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Today Studs Terkel died. That's worth remembering.

Studs Terkel, RIP, American hero )


And then in totally unrelated news there's that thing where David Tennant's leaving Doctor Who. I mean, come on. We saw this coming.

Tennant scared the pants off me before, and now I'm REALLY scared )


My tiny baby sister is turning 30 next week. Also in November, [ profile] mischa and [ profile] unwinding, my PEEPS, my PEERS, turn 30. AFTER my sister. World, why you scare me so?

For perspective it's also useful to point out that this November [ profile] rossetti turns a whopping 28, and my dear [ profile] _abulafia turns frickin' 24. Kids today. I swear. With their emo music and their Playstations and their YouTube! When I was yer age computers were green text on black and we all programmed in BASIC and played... what was that programming game with the turtle called?


I wrote House fic a couple weeks ago: HUGE EGO SORRY, like maybe 3200 words, House/Wilson.

I have this deep and absurd love for Greg House; I dream about him at least twice a week...

yeah, so Hugh Laurie went to Cambridge and can play the hell out of the piano; wanna make something of it??? )


Can't even imagine what's next. But wish my Dad a happy 74th on Nov 4 (I feel like there's something else important happening that day... hmmm....) and my sister [ profile] spycookies a happy and insane 30th on Nov 6th. In fact! If you have any good femslash recs (Grey's Anatomy's prob good, House, ANTM, etc) please go over to her LJ and post links in comments to her latest post as part of a birthday present from me? Pictures of hot lesbians also always appreciated. All she wants is Obama for her birthday, but I think eye candy and reading-candy is never a bad way to go. Help a sister out?


(The icon, get it? Get it? It's about House but ALSO about election day! Oh, I R so SMRT.)
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I dreamed that David Tennant was trying to kill me. We were in a sort of dark mill town and I'd said something that offended someone and about 90% of the town turned against me and David Tennant set off as an assassin to find me. I hid in the homes of sympathizers who were desperately worried that I would attract the evil Tennant to their homes and daughters, so they'd kick me out time and again. In a brief moment of optimism I found $1400 in cash lying on the floor. I ran up and down stairs into dark subway tunnels, and over barbed wire fences into stone quarries, into bomb shelters and on the bus heading out of town, but Tennant was always just a step behind me.

In the end he came at me with a gun and I had no choice but to bash his skull into bloody bits with a 4D MagLite.

... and then we done sex. That part was nice. Thank you, subconscious, for getting me out of that mess!


(Later, ask me about the dream where me, a black bear, and Nanci Griffith's bodyguards fought an onslaught of horrible birds.)
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Have seen through "Turn Left" and am about to watch "The Stolen Earth." Spoilers for the first and pre-spoilers for the second below.

summer 2008 )

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.


my docktah

Jun. 15th, 2008 12:27 pm
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Despite real problems with the last four episodes of Doctor Who (the bit where it's just relying on one-liners and Tennant doing his Tennant things and quite possibly actually phoning it in -- though as I said several weeks ago I can't quite tell if it's the writers or Tennant bringing the emo scenery chewing) -- I loved "Midnight." Loved it! Here, mouse over the white for why: The Doctor! Finally realizing his life is CHEAP, and that people aren't always good, and that it is actually quite dangerous for him to travel without a companion, and, again, that he's just a mortal guy whose name, "I'm the Doctor!" can't save him anymore, here in S4. God, Rusty. How did it happen that you impressed me more than Moffet's (incredibly predictable, emo, though clever in concept) two parter?

Here this is a really good blogpost by some UK fanboy named Lawrence Miles who feels the same way I do about season 4.

Oh and since I haven't pimped her, Mary Ann Johnson is my fannish nemesis! except that we're really just fans coexiting in the same fanverse. Anyway, she's a TV critic and blogger who also thinks she'll run off with David Tennant some day... poke around. It's also syndicated at [ profile] flickfilosopher. Go say hi to Ms. Mary Ann. And let me know if you know her. As she's clearly one of us.

She just started posting fanfic to her blog. So far it's somethign something, part 3/?, that seems to involve the Doctor and an OFC with violet eyes....?
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For those of you who know me well, and my perverse yet comprehensive predictions for David Tennant and his career and celebrity, and also my theories on how he's a player and therefore will marry me, someday after I meet him at Hamlet -- here's a really, really good article, from none other than the Daily Mail.

entire article behind cut, also link )

See what I did there? See how the stars are, wossname? Aligning?

