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In tribute to the dear and departing SGA, I found the blog post I wrote back when it premiered. [what if they gave a fandom and everybody came?]

While we're at it, can someone tell me how to import a free theme from a free theme site into my free Wordpress blog? THX.


Nov. 21st, 2005 05:58 am
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I am so full of convivial bliss.

SGA is like, what if they built a fandom and EVERYBODY came?!

It's somehow so appropriate for this pre-apocalyptic environmental and political season, the great fannish escape!
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Survivor-watching people on my flist? Please identify yourselves. I will NOT be able to handle the Impending Demise of Steph alone, and it'd be so handy to know where you are when I need you to hit me in the head with a polo mallet.

This year's Survivor is GOOD; I can't be the only one watching it. (The less said about this year's Amazing Race, though, the better.)
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SGA: The Siege I (spoilers) )

Oh, and another thing. David Hewlett totally knows we're here, and I think that's just marvelous. I mean, he's a geek, and he knows how to vanity google like the rest of us. There's something kind of friendly about that.
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So I've been thinking.

First off, and almost just as an aside except that, yo, it needs to be said, is how much I love this season of television. I mean, seriously, folks. This is the best season we've had in, maybe ever! Man, it's a joyful pre-apocalyptic time to be alive! (though now Scott McClellan is fanwanking the truth, in totally unrelated news, except go read and watch the video because, helloooo? Are there really still people who believe the American public is SO DUMB that it is in our best interest to be lied to? If you believe that, oh god, please defriend me, because it means you think *I'm* dumb, and that's just insulting, yo.)

But I was talking about the GOOD NEWS. Let's list it. This season I am watching, avidly: House, Bones, Survivor (until we lose Stephenie, which will NOT HAPPEN NO NEVER STEPHENIE WILL WIN A MILLION DOLLARS YO), The Amazing Race, Scrubs, Arrested Development (Bob Loblaw!), How I Met Your Mother (suit up!), Surface (my favorite of the proto-XF/Lost ooooooh-paranormal ripoffs this season, LAKE BELL is SO YUMMY), BSG, SGA and Family Guy -- and less avidly (but still with a whoop and a holler for this frabjous season), Lost, Invasion, Threshold, My Name is Earl, Without a Trace, Numb3rs, Medium (hello red-state TV, yes, I fall for you and your compelling family values! And your pudgy Arquette!), and Grey's Anatomy (hell-O, Sandra Oh). I mean. Who's seen a lineup like this? Not ME. Not since 1972! Ish! (Oh, things that suck: Ghost Whisperer. Love, what is UP with your hair?)

Oh, but I'm so off-task. I have so many thigns to say about so many things, but at the moment, what we're here to discuss, Romans, countryfolk, is Stargate: Atlantis.

I never watched SG1, but I grew up on Star Trek, and SG1 watched Star Trek, so, it's like, the SAME THING. )
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Caught another gasp of apparent downtime at work; this only happens on weekends, usually Sundays, slow news days, when the bosses are away and the campaigns are par for the course till Monday's news cycle begins.

Let's talk about TV!

I am all over this Lost-itis surge of genre-lite shows hitting mainstream network television. It's positively a FEAST for those of us who hunger for genre television in the post-Star Trek world. I'm watching them all (except, oddly, Lost, which I lost control of somewhere mid last season when the flashbacks started to bore me. If they're done with the backstory flashbacks I might tune in again; how's this season?) except the one on the WB about the teen ghostbusters, but that's more of a WB/teen-show bias than anything else, and I'd probably watch it if someone pointed me the way. Anyway, here's the 2005 shows I'm watching this year. Add to it the old standards of Atlantis and Galactica (go SciFi!), Scrubs and House (go docs!), Survivor and The Amazing Race (go reality!) and this is my Fall '05 lineup. Don't forget that the _underscore's the new bullet point; use it three times and it's yours:

_bones )

_surface )

_threshold )

_invasion )


As for comedies, I'm watching "How I Met Your Mother" and "Kitchen Confidential" and so far they're both very worthy heirs to excellent sitcoms lost and gone. "Kitchen" could be the next Sports Night, if it smarts up a little, and "How I Met" is already the best heir to "Friends," but even better because it's got Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan in. Neil Patrick Harris is the best thing to hit sitcoms since Zach Braff, I tell you whut.

I gotta go back to work now.
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For my birthday, I bought myself a Neighborhoodie. I was feeling bicoastal, and couldn't decide between "Los Feliz" or "Greenpoint," and even, in an embarrassing brush with trendositude considered "Billburg."

Mine is grey, stylecut Skii, and reads: "livejournal." I figure I live here as much as anywhere. It'll be ready for pickup tomorrow.

For my birthday, I also bought myself a rename token. I am Sab. Pleased to meetcha.

Here's some casefile TV, no particular spoilers, or, maybe there are spoilers, but mostly just general reviews. I owe you SG:A, Battlestar Galactica and Kingdom Hospital, aka, At Play in the Land of Nozzola, to come later. I'm working eleven hours tomorrow, same shit, different week, but it's my goddamned birthday and I'm havin' cupcakes, damn it!

We mostly fixed the internet, though AIM still froths and spits like a rabid weasel. I miss you awfully, awfully.

[Of particular note to [ profile] prillalar; I listened to Ringworld Engineers on mp3 a couple weeks back. I'd always pronounced you Hal-Er-Lo Prill-a-Lar. Six syllables. But homeboy readin' the audiobook made it SEVEN syllables, thus playing fast and loose with my brain. He likes Hal-Er-RILL-Lo Prill-a-Lar. What do you think, Hal?]

It's an hour till midnight on this coast and it's already past midnight back in the land where I was born, righto? February First! Happy birthday to meee! Happy birthday to meee!

Go join [ profile] snurch_tv, go enjoy [ profile] saava's recent tumble onto the last of the Babylon stations, and here. Read about TV:

Medical Investigation )

House )

Medium )


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