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Hey, was there a Scrubs or a 30 Rock tonight? She asked, coolly, not thinking about the X-Files at ALL...

I've got the new Office (yay!) but was wondering about the rest of Must-See Thursday.

Found 'em!
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Tell me a TV show you like, and I'll tell you another one you'll like just as much.* And in many cases, where to find it.

*to paraphrase [ profile] sloganeer
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More in the continuing story of lists of five. In no particular order:

For [ profile] mydwynter Five Books The Doctor Started, Never Finished, And Now Wishes He Had )

For [ profile] marinwood Five Things Hawkeye Pierce Secretly Liked About Ferret Fa- I Mean, Frank Burns )

For [ profile] notpoetry Five Insults Cox Has Been Saving For A Re-hea-heally Special Occasion, Just Waiting To Use Them On JD )

For [ profile] thevaliumsofalj Five Things Mac Never Told Sue White )

And now, in the pursuit of fame, fortune, and not having to live out of my car, the next couple hours are for working on scripts, and then, later, if I'm moved to, you'll get more lists from the awesome stack of prompts I have sitting here in NoteTab.

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Yeah, this was definitely a good way to jumpstart writing.

For [ profile] runpunkrun Five Lies About House That Wilson Has Told )

For [ profile] fourteenlines Five Social Situations That Steve Tries To Keep Jeff From At All Costs )

Requests still taken here.

But the rest will be writ tomorrow, or in the wee hours, because I need to work on Bones now.
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I've loved these Five Things lists; so neat and quantifiable! I've requested several; here they are for you all to share and marvel in:

Five Things Spike Admires in Angel (But Would Die Before Admitting) by [ profile] killabeez
Five Things that Kept Markus Alexander from Sleeping With Erin by [ profile] killabeez
Five True Things Garak told Julian by [ profile] mosca
Five Things Ryan Actually Likes About Kelly Kapour by [ profile] mazily

So, quid pro quo, dude, FINE. Ask me for lists of five things and I'll actually do 'em. I'll cap it off at ten requests. Or as many as...there are! CAPPED! [ profile] kormantic will ensure that they actually get done and posted.

Doctor Who (new), The Office (US), Scrubs, Kitchen Confidential, NCIS, SGA, House, Green Wing, Coupling (UK), Babylon 5, Bones.
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Okay, kick me in the patootie. Gimme a fandom, pairing or character, and a prompt of some stripe, and I'll drabbleify it tonight and post 'em.

Poss. fandoms include: NCIS, SGA, BSG, The Office, Scrubs, House, Babylon 5, Dark Angel, anything else you think I might wanna take a swipe at.

ETA: workin' on 'em! Some of them (namely the Office ones and the Dark Angel ones) got combined. A Joshua and Alex Christmas at Manticore with the X5s and Max and Ben! Except Ben might be dead. Love, Sab.


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