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Most of the fic I produced this year came out of burning my Yuletide at both ends. Which shows to go ya that even in the driest of years, Yuletide season and Remix season will get fic outta me. (And yes, Vic, I'm counting the days...)

That said; here's 2006's flyleaf copyright page, aka, what Sab wrote in ought-six.

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I been around the block a couple times this year; lost a car, got a car, lost housemates, got housemates, lost money, found money, la commedia continua &c!

This holiday season, my Shoemoney Girls are off in the snowy mountains, and I am alone in la ciudad de los angeles, avec mon chat noir. But I remain the luckiest, as [ profile] wearemany and [ profile] fmangel are my own chosen family, and I miss them and love them and our house and our joint bank account and our hypochondria and our writer's room and our family meetings and our chore wheels and our big gay singalongs. Shoemoney Haus in '07; apres moi, le deluge!

But now, tis the season for [ profile] samdonne to be here with me, piled in blankets, eating pumpkin pie, watching L&O marathons, writing fic and debating this postmodern existenZ. Every year circa the holidays I get lucky enough to have a regalo del Francais show up on my doorstep, and then it's two weeks or two months of lattes and snuggling and crime shows and discourse. ([ profile] fialka, N. got me hooked on Eureka. But you'll be happy to know I returned the favor and now she's hip deep in Bones.)

Tonight, if we're lucky, we'll get visits from the ghosts of Christmas [ profile] lizlet and [ profile] thassalia, and perhaps we'll pile on the couches and ring in the New Year, writing-style. (Which is to say, mes amis Anglais, who among you will be providing tonight's Torchwood before midnight PST, so we can watch the last Cap'n Jack of Ought-Six? With [ profile] fluffyllama on holiday, my world is rocked! Rocked, I say!)

Tonight, if I'm lucky, I'll party online with [ profile] kormantic and [ profile] runpunkrun, and we'll toast the New Year with pancakes up and down the coast. Oui?

Tomorrow, we'll reveal Yuletides and I'll tell you a tragic story about a cat, and I'll send beta to Dawn and Punklet, as promised, and it'll be 2007, the year everything changes, and you gotta be ready.

I had a Doctor Who dream the other night, where an alien ship invaded, and the US sent a fleet of sekrit spaceships (all Galaxy-Class, FWIW) to meet it in orbit. But instead of blowing her outta the sky, we simply said, "hi, aliens. You're the first extraterrestrials we've met. We're new at all this. Could you come back in ten years when we've got a better idea how to deal with you?" And they said SURE, and they LEFT, and a happy holidays was had by all.

And so for you, my Christmas present to [ profile] lizlet, who asked for Jack/Hand and got Jack/Ten/emo!hand instead:

[I really can't stay (Jack/Ten, Jack/Hand, Ten/Hand?)], a Torchwood/Who fic about Ten and Jack and the folks in the Hub, and the Hand. No sex, wankworthy or otherwise, just good old-fashioned gen about a boy and his hand-in-a-jar.

Bonne nuit! Bonne annee! Une annee sans lumiere! Une annee avec les yeux sensibles! Une annee avec touts les chats du monde! Une annee avec ma petite [ profile] samdonne, sur le lit, comme mon petit chat, avec moi! C'est magnifique!

2007: It's Got To Be Better Than 2006
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I love this icon (made by [ profile] magique_icons) because I get to imagine that House, like me, is desperately waiting for it to be Tuesday again so he can, like me, watch NCIS and The Unit.

Or, Dear Fox, in case you haven't noticed, my Tuesday loyalties hath shifted, and I'm doing time south of the dial with your geriatric friends at CBS. I love my Tuesday telly SO MUCH.

First, NCIS, hello McSinging spoilerpants! Oh, Tony. Also, Abby hugging everyone within hugging distance. Also, Ziva continuing to be a sexual predator. Hot damn I love this show.

And then The Unit, and, like, FIRST, how have we come so far without discussing the Bob-Brown-Stranded-In-The-Desert ep? BOB! And big love to Mack playing PTSD shrink, and big love to Ed O'Neill as the crazy Ranger. This show, people? In case you were wondering? Is smart and good. Like NCIS, it suffers from CBS-vaguely-republican disorder, but it makes up for it in sheer sex appeal and the taut snap of Mamet dialogue. I want, however, more Summer Glau!

In conclusion, House has spun wildly off the rails, and so, in an effort that shall be blamed upon [ profile] tzikeh, I accidentally started writing House fic just now. Figure I can recapture some of what made that misanthropic user such a marvelous hero in the early stages, and try to cancel out all of his lame-ass twelve-steppery circa the current season. House: I no longer love you! You have shamed yourself, and me! A dysfunctional genius who needs Vicodin to mellow him out to ALMOST normal enough to function in human society = interesting! A self-deluded druggie? Um, does anyone remember the ER arc when Anthony Edwards got hopped up on painkillers or whatever? Yeah, like that. Is it all of a sudden 1994 again??? Wilson as an enabling codependent sidekick who knows that his whole life is worth less than House's little finger, and will therefore protect House to the ends of the earth = interesting! Wilson as a morally torn medical professional worried about turning in his buddy who's got a problem, yo: It's THE REAL WORLD: Princeton-Plainsboro! *moan*

In conclusion: es Martes ya? Quiero la Unit. Pero, voy a escribir de House, por que necessitamos un escritorio del amore entre un medico y sus pastilles. Oh l'amour!
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Reality show roundup, short pre-sweeps version, to be expanded upon later. Spoilers up to latest eps of all.

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Over at Apocalypse Weather, I talk about MyNetworkTV and don't mention anyone Scottish at all!

Bones season premiere tonight; TiVos armed and ready.
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8:30-9 How I Met Your Mother CBS (9/18)
9-10 Heroes NBC (9/25)
10-11 Studio 60 NBC (9/18)


8-9 House FOX (fall, 9/5)
8-9 NCIS CBS (winter, 9/19)
9-10 House FOX (winter)


8-9 Bones FOX (8/30)
8-8:30 Twenty Good Years NBC (10/4)
8:30-9 30 Rock NBC (10/11)


8-9 Survivor CBS (9/14)


8-9 Bones FOX (winter)

Battlestar Galactica
Stargate: Atlantis




8-9 The Amazing Race CBS (9/17)
9-9:30 Family Guy FOX (9/10)
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It is really important that everyone download and watch the Black White pilot right now. I am currently seeding on the Black.White.S01E01.xvid-orenji.torrent torrent that is up on mininova; I don't know the etiquette of hotlinking to torrent sites, but it's there.

Dude, I laughed, I cried, does not even begin to cover it. I thought I was incapable of being surprised by television, I really did. This is the kind of tremendous thing you want to be a part of.

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