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title: And So Are You
author: Sabine // [ profile] iamsab
fandom: Slings & Arrows
pairings: Geoffrey/Darren
rating: pg; language, people!
length: 2628 words
acknowledgements: Punk M. and Bill S. did the hard parts; there were lots of hard parts.
summary: The Taming of the Shrew

Written for [ profile] kink_bingo, row five, column three: costumes

kiss me, kate )

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title: The Quality of Mercy
author: Sabine // [ profile] iamsab
fandom: Slings & Arrows
pairings: Geoffrey/Ellen
rating: nc-17
length: 3761 words
acknowledgements: praise be to Punk, who helped figure the whole damned thing out and even let me get away with hair-pulling.
summary: The Merchant of Venice

Written for [ profile] kink_bingo, row five, column two: biting/bruising

my pound of flesh )

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title: Unreal Mockery
author: Sabine // [ profile] iamsab
fandom: Slings & Arrows
pairings: Geoffrey/Oliver, Geoffrey/Ellen
rating: r
length: 3319 words
acknowledgements: fixed by Punk.
summary: The Scottish King Play

Written for [ profile] kink_bingo, row five, column one: teasing

this must be what being in hell feels like )
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So I wrote The ACME Judgment Company (Uncloseted Remix) for [ profile] loneraven, which was a frickin' thrill to write. M*A*S*H's S4 "The More I See You" might be my favorite ep of all time and I've seen it enough times to recite it (*sighs,* master complicator) but I shook it up, changing the dialogue to suit my whims and, more importantly, to shape the story [ profile] loneraven told in Closet. The above was made possible by a charitable grant from [ profile] furies, without whom this would be a rambling, nonsensical thing.

Later, I wrote Nothing Exciting Happens Here (The Feels Like Home Remix) which remixed a charmingly smutty little Sarah Jane Smith/Rose Tyler PWP. [ profile] vandonovan provided just the right amount of Classic Who trivia and solved all my canon questions, and [ profile] hils made sure I was actually speaking Britishish. It was a pinch-hit for [ profile] netgirl_y2k, but please allow me to direct your attention to the other remix netgirl received, namely The Boy Who Killed Time. If you're nostalgic for old docs and companions, or, rather, simply want to see how the tapestry of history is woven, and rewoven, go read that story instead. It's by [ profile] rosa_acicularis and made me very glad that netgirl got two remixes, because while my Rose/Sarah Jane totally doesn't suck, this Boy Who Killed Time is a cut above; outstanding in its field.

Aaaaaaand, I'd thank my remixer but s/he hasn't revealed herself!

Thank you, [ profile] eponymous_rose, for the moody, weirdly manipulative and intuitive remix Savile Row (The Glass Menagerie Remix), again, one of the two remixes of my Savile Row ficlet. The other remix was written by [ profile] eve11, entitled Threads (The Backstitch in time Remix.

IJS, if you haven't read all three of these yet you're missing out. Read the original first and then check out both remixes, to see the art of remix in all its splendor and glory. [ profile] eponymous_rose, [ profile] eve11, I can't thank you enough.
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Over in Doctor Who fandom (which I only sort of watch from the periphery with a vague terror, so I could be all wet) there are hateration wars emerging between the Rose and Martha camps, as are to be expected, and along with those come the Doctor/Martha vs. Doctor/Rose (vs. Doctor/Jack! which merits much more than just a paranthetical, but the sentence sounds better this way, especially with that exclamation point in) shipper warz. And so for fun and profit I wrote a whole bunch of things from a whole bunch of perspectives, and at the end of the day I'm still not even sure how *I* feel about the whole matter.

in which everyone everywhere loves the Doctor )

Five Things The Doctor's Been Forced To Admit Since Meeting Martha Jones )
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Most of the fic I produced this year came out of burning my Yuletide at both ends. Which shows to go ya that even in the driest of years, Yuletide season and Remix season will get fic outta me. (And yes, Vic, I'm counting the days...)