Turns out I might wanna throttle this guy too, but in the way where we live happily ever after, at the end.

I think an international, part-time girlfriend who's willing to chew him out is just what the bloke needs. I think Georgia Moffett will fall off the radar as soon as the summer starts and Hamlet becomes Tennant's OTP.

Later: Just how hammy IS DW Season 4? Or, is Tennant finally starting to phone it in? Only the shadow knows, because no one else would dare challenge this guy on his performance of his self-developed character.
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Absurdly, too-hot-to-wear-pants, video of David Tennant kissing various people and having sex and an oral fetish, by me4AJnD to "OMG":

Oh god. *fans self*

And while I'm on it, the vid [ profile] elishamarie28 made for me for Sweet-Charity, a rollicking triumphant Tenth Doctor story to a techno remix of "Ode to Joy":

And since I'm going to tag this post for my Tennant vids reel, I should also throw in the one I made, namely, Casanova, to "Us:"

*goes back to recording podfic instead*

HEY ALSO, was there new Top Chef last night? I'm afraid I'm already spoiled for it! Despite knowing obviously who the final 4 -- and prob the final 3 -- will be... still! Anyone seen it anywhere?
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In an altogether expected turn of events my reading of Harold Bloom on Hamlet has turned into, whoops, now Sab's writing Slings & Arrows fic.

Actually, I think we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that it'll be Geoffrey Tennant's Hamlet I'm obsessing about for the foreseeable, and not that other Tennant.


(Oh and I found two S&A ficlets I didn't even remember writing, when I was searching my gmail for "Tennant" and "Hamlet." I posted them to the Sabrary for posterity.)

ETA: Was just stricken with the terrifying thought of David Tennant having a nervous breakdown after three and a half performances. My heart stopped in my chest for a second.

ETA, again: No, seriously, though. Think about it. /palpitates

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It's the parenthetical in that last sentence that does it, natch.


DOCTOR WHO actor DAVID TENNANT was almost exterminated in real life - after a deadly bout of appendicitis.
The British actor needed emergency surgery on a burst appendix - and almost died after the operation.
Tennant's friend tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "It was touch and go and it was feared he might not make it." The 36-year-old - who was nine at the time of the operation - was hospitalised for two weeks.
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I can't sleep, and that usually leads to fantasizing, in this particular case, about Tennant/John Smith's arm, in his white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and the suspenders. I can get lost in the most absurd things about this man. Yesterday I spent forty five minutes on about four frames from "Utopia", just watching over and over again --

spoilers through Utopia )
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Over in Doctor Who fandom (which I only sort of watch from the periphery with a vague terror, so I could be all wet) there are hateration wars emerging between the Rose and Martha camps, as are to be expected, and along with those come the Doctor/Martha vs. Doctor/Rose (vs. Doctor/Jack! which merits much more than just a paranthetical, but the sentence sounds better this way, especially with that exclamation point in) shipper warz. And so for fun and profit I wrote a whole bunch of things from a whole bunch of perspectives, and at the end of the day I'm still not even sure how *I* feel about the whole matter.

in which everyone everywhere loves the Doctor )

Five Things The Doctor's Been Forced To Admit Since Meeting Martha Jones )
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title: Comes the physical
author: Sabine
category: Doctor Who, Ten, Martha, basically gen
size: 1590 words
spoilers: Quick one for “Evolution of the Daleks”

Big thanks to Liz for everything including the winking.

or - the physical cometh! )
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Most of the fic I produced this year came out of burning my Yuletide at both ends. Which shows to go ya that even in the driest of years, Yuletide season and Remix season will get fic outta me. (And yes, Vic, I'm counting the days...)

That said; here's 2006's flyleaf copyright page, aka, what Sab wrote in ought-six.

my fictional year )


Aug. 13th, 2006 05:31 pm
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I told you, I told you, I told you. It's too soon! Liz! It's not even November yet! *sigh*


13 August 2006
TV EXCLUSIVE 1 Hollywood & ITV fight BBC for Timelord
By Alice Walker

DOCTOR Who star David Tennant has been offered millions to quit the hit BBC show, The People can reveal.

