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Okay, here's a fun game. Pimp me some good icon communities/icon makers? Off the beaten path, maybe? I'm looking for good Doctor Who icons particularly, also good Office and NCIS icons, also some good icons of hot chicks like Pauley P. and Billie P. And any good icons from graphic novels/indie comics (not DC or Marvelverse, IOW), them I want too!

I trawl [ profile] pimpicons and [ profile] good_fanicons pretty regularly, so I know the folks who post in those comms, or at least can find 'em.

As for individual artists and designers, [ profile] slodwick, [ profile] winter_baby, occasionally [ profile] septicemic and even more rarely [ profile] nullsechs are the champ icon makers on my default flist; I also spend time with [ profile] saava and [ profile] _jems_ and [ profile] teh_indy, and several of the other icon artists of worldwide renown and consistent genius.

Some hidden gems I've found include [ profile] nihil_est, who has a great and grungy style, and [ profile] tamaduh which might in fact be two people, both of whom are awesome. The same can be said for [ profile] hellopublic which may also be two people, the one I like is [ profile] radiovolume.

Who do you like?


OH ALSO. EIGHT MORE DAYS to sign up for [ profile] sitcomathon.

This is NOT directed toward [ profile] likethesun2, [ profile] mazily, [ profile] tangleofthorns, [ profile] circusgirl and [ profile] sloganeer (Whoops! Yay!), all of whom I am confident need no prodding and will be all signed up-like come the Day of Reckoning.

No, this goes out to the rest of you, people who don't do ficathons or are scared or might just let this one slip by. First off -- it's not exclusively devoted to crossover; there are plenty of single fandom requests (Jim/Pam! Joey/Chandler! JD/Cox!) to request or ultimately write. You only need to know THREE SITCOMS to be eligible, and everyone here had BETTER know three sitcoms or I'm defriending your asses. And then you've got three months, till Halloween, to write 500 stinkin' words! And your reward will be a fat, juicy archive full of sitcom fic. And while that will still be superfantastic with 30 participants, imagine the fantasticatude with a HUNDRED participants! Um. Sign up for [ profile] sitcomathon. It's the right thing to do.

(Which reminds me, [ profile] thassalia, my T&L IS coming, slowly, but coming!)
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I'm over here makin' space happen and reading about private space ventures like I'm cramming for finals. I'm trying to write this flashback in my pilot, and fuck do I ever hate trying to write flashbacks. And so, here, have some SGAXmas icons!

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As promised! Use in good health, share if you want to, keep for yourself if you want to, enjoy.

For [ profile] andrastewhite::

For [ profile] kernezelda::

For [ profile] leadensky::


If you are in any way unsatisfied, please return the unused portion of your icon for a full refund minus the cost of shipping. This multipack unit is not labeled for individual retail sale.
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Six Spideys. Want one? Dr. Perry Cox, hallelujah, however, is a satisfying and indulgent GIP. *g*

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I love Spidey and his double-jointed feet. I love Peter Parker and his reluctant hero-ness and his double-jointed feet and his snarkiness and geekiness. I love them ever, ever so.

And here are some icons, all from The Amazing Spider-Man, all from John Romita Jr's art.

These four here are just for showing off purposes. THe first two are mine all MINE, and the other two are Punk all PUNK's.

:: :: ::

Want a Spidey that can be yours all yours? Claim in comments. Or lemme know you're willing to share.

With great power comes great responsibility )
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I made some Firefly icons, and then, by popular demand (where "popular" is [ profile] nullsechs, a finer icon-maker than I will ever be), a tutorial, largely about erasing stuff.

These icons are free to good homes, please leave a comment and do credit me in your userpic keywords, 'cause that's just swell.

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:: ::

big damn Jayne! tutorial )
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I made some more icons, and you can have some! Do leave a comment, and keyword credit is also very friendly.

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short insomniacs and a teeny tiny band )
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I forgot! I made some icons, I posted them to [ profile] pimpicons but here they are here! Do leave a comment if you want one, and keyword credit's nice too but I'm not fussy. Tell your friends!

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