That said; here's 2006's flyleaf copyright page, aka, what Sab wrote in ought-six.

my fictional year )
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Thank you, [ profile] marginaliana for my Yuletide present this year, Open, a hard, sharp story about Eilonwy remembering just what Achren did to her.

Appropriately, my assignment this year, for [ profile] darthfox, was also set in Prydain, my favorite of all the fictional Welsh landscapes! I wrote The Knowledge, The Truth, and The Love, a sorta fairytale about Gwydion and Achren, and the future that's laid out for them because of Taran and Eilonwy's destiny.

I also wrote two stocking stuffers this year. Go team me!

First, (as everyone [ profile] mandysbitch has already deduced), I did in fact write Cross Country, also known as this year's only Love & Rockets fic, for [ profile] glossing. Mmm, Hopey.

And then, I wrote one of the many, many versions of Geoffrey Tennant and Darren Nicholls dueling; for ease of reference, mine was the one with Cats. *g* For [ profile] mazily, I wrote O Lamentable Day! which was more fun to write than a barrel of kittens.

Happy Ought-Seven, all! Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels and so on. Here's to a better year!
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I been around the block a couple times this year; lost a car, got a car, lost housemates, got housemates, lost money, found money, la commedia continua &c!

This holiday season, my Shoemoney Girls are off in the snowy mountains, and I am alone in la ciudad de los angeles, avec mon chat noir. But I remain the luckiest, as [ profile] wearemany and [ profile] fmangel are my own chosen family, and I miss them and love them and our house and our joint bank account and our hypochondria and our writer's room and our family meetings and our chore wheels and our big gay singalongs. Shoemoney Haus in '07; apres moi, le deluge!

But now, tis the season for [ profile] samdonne to be here with me, piled in blankets, eating pumpkin pie, watching L&O marathons, writing fic and debating this postmodern existenZ. Every year circa the holidays I get lucky enough to have a regalo del Francais show up on my doorstep, and then it's two weeks or two months of lattes and snuggling and crime shows and discourse. ([ profile] fialka, N. got me hooked on Eureka. But you'll be happy to know I returned the favor and now she's hip deep in Bones.)

Tonight, if we're lucky, we'll get visits from the ghosts of Christmas [ profile] lizlet and [ profile] thassalia, and perhaps we'll pile on the couches and ring in the New Year, writing-style. (Which is to say, mes amis Anglais, who among you will be providing tonight's Torchwood before midnight PST, so we can watch the last Cap'n Jack of Ought-Six? With [ profile] fluffyllama on holiday, my world is rocked! Rocked, I say!)

Tonight, if I'm lucky, I'll party online with [ profile] kormantic and [ profile] runpunkrun, and we'll toast the New Year with pancakes up and down the coast. Oui?

Tomorrow, we'll reveal Yuletides and I'll tell you a tragic story about a cat, and I'll send beta to Dawn and Punklet, as promised, and it'll be 2007, the year everything changes, and you gotta be ready.

I had a Doctor Who dream the other night, where an alien ship invaded, and the US sent a fleet of sekrit spaceships (all Galaxy-Class, FWIW) to meet it in orbit. But instead of blowing her outta the sky, we simply said, "hi, aliens. You're the first extraterrestrials we've met. We're new at all this. Could you come back in ten years when we've got a better idea how to deal with you?" And they said SURE, and they LEFT, and a happy holidays was had by all.

And so for you, my Christmas present to [ profile] lizlet, who asked for Jack/Hand and got Jack/Ten/emo!hand instead:

[I really can't stay (Jack/Ten, Jack/Hand, Ten/Hand?)], a Torchwood/Who fic about Ten and Jack and the folks in the Hub, and the Hand. No sex, wankworthy or otherwise, just good old-fashioned gen about a boy and his hand-in-a-jar.

Bonne nuit! Bonne annee! Une annee sans lumiere! Une annee avec les yeux sensibles! Une annee avec touts les chats du monde! Une annee avec ma petite [ profile] samdonne, sur le lit, comme mon petit chat, avec moi! C'est magnifique!

2007: It's Got To Be Better Than 2006


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