, and sharp, and she just nails the voices, all of 'em. I can hear Chip Zien and Joanna Gleason and the "bloodthirsty little motherling in a cloak of wolfskins," just, holding on to what they've still got and figuring out what they have to finally let go of. THANK YOU, COSMOS, for the best Yuletide ever.

Then I went through and read some more things, and holy CRAP some of y'all really brought it this year. Fuck, you guys are good.

yuletide 2005 early recommendations, the rare TV shows remix )
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This chick was a good friend of mine at camp, 1988, came to my bat mitzvah, hooked up with Chris Cayten (lucky bitch), went on to wow critics with her debut novel about the Starkweather homicides: Outside Valentine, Liza Ward.

It would probably be easier to track down the folks who went to camp with me who didn't go on to wow the art world in all its various capacities; it was that kind of camp, with some scary-ass brilliant alum. And, lest we forget, here I am, still.

The famed and art-world-wowing (though not Buck's Rock alum) Published Author who, as wiki might say, owns the LJ with the account [ profile] edonohana, wrote some Logan/Weevil, here: Five Things That Never Happened to Logan Echolls, where the first chapter, "tattoo," is for MEEE because I requested Logan and Weevil in detention. I mean. GO BREAKFAST CLUB PIRATES!

Comedy teaches us the rule of threes, but I've got no big news regarding published authors in particular to share with you beyond the two above, and so, instead, I give you Pandora Radio, originally seen, I think, on [ profile] thete1's LJ. I am so plugged in, yo. I made a Favorite Music list, also linked over here <<<< in the sidebar thingy, and if you were interested in visiting that list, I would LOVE mp3s of any or all of those songs. So far Tom Waits Radio, Pigeon John Radio, and Patty Griffin Radio have proven to yield the best results, but I've been fucking around so much I think I've gotten most of the way through Pandora's 10,000 songography in the space of a handful of days.
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Oh, my god, EVERYBODY. [ profile] runpunkrun wrote this When the Subject is a Fraction, where Rodney let Cadman get under his skin and release his hidden gay. Punk is like a SCULPTOR, and she can take this chunk of rock and carve away everything that isn't Rodney. Contents: hot blondes, screws, kisses. Marvelous.

Am back from a very inspiring and productive WBC class, feeling pumped about this pilot. And I have new SGA! [ profile] runpunkrun, disk is in the mail tomorrow, tick-a-lock and so forth, go be in a variable time-speed room and come back and read this post in, like, three days.

One Ambien left.

She said, watching SGA 2x11, Epiphany )
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Here's some SGA fic I've been enjoying that's succeeded in making me feel inadequate, lusty, and/or delighted. This'll probably be old news to most of you, but for me:

First, here's Intersections, by Kaneko. I'm sure you've already read it. I actually have not, at least, not all the way, because [ profile] kaneko is so nauseatingly good that I can only read a handful of paragraphs at a time before I go apoplectic with envy and fury and awe and love. I'm about halfway through. Here's John Sheppard, and here's Rodney, and here's their histories and their life stories and where they intersect, hip-deep in the Antarctic snow. HOLY MARVELOUS LITERARY CRAP, Batman.

Then, [ profile] lilysaid wrote Visiting Hours, hurt/comfort of the finest kind. Here John's being held prisoner, and Rodney can visit, and the truth is there's only so long John can go without human touch, but he's an airman, baby, and he'd never ask for it. And Rodney, who shows up weekly with letters and M&M's, can't rescue John no matter how much he might want to. This is -- the first half of this story unfolds like the layout for all the best h/cs we used to read back in the good old days of h/c and UST. But then the second half, just, gracefully, powerfully, elegantly avoids all cliche, solves problems with seamless acumen and has one of the best, most fulfilling endings I've read in fanfic.

Enigma, by melyanna is just rockin'. This is about Ronon and Weir, because, seriously, Ronon loves, loves to bait Weir, and she is just so innocent and serious but behind that even Ronon knows she has an elegance and a wisdom, even if it's totally misplaced on a SPACE MISSION. This is, is it gen? It's probably gen. And it is so very, very smart.

And then, because god forbid I should leave you on a high note, here's the profoundly depressing Edges, by [ profile] rageprufrock. This reminds me, loosely, of the Star Trek: Voyager series finale. Not in the sexy Admiral Janeway sense, but in the back-on-earth-and-super-nostalgic-and-sad sort of way. This is sort of like the SGA version of Punk's Lived and Were [XF] and, don't worry, you'll get a doozy of a lump in your throat from this one, too, before you get to the end.


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