Beeb bosses now face a massive bidding war with ITV and Hollywood to keep their man.

Tennant, 35, is paid about £500,000 to play the Timelord in 13 episodes and a Christmas special. But he could net a fortune in films or a "golden handcuffs" deal with ITV.

A show insider said: "David has yet to sign for another series of Doctor Who.

"There's a lot of talk about him going as we're all aware of deals on the table from ITV and Hollywood.

"A lot of film producers think he'd be great on the big screen. And ITV would love him for their dramas - and because it would mean them pinching him from the Beeb."

Scots-born Tennant shot to fame in BBC's Casanova and Harry Potter before becoming an instant hit as the Doctor.

He has signed for a second series until next summer but has not committed to the likely 35-week filming schedule which would run into 2008.

His exit would be a massive blow to the show which pulls in 7.5million viewers on a Saturday night.

Co-star Billie Piper quit as Rose Tyler in the last series and award-winning writer Russell T Davies wants to take a back seat to develop his own drama projects.
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I inaugurated my vox blog with the first in what I can only imagine will be a series of posts of this stripe, throughout my career. Some of you've read this one already.

Open Letter To David Tennant, From Emily, Aged 30 and a Half.

It's public and unlocked and there for the world to see. Yes, she said, I am indeed secure in my insecurities.
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David Tennant gets "about" 816,000 hits on google -- should I be nervous?

For some perspective:
Michael Weatherly: 252,000
David Hewlett: 268,000
Bradley Whitford: 382,000 (with another 103,000 for "Brad Whitford")
Peter Krause: 497,000
Ron Livingston: 524,000
Christopher Eccleston: 611,000
David Tennant: 816,000
Billie Piper: 1,300,000 (!)
Ewan McGregor: 6,200,000

DAMMIT. I should be nervous! There ain't no way we can reach him from way down here.
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1. Who knows how to get my AIM contacts to show up in Pandion next to all my LJTalk friends?

2. LJTalk works like so. It's not its own client. You gots to download something that supports it. Apparently that's Trillian Pro (not FREE, so WHO CARES), and things like Gaim and Pandion (FREE FREE FREE). And then you just sign in with your LJ e-mail addy and password, and next thing you know you're talking to [ profile] tzikeh like nobody's business! Come be near me!

3. No, but, seriously. Have you seen Wenders' Until the End of the World??? Seriously. I need to borrow you for a sec.

4. My love for David Tennant's gotten out of hand. I'm doodling "Mrs. Emily Tennant" in my notebooks and I'm even annoying myself. Fortunately he's gonna BLOW UP in six months, take his shirt off, do an American accent, get a meaty part in a breakthrough Trainspotting-type film, drop Who, become the next Ewan and abandon us to the ether. THIS is why we need prenups for our fannish loves. This year's love is gonna CLEAN ME OUT and LEAVE ME HANGING.

5. Lance Bass = STILL THE GAYEST.
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I have fallen hard for the Doctor, sine qua non, in all of his various faces and haircuts and scarves. Yes, okay, particularly Ten(nant), for his big eyes and his white sneaks and his grin that can KILL A PERSON, but I promise you, those who are quick to waggle your fingers at me and peg me a Johnny-come-lately (and of course I am, thank you Russell T Davies), I'd love him if he looked like a tomato as long as he retained his arrogant, womanizing, brilliant, timeless, sarcastic, bitter, playboy, reckless, insensitive, lothario ways.

GIP. And [ profile] slodwick has even promised me a layout. I've never had an LJ layout before, and I been around since July of ought-one. BUT I'M IN LOVE.

And, okay. I say this not only to stake my claim (and yes, you all were here first, and I'm not here to impose, or challenge, or threaten) but mostly because not since Josh Lyman have I been this in love with someone so unfortunately fictional. Talk about bad object-choices. Aching craving till a TARDIS shows up in my living room. And sex dreams! PINSTRIPED SEX DREAMS.

But, it promises to be fun, at least for me. Oh. And there's fic happening. Um, gen sort of womanizer-Doctor-centric, with Rose and Mickey. Yeah.

"School Reunion," I think, was my favorite, and then "The Lady in the Fireplace" came and knocked me off my feet. I maintain TLitF might be the best episode of anything, artistically, technically, narratively, erotically, dramatically, visually, ever. HOT, if you'll pardon the expression, DAMN.


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