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Spider vs. Moth, as seen last night on @Sab on Twitter:

1:28 AM the spider that lives on my ceiling is in the process of capturing a horrible five-inch moth. CRAP! It escaped!

1:28 AM cat #1 in hot giant moth pursuit.

1:30 AM the loud vibrato of giant moth wings against the floor, pinned under a cat's paw. And then they're free! Daring escape! Chase! SAB TERRIFIED

1:46 AM plot twist! Moth gets re-entangled in spider web! Flapping madly! Cat atop headboard watching!

1:47 AM OMG the spider's gone! Oh, this is not going to end well. For me.

1:48 AM um, anybody got an extra spider?

1:51 AM I'm sorry but this moth literally has a five-inch wingspan and a body like a roll of quarters. It's hanging cockily from the web, having evicted the spider. What do I do?

2:00 AM ....aaaand, the spider scurries back into the game. GO TEAM SPIDER!

2:02 AMh the spider inches closer to the giant moth, weaving with its wavy front legs. Millimeter by millimeter closer to the moth's loca, creeping.

2:03 AM moth and spider eye to eye now. Bug staredown. No idea how a spider this size is going to take down that giant flying thing but all for it.

2:05 AM spider's backing off. I'm not sure of its strategy. The moth seems undisturbed but maybe the spider's got another plan. C'mon spider, pls!

2:05 AM I'm not going to be able to sleep until I see that moth knitted into a silk straitjacket.

2:09 AM the spider is cleverly reapproaching the moth, weaving as it goes. But one flap of those big awful wings might undo all its hard work.

2:13 AM wings flapping! one wing stuck! spider closer! moth, incidentally, STILL HUGE!


2:15 AM poor spider, licking its wounds up there on the ceiling. I want to give it a medal and hazard pay.

2:17 AM the moth is somewhere, but the brave cat's gone out and Hawkeye and I are hardly one spider's worth of offense between us. SLEEP W EYES OPEN

2:19 AM to all those who, like me, are afeared of and/or hate moths: always keep a spider around.

2:32 AM it caught a tiny fruit fly just now, the spider did. Sort of a consolation prize. Busy day on my ceiling, too.

[to be continued...]
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